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Bill to appear on ABC TV 27 November 2019
more from same (Bill's Nature Shows)
Bill's Nature Shows Bill Oddie will be a featured guest on 'Julia Zemiro's Home Delivery' coming up on 27 November 2019, at 8pm on ABC TV in Australia. Reportedly, Julia and Bill retrace Bill's early days in Birmingham, visiting his childhood home. They also visit his old high school, then move on to do a spot of birdwatching.

The series' trailer, in which Bill appears for at least a second, can be seen on YouTube:

Posted by jeffers at 02/11/2019 02:52 GMT
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Bill Oddie to give talks at RHS Autumn Garden Show in London 25 & 26 October
more from same (Bill's Nature Shows)
Bill's Nature ShowsBill Oddie will be giving talks at the RHS Autumn Garden Show in London 25 & 26 October, 2017. 

According to the schedule ( available from Bill's talk will be "Tales of a Ludicrous Bird Gardener" (also the title of his recently-published book". 

Here is the talk's description, from the schedule: "Join Britain's best-known birdwatcher, Bill Oddie, on a journey through the gardens he has known and owned during his life, from a muddy backyard in Rochdale to the ever-changing almost psychedelic ludicrous kaleidoscope of his current garden in Hampstead, which has been an obsession for the past 25 years. Enlivened by stories of a heroic one-legged Great Tit, a Feng Shui Fox and a stampede of 100 rats, it is clear that the wildlife outside our back doors never fails to entertain and amaze."

Posted by lisa at 24/10/2017 19:49 GMT
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Bill Oddie's new book to be released 30 June 2017
more from same (Bill's Nature Shows)
Bill's Nature ShowsIn an article in The Express to promote the release of his new book on June 30th, Bill Oddie discusses his "six best books"

Bill Oddie: My six best books - Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School and more

BILL ODDIE, 75, is known for the long-running comedy series The Goodies and was one of the original hosts of Springwatch. He has also presented Birding With Bill Oddie and other nature programmes. His latest book Tales Of A Ludicrous Bird Gardener (New Holland, £16.99) is out on June 30.

BILLY BUNTER OF GREYFRIARS SCHOOL by Frank Richards Out of print This is the sort of book you couldnít do now because itís so non-PC: people are cajoled for being fat, lazy and foreign. But it had a wonderful energy. I got to play Bunter on radio and I canít help slipping into the voice, to most peopleís annoyance.

A FIELD GUIDE TO THE BIRDS OF BRITAIN AND EUROPE by Roger Tory Peterson Out of print I was six or seven when I started bird watching and this book was almost life-changing. Until the 50s, there werenít any good bird books, then Peterson developed a style of immaculate drawings with lines pointing to the features that were key to identifying the bird. That led to a whole genre.

JOURNAL OF 1826 by John James Audubon University of Nebraska, £25.99 Audubon trekked across America collecting information about birds, which was dangerous at the time. I love the fact that thereíll be an entry in his journals that says he was attacked by a Comanche war party followed by one where he got a splendid drawing of a plover.

BENEATH THE UNDERDOG by Charles Mingus Canongate, £9.99 Iím a slow reader but I buy a lot of music biographies. This is full of self-pity and raging anger which is quite shocking. He had a famously bad temper yet a lot of his music is very moving and passionate.

THE A-Z GUIDE TO GOOD MENTAL HEALTH: YOU DONíT HAVE TO BE FAMOUS TO HAVE MANIC DEPRESSION by Jeremy Thomas Penguin, £12.99 I was diagnosed as having manic depression when my wife and daughter noticed my up and down behaviour.

This is the book that helped me because it included an account of someone who was just like me: he got overconfident about what he was doing and impatient with people around him.

UNNATURAL SELECTIONS by Gary Larson Out of print An American cartoonist with my kind of humour.

Itís a bit distasteful at times but, if youíre feeling sad and youíve just come away from the shrink, this will cheer you up.

Posted by lisa at 23/06/2017 16:22 GMT
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more from same (Bill's Nature Shows)
Bill's Nature ShowsFrom Bill on Twitter...
Bill Oddie Official @BillOddie The @officialzsl Animal Photography Prize is now open. I'm judging and can't wait to see your wildlife photos

From the ZSL website..


The ZSL Animal Photography Prize is back for 2016. Wildlife photographers from around the world are invited to put forward and showcase their best wildlife photographs.   

Revelling in the beauty of wildlife from around the world, from the smallest insects to largest mammals, the ZSL Animal Photography Prize celebrates the outstanding diversity of the Animal Kingdom.

The top images will be chosen by a panel of judges, including ZSL Honorary Conservation Fellow and television presenter Kate Humble, and renowned ornithologist Bill Oddie.

With new categories for 2016 including Catch me if you can, At Home in their Habitat and Urban City Life, the competition will be fierce as ever.

This yearÔŅĹs competition is open for entries until 15 May 2016.

Follow the link below to enter and to find out more information.

Posted by JG_PeckinPahs at 16/02/2016 07:12 GMT
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