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From Bard To Verse - Goodies Birthday Poems and others
An Ode To The C&G - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 05/07/2006


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(by Brett Allender - from C&G 194 - Nov 2012)
A special ode to mark the final edition of the Goodies Clarion & Globe newsletter after 17 years of publication
Friends, Romans, countrymen, hear ye, hear ye
It's high time to deliver an ode
To mark the historic passing
Of the Goodies Clarion & Globe
A monthly publication since 1995
That's loyally served Goodies club interests
With all the news that's fit to print
And quite a bit that isn't!
Goodies spottings galore from a network of newshounds
Fulfilled every Goodies fan's needs
And the feature articles in many editions
Always made for an interesting read
Quizzes and quotes and crossword puzzles
Put everyone's brain to the test
And the replies to fan questions by Tim and Graeme
Simply were the best
A tradition since the fan club was formed
The C&G has spread much joy and laughter
But with the advent of new technology
It's now time to put it out to pasture
Those seeking their good good Goodies news
Can now get an instant fix
From the podcasts, Facebook and forums online
And the GROK website with plenty of pics
All of the features of the C&G
Will still be posted to GROK as they occur
News and articles and a new monthly quiz
To keep Goodies fandom astir
So now that the C&G is done and dusted
What is to become of me?
Replaced by Nicholas Parsons
And fobbed off with an old piece of cheese
I'll be off to enter a monastery
Or a lavatory at any rate
I could head out to tend the Jolly Rock lamp
Five years of light housekeeping – great!
Or I could go off to do something silly
Though I've been doing that for years
After writing all those music reviews
The Eurovision Raving Loony Contest holds no great fears
So thanks to all those who contributed items
To the venerable C&G
After 17 years, please all give three cheers
For it's now part of Goodies history

Charming, delightful, kind.
Posted by:laddiebuck


date: 21/08/2007 02:07 GMT
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