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daftbird's Journal
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2005-12-16 18:03:40
I  hereby take back any kind thought i entertained about Barkly/"the table".He started at 20 past 4 this morning.We are no longer friends.Barkly ,you suck.A whole lot .

Mood - tired as hell
Music - anything by madness
Edited - Never

Maybe you should call your next dog "Silent-y" or "Shush-y" or "Whisper-y" or something?
Posted by:AC


date: 21/12/2005 18:29 GMT
You're very funny,AC  .Hey,what about "deady"-haha-i'm just being wicked.
Posted by:daftbird


date: 21/12/2005 22:25 GMT
Aw poor Barkly.  Any idea why he's barking so much lately?
Posted by:AC


date: 22/12/2005 17:44 GMT
i honestly  think it was combo of the moon and hotter weather-of course being a labrador he should be over in newfoundland or somewhere.He needs to be in snow,not in this place-poor old bark(he gets barkloid too).He has thankfully settled down now.It seems his death wish has passed .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 22/12/2005 21:59 GMT
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