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Episode 3 of series 69 of Clue Available on the Iplayer
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe nation's favourite wireless entertainment pays a visit to the Wyvern Theatre in Swindon. Old-timers Barry Cryer and Tim Brooke-Taylor are joined on the panel by Rory Bremner and Pam Ayres with Jack Dee in the chair. Colin Sell provides piano accompaniment.

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 15/07/2018 09:36 GMT
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first two episodes of ISIHAC series 69 on BBC iPlayer
more from same (British Comedy)
British ComedyThis week's episode of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" with Tim Brooke-Taylor, Barry Cryer, Tony Hawks, Caroline Quentin, and Jack Dee (as well as last week's episode) can be heard on the BBC iPlayer at

Posted by lisa at 05/07/2018 16:38 GMT
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C&G 206 June/July 2018 Now Available!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe new June/July issue of the Clarion and Globe has been sent out to all members on the C&G mailing list.  If you have not received your copy please contact me on

And if you have not been receiving any of the new editions or previous ones at all. Please contact the Technical Officer on (As I don't have access to the main computer to sort the issues out. Thanks!)

If you would like to have the The Goodies Fan Club newsletter, arrive in your inbox. Send a blank e-mail to and respond to the reply.  After that you will be on the mailing list.

You can also access this issue via Articles/Guides to your left.


Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 30/06/2018 14:06 GMT
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Upcoming TV & radio shows of interest to Goodies fans
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesUpcoming shows of interest to Goodies fans:

* Friday, 29 June: “Would I Lie to You?” repeat with Bill Oddie on Dave

* Monday, 2 July: “Tweet of the Day” on BBC Radio 4 in which Bill presents the alpine swift.

* Mondays: The current series of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” with Tim Brooke-Taylor airs Mondays on BBC Radio 4 (with repeats on BBC Radio 4 the following Sunday and then on BBC Radio 4 Extra the following week).  Episodes are available on the BBC iPlayer about an hour after initial broadcast (

* Wednesdays: “Hamish and Dougal: You’ll Have Had Your Tea” Series 2 on BBC Radio 4 Extra with currently available episodes on the BBC iPlayer at

* Fridays: I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again repeats (with all three Goodies) on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the most recent episodes are available from

* Fridays: The Motion Show series 4, hosted by Graeme, is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the currently available episodes can be found at

Posted by lisa at 29/06/2018 21:55 GMT
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Would I Lie to You? Featuring Bill to be repeated on Dave 29th June.
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesBill's episode of Would I Lie to You? Is to be repeated on Dave 29th June , 10.40pm.

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 27/06/2018 11:44 GMT
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Pre-Order now - The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesJust found this in my inbox.. for those who were unable to pre-order the limited edition set.

The Goodies:
The Complete BBC Collection

Missed out on a copy of our Limited Edition Goodies boxset?
Don’t worry, The Goodies are (still) coming for you, and you, and you…

‘The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection’ contains all the episodes that the terrific trio made for the BBC - from a giant white fluffy kitten called Twinkle to a slippery climb up a giant beanstalk, from the ancient Lancastrian art of ‘Ecky Thump' to fighting a ban on fun instigated by an all-too-real puppet government, Network’s Cricklewood branch have been working overtime to ensure that no one misses out on any of
The Goodies fun!

Available at


Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 26/06/2018 11:38 GMT
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New series of "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" starts 25 June 2018
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe new series of BBC Radio 4's "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue" with Tim Brooke-Taylor begins Monday, 25 June at 18:30 (with each episode being available on the BBC iPlayer shortly after broadcast).

Posted by lisa at 25/06/2018 02:37 GMT
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"A Binge of Goodies" has sold out
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesNetwork reports that the limited edition box set "A Binge of Goodies" has completely sold out.

Posted by lisa at 23/06/2018 16:09 GMT
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Tim interview in the Middlewich Guardian
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThere's a nice interview with Tim Brooke-Taylor from 19 June 2018 in the Middlewich Guardian at

Posted by lisa at 23/06/2018 15:55 GMT
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Final Clue Recording Date Summer 2018 and Data Protection
more from same (The Goodies)

Dear I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue Mailing List Member,

Here are details of the final recording in the Summer 2018 series of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue”:

The recording will take place as follows:

Thursday 12th July at the Oxford Playhouse. This will be a double recording of the show (i.e. 2 programmes will be recorded) for broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

Tickets will be priced at £8.00 and will be obtainable from 10am on Wednesday 20th June. Tickets will be available to purchase in person via the theatre’s Box Office, by telephone on 01865 305305, or online via the theatre’s website at

For those wishing to purchase tickets in person, the address is: Oxford Playhouse, Beaumont Street, Oxford, OX1 2LW. The Box Office opening times are Monday - Saturday 10am-6pm.

The recording starts at 7.30pm and will be finished around 10.30pm. Tickets will be limited to a strict maximum of 4 per applicant, by whatever booking system. Demand for tickets is very great, so you are advised to purchase early to avoid disappointment; you should also allow for queue waiting times for the Box Office, either by phone or in person, to be longer than usual.

The 69th series will begin transmission on Radio 4 from Monday 25th June at 6.30pm.

We’d also like to let you know that we have updated our Privacy and Data policies to comply with the new EU General Data Protection Regulations.

We have made it easier and simpler to unsubscribe from our mailing list on both our Random Entertainment and ISIHAC websites as well as through the newsletter itself. We will only ever send you details concerning recording dates for our programmes.

We will never share your data with any third parties.

With best wishes

Jon Naismith
Producer, "I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue"

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 18/06/2018 00:17 GMT
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