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"The Goodies - The Complete Collection" DVD to be released in the UK 7 Oct 2019
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe Goodies - The Complete Collection" DVD set is scheduled to be released on October 7th in the UK.  This 14 disc set is to include the contents of 2018's  "The Goodies: The Complete BBC Collection" along with previously released LWT Series of "The Goodies".  (Thanks to Henri Phillipps for sharing this news!)

Posted by lisa at 19/09/2019 16:28 GMT
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New Goodies Shop! - The Sweeties by Adam Taylor
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThere's a new Goodies fan merchandise shop on the web now. 

Thanks to Goodies fan Adam Taylor, 'The Sweeties' is a section on Red bubble.

That has almost everything from t-shirts to bath mats with The Goodies on it!

Also according to his post on the Goodies Facebook Page -

He is also taking in suggestions for other Goodies ideas for his merchandise. 

If you want to send in a idea you can either head to Facebook link above or head to the merchandise page below.

The Sweeties

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 05/09/2019 06:07 GMT
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BFI ticket offer for "At Last the 1948 Show + Q&A" with Tim & Aimi
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThanks to the BFI for sending information about 2 tix for the price of 1 specials for "At Last the 1948 Show + Q&A with actors Aimi MacDonald & Tim Brooke-Taylor" plus "It's...Monty Python at 50".  Here are the details about the two events:

* At Last the 1948 Show + Q&A with actors Aimi Macdonald and Tim Brooke-Taylor  Sunday 08 September 2019 15:00  241 TICKET OFFER

Enjoy some rare material from this beloved TV series and hear from two of its stars. The series has now been lovingly pieced together for a BFI release, and this afternoon we’ll also exclusively preview some of the extra material that will be included, alongside two last recovered editions from the series. This material has not previously been shown at our popular Missing Believed Wiped events.
To enjoy 2 tix for the price of 1 simply quote  MARKETING241

* It’s… Monty Python at 50, September 2019  - BFI SOUTHBANK  241 TICKET OFFER

In 1969 John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Graham Chapman took one small silly walk for man, but one surreal leap for comedy when they unleashed their brilliant sketch show, Monty Python’s Flying Circus, on an unsuspecting British public. The iconic TV series launched stage shows, films, numerous albums, books and musicals, and half a century later, ripples still emanate from that splash, with many modern-day practitioners citing the Pythons as an influence. With programming input from the Pythons themselves, we celebrate the ingenious sextet with the largest and silliest celebration of the original show and its many roots, branches and offshoots.

To enjoy 2 tix for the price of 1 simply quote  MARKETING241

Posted by lisa at 26/08/2019 14:57 GMT
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C&G 219 August edition now available!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe August issue of the Clarion and Globe has been sent out to all members on the C&G mailing list.  If you have not received your copy please contact me on

And if you have not been receiving any of the new editions or previous ones at all. Please contact the Technical Officer on (As I don't have access to the main computer to sort the issues out. Thanks!)

If you would like to have the The Goodies Fan Club newsletter, arrive in your inbox. Send a blank e-mail to and respond to the reply.  After that you will be on the mailing list.

You can also find a link to the latest issues of the Clarion and Globe  find the little box to your right and also in Articles and Guides soon.

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 23/08/2019 06:32 GMT
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Fun Poll: For the C&G
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesI have set up a poll for this months Clarion and Globe asking a couple of questions...

A) Would you like to see The Goodies on TV?


B) Do you own a copy of The Goodies: The Complete BBC Years or any other Goodies DVD?

You can find the poll in the forums and also Question A in the top right hand corner of the front page.

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 22/08/2019 04:36 GMT
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Message from The Goodies - The Movie Facebook Page...
more from same (The Goodies)
The Goodies

Hello everyone.

We’ve now reached the end of our crowdfunding campaign and unfortunately did not raise enough money to be able to start making the feature documentary on The Goodies. We’re really sorry this hasn’t worked and hope for the fans that did support the campaign that you know what a wonderful gesture you made (your money will automatically be refunded). We really appreciate everyone who carried the message and spread the word – especially a big shout out to Lisa, Sally Ann and Jenny – awesome work ladies!

If we can find any other way of making this work we’ll come back here and let you know. Broadcasters are not commissioning this kind of thing any more so chances are slim that we can find the money as the total cost to shoot and finish the documentary is far beyond what we were crowdfunding for.

Thanks again everyone for your support and enthusiasm, all the very best Kim, Billy and Pete.

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 07/08/2019 17:24 GMT
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Last Chance Dance… to help make ‘The Goodies – The Movie’ happen!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThere is only less than 12hrs left to donate on the The Goodies – The Movie Crowdfunding page :

This is really our last chance to make this film become a reality and not many people have come along and given us the chance to be part of something like this. 

Imagine this though…

Going out to your local Cinema and/or theatre,  to watch the complete story of The Goodies.  (Whilst enjoying your Sherbet Fountain and munching on scOnes or scones).

When have we had the opportunity before?…

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 06/08/2019 19:37 GMT
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New Crowdfunding Video: Graeme Connect Dots…
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesNew video from The Goodies – The Movie Facebook page.

Graeme Connects the Dots…

If you want to donate head to …

Please share and donate!

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 05/08/2019 02:53 GMT
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New Crowdfunding Video: Bill, on stunts that went wrong...
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesNew video from The Goodies - The Movie facebook page..

If you want to donate head to...

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 03/08/2019 16:55 GMT
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Crowdfunding Video: 'Tim's Stunts That Went Wrong...'
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesNew video from The Goodies - The Movie Crowdfunding Facebook Page

To donate go to...

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 02/08/2019 10:19 GMT
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