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Magnus Magnesium's Monthly Goodies Quiz 2014
Quiz - Sep - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 01/01/2014


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Here's your chance to reclaim the 'Mastermind of the Year' title from Cuddly Scamp Hairylegs of Cricklewood by answering the following 10 Goodies questions correctly.   Your time starts now … !
Series 6 Episode 3 Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express
(1) Which famous structure is highlighted on the way through Italy?
(2) What does Bill land on when he steps out the train door?
(3) Which group of detectives is in the detached dining carriage?
(4) Which category does John Peel compete in at the Le Boring festival?
(5) Which detective spins their wheelchair out on a mimed banana skin?
Series 6, Episode 5 It Might As Well Be String
(6) Whose photo is on the poster with the advertising slogan "Are You Getting Enough"?
(7) Which product enables housewife Betty Robbins to be "the first woman to become Pope … and heavyweight champion of the world!"?
(8) What noticeable feature do the mother and daughter in the Vibena blackcurrant juice advertisement share in common?
(9) For which product does Tim dismiss the suggested advertising campaign as being "too racy"?
(10) Which string product is declared to be "safer and cheaper because it doesn't work!" by the presenter of 'Tomorrow's World'?

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