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Introduction, Contents & Indexes
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Posted by bretta 24/09/2006


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The Camelot "We thank you ... push off!" page



I'd like to sincerely thank a few fellow Goodies fans, as without their contributions, this collection of summaries would look more like the Music Master's record of "The Best Of Rolf Harris" – a tiny plastic disc with nothing on it!  Therefore the following people all deserve an Earl and an OBE from Jolly King Cheeky Charlie Mini Mudguards at some time in the future for their noble assistance with my loony endeavours:


* Nick McCarthy     - for coming up with the initial concept of producing a series of Goodies episode summaries on Goodies-l, and for also suggesting a rating system based on numbers of black puddings - a great ideas man indeed!


* Alison Bean      - as the keen provider of valuable ideas, feedback and suggestions, assistance with corrections and general encouragement to help put the summaries together in book form - truly a founding fan club President extraordinaire!


* Lisa Manekofsky & Kristen Allender     - for their wonderful help in giving me heaps of useful feedback on each summary and valuable assistance with correcting the many typographical, grammatical and factual errors that I inevitably made in the early drafts of each summary. 


* The good folks of the Goodies-L mailing list (especially Wendy Hill) who also provided constructive comments, memories of episodes and other related information following the posting of each summary on the list, as this has been a great help to me when revising each episode later for inclusion here.


* Andrew Pixley      - for sharing his detailed research in tracking down the "official" titles of the various episodes from BBC documentation, and for contributing the information regarding the original version of Kitten Kong.


* And of course, The Goodies themselves: "Tim, Bill ... and the other one!" (as a certain Queen remarked in The End!) and their production crews at the BBC and LWT for putting together 12 years of magnificent comedy to give me so much great material to summarise in the first place!

Special thanks to Tim and Graeme for their positive feedback about the early editions of "The Goodies Episode Summaries".

Add 2/7 (Kitten Kong)

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Robinson's Paper
Posted by:MartinAgain


date: 24/09/2018 01:55 GMT
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