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From Bard To Verse - Goodies Birthday Poems and others
I Wish That I Was A Goodie Too - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 05/07/2006


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by Brett Allender
This poem was originally written for Kitten Kon in 2000 but I didn't end up submitting it for the special C&G afterwards.  It attempts to highlight some of The Goodies' finest moments, with me wishing that I could get a piece of the action as well – perhaps they can install a fourth seat on the trandem just for me!
Here they come on their trandem bike
Doing anything anytime, whatever you like
A poorly paid job for a special guest
Or just solving their own self-inflicted mess
A loony scientist and a coward who's loyal
With a short scruffy worker their unlikely foil
The Goodies are coming for you and you
I wish that I was a Goodie too
They battled arch baddies like the Music Master
With Graeme's Eddie sendups babbling faster and faster
Getting stuck into Max Bygraves for being boring and slow
And Rolf Harris bashing was a good way to go
Waving Nicholas Parsons masks, having Tony Blackburn shot
Ee bah goom chuckie, they sent up the lot
The Royals, Frosty, Mary Whitehouse – boo!
I wish that I was a Goodie too
They featured weird creatures like the Almighty Cod
Big Bunny, Bushbabies, Frankenfido the dog
A giant Dougal, Sooty and all of the puppets
Not to mention Tim freaking out over the Muppets
Classics like "Radio Goodies" and "Kitten Kong"
Plus Wild Thing and all of their other hit songs
Do the Funky Gibbon – ooo, ooo, ooo!
I wish that I was a Goodie too
Trombone-playing aliens and shiny shoes
Stuff that gibbon and New Improved Snooze
Driving their office in the Le Mans race
The Jolly Rock lighthouse blasting off into space
Upsetting the locals in Wacky Wales
A showdown with sauce and escaping from jail
"Knickers" and "Hoots Toots Och Aye The Noo"
I wish that I was a Goodie too
The Disco Heave on a Saturday night
A lethal black pudding Eckythump fight
Punks and scouts and apartheid tension
Barely a topic was spared a mention.
It's been 18 years since Football Crazy
And the ABC programmers have gotten lazy
Though starved of Goodies repeats, we fans are still true
And don't we all wish that we were Goodies too!

Charming, delightful, kind.
Posted by:laddiebuck


date: 21/08/2007 02:07 GMT
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