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Goodies Information Guides
Goodies Episode Guide05/10/2001bretta33311
A Guide to The Goodies Books, Records, & Videos27/03/2006lisa13690
101 Classic Goodies Quotes11/08/2006bretta22498
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again (ISIRTA) Episode Guide25/06/2007lisa7479
I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue (ISIHAC) Episode Guide07/07/2007lisa5576
Hamish & Dougal Episode Guide13/07/2007lisa3511
Goodies Episode Summaries
Introduction, Contents & Indexes24/09/2006bretta6497
Series One24/09/2006bretta13994
Series Two24/09/2006bretta14075
Series Three24/09/2006bretta10422
Series Four24/09/2006bretta12574
Series Five24/09/2006bretta17765
Series Six24/09/2006bretta18052
Series Seven24/09/2006bretta14113
Series Eight24/09/2006bretta12336
Series Nine24/09/2006bretta8984
A Collection Of Goodies Themes11/01/2010bretta10546
Return of the Goodies (2005)07/07/2012bretta7031
Goodies Q&A and Media Interviews
Tim Q&A Interview C&G 23-2405/07/2006bretta3943
Tim Q&A Interview C&G 25-2605/07/2006bretta3872
Tim Q&A Interview C&G 63-6505/07/2006bretta4334
Tim Q&A Interview C&G 8705/07/2006bretta3754
Graeme Q&A Interview C&G 83-8405/07/2006bretta3749
Graeme & Tim Q&A Interview C&G 10005/07/2006bretta3670
Bill Q&A Interview C&G 4405/07/2006bretta3634
Graeme & Tim Q&A Interview C&G 12905/07/2006bretta3822
Tim Interview C&G 73 & 7405/07/2006bretta1392
Graeme & Tim Q&A Interview C&G 151-15319/08/2008bretta3364
A Collection Of Goodies Media Interviews27/12/2009bretta5196
Goodies Related Articles - Information
Goodies Scenes Censored By The ABC (Australia)05/07/2006bretta10783
Kitten Kong 1971 Style05/07/2006bretta22733
T'Lancastrian's Guide To T'Secrets Of Ecky Thump05/07/2006bretta25061
It Might As Well Be String - Guide To Ads05/07/2006bretta8989
Goodies Clips - Englebert With The Young Generation12/07/2006bretta10474
What's In A Name (Goodies episode titles research)03/08/2006bretta10953
Kitten Kong - The Golden Rose of Montreux 197215/09/2006bretta3837
Things That You May Not Know About The Goodies08/10/2006bretta11834
Viewer Ratings for The Goodies25/10/2006bretta4683
The Goodies Greatest Hits (music in Goodies episodes)25/10/2006bretta10766
Top Ten Comedy Records06/12/2006bretta4413
Cut scenes from "Politics"06/12/2006bretta4575
Goodies Rescreenings In Australia18/05/2008bretta3353
The Goodies 30 Years Later18/05/2008bretta3467
Extracts from Bill's Autobiography27/12/2009bretta2464
Daily Telegraph article about Tim's birthday, 17 July 201017/07/2010lisa2510
The Road To Super Chaps Three (Andrew Pixley)31/10/2010bretta3704
The Quest For Goodies DVD Bonus Features12/11/2011bretta6203
The Goodies In Sweden24/11/2012bretta3163
Goodies Related Articles - Reviews
DVD Review - "The Goodies At Last!"27/07/2006bretta6053
Book Review - "The Goodies 1974 Annual"03/09/2006bretta9344
CD Review & Cover Notes - "Yum Yum - The Very Best Of The Goodies"23/09/2006bretta6196
Book Launch & Review - "The Complete Goodies"08/10/2006bretta3431
TV Review - "Return Of The Goodies"08/10/2006bretta4001
TV Review - "This Is Your Life" - Bill Oddie25/10/2006bretta6444
Review - "Cult TV Convention"25/10/2006bretta4093
Book Review - "The Goodies Rule OK"12/11/2006bretta4588
DVD Review - The Goodies. The Complete LWT Series01/01/2008bretta7852
Goodies Related Articles - Creative
From Bard To Verse - Goodies Birthday Poems and others05/07/2006bretta6106
You Know That You're A Mad Goodies Fan When ...05/07/2006bretta4164
Goodies Anagrams05/07/2006bretta3080
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #128/12/2006bretta3452
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #228/12/2006bretta3154
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #328/12/2006bretta4332
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #428/12/2006bretta2621
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #530/12/2006bretta2266
Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #630/12/2006bretta2078
Goodies Crosswords12/03/2007bretta4336
Goodies Word Finders16/03/2007bretta3846
Goodies Word Puzzles12/05/2007bretta3527
Bill Oddie / Goodie Flavour12/10/2007bretta3417
Goodies Imaginary Pinball Machine19/05/2008bretta3628
Goodies Cor!! Comics Synopses03/07/2008bretta5766
Goodies Gingerbread House Contest 201108/02/2012bretta2791
Magnus Magnesium's Monthly Goodies Quiz 201301/01/2013bretta4899
Magnus Magnesium's Monthly Goodies Quiz 201401/01/2014bretta4080
Articles and pieces written by the Goodies
Articles and letters written by Graeme02/01/2008wackywales3366
Articles written by Tim02/01/2008wackywales3317
Articles on miscellaneous subjects written by Bill02/01/2008wackywales3074
Goodies Music Reviews (including song lyrics)
** The Goodies Theme14/07/2006bretta14780
Emperor Caligula's Goodies Discography14/07/2006bretta5399
01 Rock With A Policeman15/07/2006bretta4123
02 Taking My Oyster For Walkies15/07/2006bretta5916
03 Blowing Off15/07/2006bretta10360
04 Black Pudding Bertha15/07/2006bretta11778
05 Cactus In My Y Fronts15/07/2006bretta8171
06 I'm A Teapot15/07/2006bretta11980
07 Ironing My Goldfish15/07/2006bretta5795
08 Elizabeth Rules UK15/07/2006bretta4104
09 Spacehopper15/07/2006bretta4268
10 She Wouldn't Understand15/07/2006bretta3976
11 I Am A Carnivore15/07/2006bretta5268
12 Wild Thing15/07/2006bretta8270
13 Stuff That Gibbon15/07/2006bretta6116
14 Working The Line15/07/2006bretta5776
15 Please Let Us Play15/07/2006bretta3970
16 Make A Daft Noise For Christmas15/07/2006bretta7192
17 Funky Gibbon15/07/2006bretta12544
18 The Inbetweenies15/07/2006bretta7272
19 Mummy I Don't Like My Meat15/07/2006bretta9877
20 Cricklewood15/07/2006bretta5780
21 Good Ole Country Music15/07/2006bretta6615
22 A Man's Best Friend Is His Duck15/07/2006bretta6643
23 Winter Sportsman15/07/2006bretta4023
24 Bounce15/07/2006bretta5677
25 Ride My Pony15/07/2006bretta3155
26 Father Christmas Do Not Touch Me15/07/2006bretta10999
27 Spank That Hamster15/07/2006bretta3513
28 Sick Man Blues15/07/2006bretta6139
29 The Policeman's Opera12/06/2007bretta6384
30 Custard Pie12/08/2007bretta4519
31 Taking You Back12/10/2007bretta4215
32 Nappy Love10/12/2007bretta4181
33 Terrapins12/02/2008bretta3485
34 The Cricklewood Shakedown12/04/2008bretta5069
35 There's A Walrus In My Soup15/06/2008bretta4100
36 The Last Chance Dance12/09/2008bretta4558
37 Spring Spring Spring09/01/2009bretta3672
38 Baby Samba12/04/2009bretta2554
39 Elephant Joke Song12/06/2009bretta4387
40 Panic12/08/2009bretta2772
41 I Wish I Could Get High12/10/2009bretta2637
42 Melody Farm12/02/2010bretta2431
43. M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.12/08/2010bretta2960
44 Run15/04/2011bretta5991
45 Show Me The Way11/11/2011bretta3087
46 Ballad of the OK Tea Rooms04/05/2012bretta3417
47 Shiny Shoes01/05/2013bretta7523
Goodies Tour Related Articles
post-tour thoughts from John Pinder04/01/2005lisa5710
The Goodies Still Alive On Stage - 1st Aust. Tour - Fan Review30/03/2005bretta3491
The Goodies Still Alive On Stage - 2nd Aust. Tour - Fan Review15/12/2005bretta3577
THE GOODIES STILL RULE OK! Tim Brooke-Taylor & Graeme Garden Live on Stage24/06/2006lisa4584
Graeme's UK Tour Diary 200728/04/2007bretta4196
Bill's Australian Tour 2013 - Articles & Interviews14/05/2013bretta6457
Bill Oddie: An Oldie But A Goodie 2013 - Review & Photo Gallery01/11/2013bretta23117
Goodies Clarion & Globe Newsletters
Index - Clarion & Globe newsletters01/01/2006bretta7092
C&G 1 Nov 199526/08/2006bretta2704
C&G 2 Jan 199627/08/2006bretta1815
C&G 3 Feb 199629/08/2006bretta2115
C&G 4 Mar 199630/08/2006bretta2393
C&G 5 Apr 199631/08/2006bretta1542
C&G 6 May 199601/09/2006bretta1628
C&G 7 Jun 199602/09/2006bretta1486
C&G 8 Jul 199603/09/2006bretta1705
C&G 9 Aug 199604/09/2006bretta1553
C&G 10 Oct 199605/09/2006bretta1484
C&G 11 Oct 199606/09/2006bretta1756
C&G 12 Nov 199607/09/2006bretta1702
C&G 13 Dec 199608/09/2006bretta1685
C&G 14 Jan 199709/09/2006bretta6604
C&G 15 Feb 199710/09/2006bretta1747
C&G 16 Mar 199711/09/2006bretta1441
C&G 17 Apr 199712/09/2006bretta1482
C&G 18 May 199713/09/2006bretta1587
C&G 19 Jun 199714/09/2006bretta1551
C&G 20 Jul 199716/09/2006bretta1863
C&G 21 Aug 199717/09/2006bretta1680
C&G 22 Sep 199718/09/2006bretta1734
C&G 23 Oct 199719/09/2006bretta1597
C&G 24 Nov 199720/09/2006bretta1523
C&G 25 Dec 199721/09/2006bretta1596
C&G 26 Jan 199822/09/2006bretta1682
C&G 27 Feb 199823/09/2006bretta1637
C&G 28 Mar 199824/09/2006bretta1521
C&G 29 Apr 199825/09/2006bretta1832
C&G 30 May 199826/09/2006bretta1642
C&G 31 Jun 199827/09/2006bretta2214
C&G 32 Jul 199828/09/2006bretta1747
C&G 33 Aug 199829/09/2006bretta1349
C&G 34 Sep 199830/09/2006bretta2413
C&G 35 Oct 199801/10/2006bretta1289
C&G 36 Nov 199802/10/2006bretta1776
C&G 37 Dec 199804/10/2006bretta6815
C&G 38 Feb 199905/10/2006bretta2015
C&G 39 Mar 199906/10/2006bretta1737
C&G 40 Apr 199907/10/2006bretta1530
C&G 41 May 199908/10/2006bretta2593
C&G 42 Jun 199909/10/2006bretta1942
C&G 43 Jul 199910/10/2006bretta1805
C&G 44 Aug 199911/10/2006bretta1794
C&G 45 Sep 199912/10/2006bretta17026
C&G 46 Oct 199913/10/2006bretta1871
C&G 47 Nov 199914/10/2006bretta1545
C&G 48 Dec 199915/10/2006bretta1568
C&G 49 Jan 200016/10/2006bretta1353
C&G 50 Feb 200017/10/2006bretta1502
C&G 51 Mar 200018/10/2006bretta1447
C&G 52 Apr 200019/10/2006bretta1706
C&G 53 May 200020/10/2006bretta1584
Kitten Kon C&G and Photo Gallery22/10/2006bretta7626
C&G 54 Jun 200024/10/2006bretta1615
C&G 55 Jul 200025/10/2006bretta1917
C&G 56 Aug 200026/10/2006bretta1752
C&G 57 Sep 200027/10/2006bretta2224
C&G 58 Oct 200028/10/2006bretta2485
C&G 59 Nov 200029/10/2006bretta3684
C&G 60 Dec 200030/10/2006bretta3407
C&G 61 Jan 200131/10/2006bretta2551
C&G 62 Feb 200101/11/2006bretta1813
C&G 63 Mar 200102/11/2006bretta2244
C&G 64 Apr 200103/11/2006bretta1868
C&G 65 May 200104/11/2006bretta1548
C&G 66 Jun 200105/11/2006bretta1746
C&G 67 Jul 200106/11/2006bretta1915
C&G 68 Aug 200107/11/2006bretta2615
C&G 69 Sep 200108/11/2006bretta1875
C&G 70 Oct 200109/11/2006bretta1940
C&G 71 Dec 200110/11/2006bretta2248
C&G 72 Dec 200111/11/2006bretta1544
C&G 73 Jan 200212/11/2006bretta2866
C&G 74 Feb 200213/11/2006bretta1964
C&G 75 Mar 200214/11/2006bretta1423
C&G 76 Apr 200215/11/2006bretta2658
C&G 77 May 200216/11/2006bretta1809
C&G 78 Jun 200217/11/2006bretta1866
C&G 79 Jul 200218/11/2006bretta2066
C&G 80 Aug 200219/11/2006bretta1903
C&G 81 Sep 200220/11/2006bretta2071
C&G 82 Oct 200221/11/2006bretta1641
C&G 83 Nov 200222/11/2006bretta1618
C&G 84 Dec 200223/11/2006bretta1563
C&G 85 Jan 200324/11/2006bretta3740
C&G 86 Feb 200325/11/2006bretta1657
C&G 87 Mar 200326/11/2006bretta2288
C&G 88 Apr 200327/11/2006bretta2064
C&G 89 May 200328/11/2006bretta6040
C&G 90 Jun 200329/11/2006bretta3072
C&G 91 Jul 200330/11/2006bretta2299
C&G 92 Aug 200301/12/2006bretta1677
C&G 93 Sep 200302/12/2006bretta2541
C&G 94 Oct 200303/12/2006bretta1666
C&G 95 Nov 200304/12/2006bretta2029
C&G 96 Dec 200305/12/2006bretta1794
C&G 97 Jan 200406/12/2006bretta2698
C&G 98 Feb 200407/12/2006bretta1994
C&G 99 Mar 200408/12/2006bretta1515
C&G 100 Apr 200409/12/2006bretta2484
C&G 101 Apr 200410/12/2006bretta1521
C&G 102 May 200411/12/2006bretta2135
C&G 103 Jun 200412/12/2006bretta2318
C&G 104 Jul 200413/12/2006bretta2258
C&G 105 Aug 200414/12/2006bretta1764
C&G 106 Sep 200415/12/2006bretta3337
C&G 107 Oct 200416/12/2006bretta1911
C&G 108 Nov 200417/12/2006bretta1690
C&G 109 Dec 200418/12/2006bretta2287
C&G 110 Jan 200519/12/2006bretta2869
C&G 111 Feb 200520/12/2006bretta2495
C&G 112 Mar 200521/12/2006bretta1631
C&G - Goodies Tour Mar 200522/12/2006bretta4560
C&G 113 Apr 200523/12/2006bretta3034
C&G 114 May 200524/12/2006bretta2593
C&G 115 Jun 200525/12/2006bretta2304
C&G 116 Jul 200526/12/2006bretta1516
C&G 117 Aug 200527/12/2006bretta4476
C&G 118 Sep 200528/12/2006bretta1802
C&G 119 Oct 200529/12/2006bretta2565
C&G 120 Nov 200530/12/2006bretta2568
C&G - Goodies Tour Second Innings31/12/2006bretta2831
C&G 121 Dec 200501/01/2007bretta2937
C&G 122 Jan 200602/01/2007bretta2111
C&G 123 Feb 200603/01/2007bretta3044
C&G 124 Mar 200604/01/2007bretta2401
C&G 125 Apr 200605/01/2007bretta1474
C&G 126 May 200606/01/2007bretta2413
C&G 127 June 200607/01/2007bretta3773
C&G 128 July 200608/01/2007bretta1721
C&G 129 Aug 200609/01/2007bretta2167
C&G 130 Sep 200610/01/2007bretta2016
C&G - Edinburgh & Brighton11/01/2007bretta4452
C&G 131 Oct 200612/01/2007bretta2724
C&G 132 Nov 200613/01/2007bretta6765
C&G 133 Dec 200614/01/2007bretta2984
C&G 134 Jan 200715/01/2007bretta8091
C&G 135 Feb 200712/02/2007bretta6171
C&G 136 Mar 200713/03/2007bretta10829
C&G 137 Apr 200710/04/2007bretta16601
C&G UK Tour Apr 200727/04/2007bretta12442
C&G 138 May 200713/05/2007bretta5773
C&G 139 Jun 200712/06/2007bretta8935
C&G 140 Jul 200712/07/2007bretta5899
C&G 141 Aug 200712/08/2007bretta4291
C&G 142 Sep 200712/09/2007bretta7098
C&G 143 Oct 200715/10/2007bretta11071
C&G 144 Nov 200712/11/2007bretta8066
C&G 145 Dec 200713/12/2007bretta7380
C&G 146 Jan 200812/01/2008bretta10769
C&G 147 Feb 200812/02/2008bretta6147
C&G 148 Mar 200812/03/2008bretta5496
C&G 149 Apr 200814/04/2008bretta4532
C&G 150 May 200819/05/2008bretta6696
C&G 151 Jun 200815/06/2008bretta7158
C&G 152 Jul 200812/07/2008bretta7518
C&G 153 Aug 200819/08/2008bretta3263
C&G 154 Sep 200812/09/2008bretta4903
C&G 155 Oct 200815/10/2008bretta4355
C&G 156 Nov 200812/11/2008bretta4886
C&G 157 Dec 200812/12/2008bretta5760
C&G 158 Jan 200912/01/2009bretta3378
C&G 159 Feb 200914/02/2009bretta3601
C&G 160 Mar 200912/03/2009bretta5899
C&G 161 Apr 200912/04/2009bretta3272
C&G 162 May 200912/05/2009bretta3419
C&G 163 Jun 200912/06/2009bretta3080
C&G 164 Jul 200917/07/2009bretta16303
C&G 165 Aug 200912/08/2009bretta3020
C&G 166 Sep 200912/09/2009bretta7793
C&G 167 Oct 200912/10/2009bretta3333
C&G 168 Nov 200912/11/2009bretta3005
C&G World's Funniest Island12/11/2009bretta6391
C&G 169 Dec 200911/12/2009bretta2262
C&G 170 Jan 201012/01/2010bretta3064
C&G 171 Feb 201012/02/2010bretta4333
C&G 172 Mar 201017/03/2010bretta3356
C&G 173 Apr 201012/04/2010bretta4322
C&G 174 May 201012/05/2010bretta2238
C&G 175 June 201012/06/2010bretta3070
C&G 176 July 201012/07/2010bretta3894
C&G 177 Aug 201012/08/2010bretta2884
C&G 178 Sep 201012/09/2010bretta2986
C&G 179 Oct 201012/10/2010bretta4570
C&G 180 Nov 201013/11/2010bretta7872
C&G 181 Dec 201012/12/2010bretta3484
C&G - The Goodies 40th Anniversary15/12/2010bretta7746
C&G 182 Jan 201112/01/2011bretta4542
C&G 183 Feb 201115/02/2011bretta3498
C&G 184 Mar 201112/03/2011bretta2853
C&G 185 Apr 201115/04/2011bretta3968
C&G 186 May 201112/05/2011bretta4445
C&G 187 Jun 201112/06/2011bretta4801
C&G 188 Jul 201112/07/2011bretta5545
C&G 189 Aug 201112/08/2011bretta2619
C&G 190 Nov 201112/11/2011bretta30827
C&G 191 Feb 201222/02/2012bretta4517
C&G 192 May 201212/05/2012bretta11047
C&G 193 Aug 201216/08/2012bretta7165
C&G 194 Nov 2012 (Final Edition)24/11/2012bretta8406
"Six Degrees of Tim Brooke-Taylor" Rule Book25/03/2005lisa7140
"Broaden Your Mind" Synopses18/12/2006bretta3641
ISIHAC tour01/04/2007lisa3092
A Record or an OBE photos17/09/2007lisa3453
A Record Or An O.B.E.18/05/2008bretta2488
Slapstick 201027/03/2010bretta2614
Goody Times at Slapstick Festival 201222/02/2012bretta3220
Assaulted Nuts - a 1985 interview with Tim16/08/2012bretta2992

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