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Magnus Magnesium's Monthly Goodies Quiz 2014
Quiz - Mar - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 01/01/2014


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Here's your chance to reclaim the 'Mastermind of the Year' title from Cuddly Scamp Hairylegs of Cricklewood by answering the following 10 Goodies questions correctly.   Your time starts now … !
Series 7, Episode 6 Earthanasia
(1) What decoration does Graeme place at the top of the Christmas tree?
(2) Who does Graeme make a phone call to shortly after it is announced that the world will end in half an hour?
(3) What is the "one final sensual experience of unsurpassed kinkiness" that Bill wants to experience in his life?
(4) What does Bill maker for Tim using a sledgehammer?
(5) What item of clothing is Tim wearing to cover up his bellybutton?
Series 8, Episode 1 Politics
(6) Who does Bill claim has caught the "disease of capitalist decadence"?
(7) What is Bill's response to Tim saying that Margaret Thatcher "encourages the man with the small firm."?
(8) Name any three of the six key issues that Maggie "stands for" in her campaign speech to Graeme.
(9) What are the names of the two common factory workers that cry for Timita?
(10) What is the ultimate prize in the game of 'Guerres Sans Frontiers' that Great Britain takes part in?

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