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Magnus Magnesium's Monthly Goodies Quiz 2014
Quiz - May - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 01/01/2014


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Here's your chance to reclaim the 'Mastermind of the Year' title from Cuddly Scamp Hairylegs of Cricklewood by answering the following 10 Goodies questions correctly.   Your time starts now … !
Series 3, Episode 5 For Those In Peril On The Sea
(1) Which sport-related reason does Tim want the Lost Island Of Munga to be rediscovered for?
(2) Which two members of the Royal Family assist with the Goodies boat launching?
(3) Which bird do the Goodies shoot down, supposedly bringing them bad luck?
(4) Which song do the Goodies have to sing to prove that they are real sailors?
(5) What name does Nasty Person plan to call his monstrous holiday resort on the lost island?
Series 3, Episode 1 The New Office
(6) Why have the builders done no work on the Goodies office over a six month period?
(7) Which Goody dresses as an old man for the trip to the real estate agency?
(8) What does Graeme call his section of the new office?
(9) What is notable about Tim's photo card of Prince Charles?
(10) What sort of machine does matador Graeme have a bullfight with?

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