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Im_a_Teapot's Journal
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2006-09-02 08:18:29
What a night...!
Wallop wallop

phwoar phwoar

I just got paid to spend a night watching rugby players!!  Could life get any better?

A Dave the Shave look alike tried to chat me up, I nearly fell over a step and this fittie rugby player grabbed me (!!) to stop me falling- sweeet (my boss thinks I did it on purpose) and I impressed this other fittie rugby player with my limited knowledge of rugby.


Wasn't as good as meeting the Goodies though - my life is over!  Kirstyn we could expose the Goodies as well as Neil Innes (haha only joking).

Anyway, I'm going to be quiet for a while cause I'm off on a cycling holiday of the Scottish Islands.... no I am being serious!

Me and my mate have never done anything like this before and have spent so much money (this was supposed to be cheap) so far that we're repeating it next year only in Europe.

Don't know how i'm going to cope without my regular Goodies fix or my Ipod... in fact I'm completely gutted about leaving the Ipod it's got all my Goodies tunes on it and I can't get enough of them right now...


Am watching my new Bill Bailey dvd he is doing a hilarious routine about Starsky and Hutch (my all time favourite cop show)  mmmn Starsky.  They are having a box fetish now!  Love it.

Anyway must head on my way, need some sleep so I can get up early for an early morning test cycle ride!  I'm using my dad's bike and I'm a bit wobbly and my friend hasn't ridden a bike for AGES!

Why a cycling holiday do you ask?  Well so do I!  But it'll be good fun.

Cheery bye

Peej x

Mood - Yawn yawn yawnity yawn consider me tired
Music - Bill Bailey- Starsky and Hutch routine
Edited - Never

Peej love - I hope your little bottom manages to last out all those Scottish Islands (which are actually technically in Europe anyway but I know what you mean...!)

Be sure to take plenty of socks...

Oh speaking of which (it was a very random Monkees quote) - do you still have my Monkees videos #2 & #5?!?!
Posted by:Not_A_Megalomaniac

Not_A_Megalomaniac WWW 

date: 06/09/2006 07:12 GMT
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