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Kel_13's Journal
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Kel_13's journal
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2008-10-23 16:53:20
shame on me
well shame on me for not updating this more often! but i been busy with my new bub! little
brandon was 4th september 08! and my daughter just loves him! he certainly has been keepin
me busy especially when your not used to been up every 2 hrs of the night and you get to
watch all the kool infomercials! and those gross ads asking you to "call me" ewwww.
i will try to keep this updated i just forgot about it than i came in and read over
my enties lol some funny stuff anyway till next time!

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2007-09-13 17:12:11
my bad
my bad indeed i need to do this more often anyway it been a couple weeks since the silverchair/ powderfinger concert which was awsome! got me a couple of shirts and what not! not much really has been up in this quiet lil town i call home

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2007-04-08 09:37:38
ok weird dream time i was at a goodies show and i got there by accident but wasn't complaining anyway i was sitting in an isle seat and ofcourse the show was great and timbo walked up the middle and everyone was patting him on the back and cheering and he walkied passed me and i grabbed his hand and i wouldn't let go till he gave me a kiss on the cheek  and anyway the aftermath of that was i forgot i had ahold of his hand and he was trying to get me to let go  . so after all that everyone else left except for me and a couple of other people and i felt kinda silly coz i felt like a stalker soi went to see if i could see them 1 last time and they had fallin alseep in their rooms so by then i decided to leave.

i'll say no more 

Mood - happy 4 once!
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2007-03-26 18:03:33
been a while
has been a while since i made an entry i guess not a lot has been going on in my happy lil life. I sent my letter off to timbo last week yesi know he is touring and what not so just for him i will have Patience . Easter is fastly approaching again where did all the days in the year go? lucky this year we are off to the eater show so that should be a whole lot of fun! well i guess thats all from me till next time!

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2007-02-25 10:36:03
i went to a party.....
I went to a party.... (Please sign& copy to ur journal )

went to a party,
And remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mum
So I had a sprite instead.
I felt proud of myself,
The way you said I would,
That I didn't drink and drive,
Though some friends said I should.
I made a healthy choice,
And your advice to me was right,
The party finally ended,
And the kids drove out of sight
I got into my car,
Sure to get home in one piece,
I never knew what was coming, Mum
Something I expected least
Now I'm lying on the pavement
And I hear the policeman say,
The kid that caused this wreck was drunk,
Mum, his voice seems far away
My own blood's all around me,
As I try hard not to cry.
I can hear the paramedic say,
This girl is going to die.
I'm sure the guy had no idea
While he was flying high,
Because he chose to drink and drive,
Now I would have to die.
So why do people do it, Mum
Knowing that it ruins lives?
And now the pain is cutting me,
Like a hundred stabbing knives.
Someone should have taught him,
That it's wrong to drink and drive.
Maybe if his parents had,
I'd still be alive.
My breath is getting shorter, Mum
I'm getting really scared.
These are my final moments,
And I'm so unprepared.
I wish that you could hold me Mum,
As I lie here and die.
I wish that I could say, "I love you, Mum!"
So I love you and good-bye.

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) IS HOPING TO GET 5,000 SIGNATURES ON THIS,


1 .. Adam Ross Kalesperis
2. Deanne Perozzi
3. Raphal Nash
4. Courtney Easter
5. James Chandler.
6. Tracy Lamont
7. Traci Arbisi
8. Faye Hollenbeck
9. Devin E. Davis
10. Starla Shaver
11. Theresa Brehm
12. Lisa Brehm
13. Courtney Barnett
14. Erika Hurst
15. Kym Moschgat
16. Michael Hansen
17. Matt Weston
18. Laura Bunch
19. Daniel Lawson
20. Ashley Byrd
21. Brian Chadwell
22. Bonnie Morrical
23. Susan S
24. Michele Zader.
25. Denise Marie Haines
26. Keshia Marie Siders
27. Amy Sue Tresenrider
28. Tracie Balthaser
29. Diana Kaufman
30. Brooke Newkirk
32. Christina M.B.
33. Crystal Mckenzie
34. Kate Laroche
35. C! allie Firman
36. Christy Turner
37. Rebecca Turner
38. Elena Thomas
39. Missy Burke
40. Erin McCalla
41. Lindsay Potrafke
42. Jenny Eckel
43. Cassandra Duggan
44. Amy Liebisch
45. Eric Widmeyer
46. Alisa Huth
47. Pam Augustine
48. Leanne Trdinich
49. Megan LeDonne
50. Kristen Kennedy
51. Mara Bennardo
52. Lisa Wilt
53. Amanda Pieta
54. David DiCosol
55. Connie Carozza
56. Jaime Jacoby
57. Erin Edm! unds
58. Erin Berecek
59. Becky Porter
60. Alana Miller
61. Carrie Vermillion
62. Susan Spearing
63. Gaye Sougstad
64. LynnSnider
65. DavidShores
66. Carol Conway
67. Natalie Fair
68. Alissa Lloyd
69. Rebecca Wheeler
70. Lisa Riedel
71. Eric Vaughan
72. Danielle Seaman
73. Elizabeth Ambrose
74. Katy Mahannah
75. Susan Hall
77. Meg Kells-Murphy
78. Samantha Kaiser
79. Travis Lincoln
80. Randy
81. Chris Virgate
82. Matthew Burbles
83. Crystal Dambowsky
84. Kyle freaken McEneany
85. Krystal Scharn
86. Lau!ra Rothrock
87. Bethany Bucci
88. Amy Sat! kevich
89. Christine Rich
90. Courtney Reilly
91. Lauren Tighe
92. Jac! kie White
93. Liz Farrell
94. Kathryn M.
95. Heather Anne Lowery
96. Katie Jo
97. Cara Brenner
98. Emily Green
99. Emily Harris
100. Emily Chen
101. Sarah Schererm
102. Eric Eisenberg
103. SlickDan Goldstein
104. Abby Kimmelman
105. Alyssa Lee
106. David Hoffman
107. Celia Kather
108. Susan Ginn
109. Carly Smith
110. Anna Karis
111. Alison Deffenbaugh
112. Litzi Paredes
113. Teresa Eldridge
114. Stephanie Reese
115. Jamie Turner
116. Jenny Showalter
117. Meg Wooldridge
118. Kevin T$chai
119. Loan Nguyen
120. Elizabeth Yorns
121. Katie McGowan
122. Angie Henderson
123. The Troyfish of VT
124. Natalie Corrigan of VT
125. Dyanis Conrad
126. Vasil! Popov
127. Marie Huitt
128. Jessi McMa! han
129. Courtney Kelly
130. Tracy Smithsher
132. Sally J. James- in memory of...
133. Rachael Harness
134. Jan E. Conley
135. Kari M.Fellers
136. Dawn Love
137. Staci Smith
138. Douglas Blair
139. Brooke Rhea
140. Rachel Hammons
141. Brian Gallion
142. Ben Morrow
143. William Burden
144. Erica M. Smothers
145. Jason Wilchie
146. Frank Smith
147. Kevin Rider
148. Matt Masley- In memory of Alison, killed by drunk driver/1998.
149. Deepak Deean
150. Liz Dedrick
151. Jessa
152. Maureen (MO
153. Dawn O.
154. Paul M.~Peewee
155. Vanessa R.~Venus
156. RyanCabral (stangman)
157. Rachel Miller
158! Christy Fairlie
159. Julie Snyder
160. Alex La
161. Mariah Reyes
162. Brandon Castrejon
163. Ashley L
164. Jeffrey Yamauchi
165. Lois Kuo
166. Priscilla Kuo
167. Me! i W.W
168. Gennie W. Alasagas
169. P.J. R. Alasagas
170. Charina Gonzales
171. Nieves M. Ague
172. Calley Redd
173. Alexandra Hart
174. Lisa Peterson
175. Amber Neil
176. Mandy Cox
178. Meghan Anne Meyer --- In memory of James & Kendall died from drunk driver01/01/96 .
180. Brandie Thomas
181. Lorianna Moreno
182. Kris Jensen - In memory of Pat Byrd, killed by a drunk driver 01/99
183. Katie Essig
184. Jenny Haney- In memory of Shane Moore & Anthony Saucedod - July 9, 2000 when they were driving drunk.
185. Kim Jones
186. Sarah Bellamy
18! 7. Jon McInturff
189. Lesley Kuras
190. Kellyn Blossom
191. Jenna Cullinane
192. Katherine Gritter
193. Ben Thompson
194. Andrea Durell - In memory of the choad car...
195. Erin Rae Lengkeek
196. Tiffany Megan Lott
197. Carrie Deathriage
198. Melissa Mao
199. Emily Leong
200. Jill Burkholder
201. Meghan Cloud
202. SLS
203. Karen Roy
204. Kasey Kniffin
205. Tom Miyashiro - this is for u joe...
206. Jesse Jet Bellefleur
207. Pamichic
208. Fionaap
209. Ann McDermott
210. Gina Cerrito
211. Johnny Horn
212. Melissa Coleman
213. Morgan Saltsgiver
214. Erin Warrner
215. Jennifer Warrner
216. Kayla JOY McKenzie
217. Alison L.
218. Denise M. Malagari
219. Amber Lynn Chesebrough
220. Holly Chesebrough
221. Daryl DuLong
222. Diana Lupa
223. Todd J. Pipitone
224. Eric W. Davies
225. Kristin Landis
226. Dave Woods
227. S.Whitney
228. Christina Sweeder
229. Sanam de Lorme
230. Lindsey Eigenbrode
231. Meredith Keller
232. Candice Roubin
233. ANGEL**
234. Kathleen
235. Alex Rowe
236. Rachel "T" Thompson
237. Abe Thompson
238. David Dare
239. Sarah Gullemette
240. Ben Cormier
241. DevonSmith
242. Ashley
243. Amy
244. Nicole Thibodeau
245. Katie Wallace
246. Jess! ica Shanahan
247. Brianna Harmer
248. Mary E. Sundberg
249. Kri! sten Sundberg
250. Lindsay Chandler
251. Heather King
252. Nyleen Veigas
253. Catrina Basset
254. Melissa Ford
255. Ashlie Johnson- In memory of my beloved John Doe-
256. Ashley Jackson
257. Mark Pepperdine
258. Colleen Pepperdine
259. Monica Waldrop
260. RebekahMartinez
261. Heather VonKahle - my brother was killed by drunk
262. Kristina Yager
263. Shane Peters
264. PFC Jamison Hurley Military Police Corps. U.S.ARMY
265. PFC Daniel Brown Transportation Corps. U.S.ARMY
266. Kyla Parker
267. Angel Acevedo- in loving memory of Jason StofregenKurt Hughes Stock
268. Linda Maberry - In Memory of My Son Jason ! - killed7/16/2000drunk driver
269. Stacy Stafford - In Loving Memory of Jason Stofregen
270. Peyton Potter
271. SheltonPotter
272. Diane Calhoun
273. Sgt Northrop, Linda USMC 274.Lcpl Broadstreet, Monica USMC
275. Ben Senter
276. ChadWhite
277. Eric Clark
278. Julie Smith
279. Dawn Hurley
280. Melissa Baxter
281. Dave Kothstein
282. Mary Whisler
283. George Whisler
284. Joshua Whisler
285. Dave Ivey
286. Sheri Ivey
287. Dave Ivey II
288. Jessica Ivey
289. Rose Ivey
290. Dorie Masterstefone
291. Michael McCarrhaer
292. Maria Hamm
293. Rebecca Hamm
294. Deana Montoro
295. Nancy Lopez
296. Mark Lopez
297. Grace Kieley
298. Becky Gatti
299. Carolyn Showers
300. Robert Hatton
303. June Authier
304. Robin Authier
305. Sarah Frey
306. Kathy Breneman
307. Frank Breneman
308. Erin Breneman
309. Jim Cascio
310. Kim Cascio
311. Kate Wolgemuth
312. Stefanie Heagy
313. Ginger Heagy
314. Barry Heagy
! 315. Graham Heagy
316. Gabe Heagy
317. Heather Heagy
318. Megan Heagy
319. Liisa Heagy
320. Christine Heagy
321. Danielle Gehman
322. Sarah Bechtel
323. Megan Vascellaro
324. Alexa Vascellaro
325. Ashley Blount
326. Kristin Blount
327. Scott Blount
328. Ruth Blount
329. Nolan Blount
330. Roger Blount
331. Susan Warner
332. Paige Warner
333. Dang Warner
334. Mark Costrello
335. Janna Yacks
336. Amy Brunner Aka Mr.P!nK (lol mis and nicky)
337. Skye Ruf
338. Deanna LaMasster(CABBAGEPRETZLE!!!)
339. Amanda
340. Ryan
341. Tim Longenecker
342. Joan Smith
343. Andrea Watkins
344. Gail A'Brunzo
345. Lindsey A'Brunzo and Steve Harding-
346. Destiny Sommer
347. Meredith McMurtrie
348. Lynne (Eckman! ) Henry
349. Christy Knight
350. Kimyia Varzi
351. Patti Kim
352. Kathy Chu
353. Emma Otsuji
354. Cynthia K. Estradathis
355. Brent A. Osorio
356. Ana J Alatorre
357. Keith Osorio
358. Becky Pfeifer
359. Alizabeth Pfeifer
360. Raeanne Pfeifer
361. Theresa Pfeifer
362. William D. Pfeifer
363. Carol Pfeifer
364. William H.Pfeifer
! ;366. Quyen Pfeifer
367. AsiaPfeifer
368. ZionPfeifer
369. Tom Pfeifer
370. Jolene Kostenbader,cm
371. David Kostenbader,cm
372. B! ela Gecsey, Costa Mesa , Ca
373. Tiffany Gecsey, Costa Mesa , Ca
374. Nicole Kahn
375. Mark Kahn
376. Tina Garrett
378. Adam Garrett/ Fire Fighter/Paramedic Belton, MO_Ran a call 4/28, Drunk driver head on collision on 71 Hwy, Harrisonville Mo. Killed one, critically injured 5 flown to Children's Mercy. Please sign and forward.
379. Victor L. Watson, Collierville , TN.
380. Christine R. Watson, Collierville , TN.
381. Cindy Smith.Memphis , Tn
382.Buddy Smith, Memphis , Tn
383. KelleyFrans Memphis , Tn.
384. Tammie Dawson, Memphis , Tn.
385. Dale Dawson, Memphis , Tn.
386. J.T. Norris, Memphis , TN
387. Wendy Brown
388. Kathy Garazin, IL
389. Heather Rae Hackett, IL
390. Edward Crane,
.391 Linda Gallagher..
392. Kellie Risk

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2007-01-28 10:45:04
Aussie day + a weird dream
Howdy Well Aussie day i didn't really plan to drink much but i guess it got out of hand And after 12 drinks i felt pretty good still that was until i went to bed and layed down and my head started spinning...but i didn't get sick till the next morning so i'll spare ya'll to details and move on! last night i had this dream that i was with my ex best friend and she told me she didn't like the way i done some things so i said well i don't like people telling me what to do! and with that she got the sh*ts and left!

The end!

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2007-01-25 10:59:54
My Daily Horoscope!
January 25, 2007
Your emotional ambitions and ideals slowly and gradually shift toward a new focus. This is a period of rebirth and renewed optimism in relationships. You feel ready to start a fresh new beginning in your life. This is the perfect time to develop new goals and a new vision of yourself.

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2007-01-03 12:34:38
Happy 2007
[color=Purple]Yes im 3 days late but hey! had a pretty quiet new years this year as everyone had to work or be else where didn't really get drunk even though i had 8 drinks and was on my best behaviour well i hope this year wont be as busy and somewhat heartbreakin as the last one as we lost a few famous faces...all there is to say BRING IT ON 2007[color]

Mood - cheerful
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2006-11-04 11:57:02
New Zealand trip!
Hi ppl I been back a while but been busy gettin thing back in order after we got back so hee is a update: Monday 16th october we drive to sydney as we decided to get a flight from there as its cheaper and we stayed the night at a friends house and their daughter drove us to the airpoet the next morning at 5am so we had to be up early out flight left at 8:50 or sumthang so yeah Tuesday 17th october we fly into christchurch and get there at 4pm they are somthing like 3 hrs ahead coz they started daylight saving at the start of oct and wind thereclocks forward 2 hrs i think so that got to me while there, so we stayed the night at christchurch then wednesday 18th our hire car came then we travelled 5 hrs south and got to a place calledDunedin stayed the night and had a look around the next morning(thursday 19th) the ncontinued on south and got to Invercagill which was cold as!! i had to go buy a jacket as the 1 i had wasn't doing its job! so friday 20th morning before leaving invercagill our rent-a-car dies! so we have to call the company and they were kind enough to find as another rent a car in that town so after all that we continued onto queenstown  when we got into a motel we took a look around they have some wonderful sites there anyway saturday 21st we got up and went on a cable car ride up a mountain where they have a resturant up there so we took sum pix of the view form the top of queenstown which was heaps nice! then when back down and decided to head to a place 15mins away called arrowtown where they done some lord of the rings shooting there and we looked aronud and got some pix and that so from there we went back to queenstown into a place called deer park heights where more lord of the ringsshooting was done which was really awsome yes they do have deer on deer park heights as well as donkey's goats bison yak and whatever else and ucan feed em and some come up to the window of ur car which is frightenening so sunday we took a better look around shops and everything had lunch at the resturant on top of the mountain which was nice then monday 23rd we went ot the kiwi bird park which was interesting after that we seen some people out on the water on a paraflight ride and decided that we MUST do that so we did and when it was my turn the weather  was gettin abit windy so here i was 600 ft in the air and blowin around like rubbish in the wind! it was awsome though!! so tuesday the 24th morning we headed back to christchurch to have a better look around there then wed25th we went to the cookie facoty which was cool and were getting depressed as we had to leave for back to sydney the next day soall up the holiday was awsome and Amy seemed to enjoy it all too its a place id definatly go back to! and  recommend to anyone!

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2006-10-09 18:01:31
Special But Usless Facts
*There is still an estimated 100,000 tonne of gold left in the ground of california
*No Words in the english language rhyme with orange, silver or month.
*An earthworm would take 822 years to eat through a corpse
*The mona lisa has no eyebrows
*There's a one in 2.8 million chance you'll die by falling down a hole

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2006-10-06 18:12:40
What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?
Your Dominant Intelligence is Musical Intelligence

Every part of your life has a beat, and you're often tapping your fingers or toes.
You enjoy sounds of all types, but you also find sound can distract you at the wrong time.
You are probably a gifted musician of some sort - even if you haven't realized it.
Also a music lover, you tend to appreciate artists of all kinds.

You would make a great musician, disc jockey, singer, or composer.

What Kind of Intelligence Do You Have?

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2006-09-29 12:47:45
Dear Goodie journal
just needed to get a little somthing off my chest that ha been a little bothering My bestie's work place is been repaired so she has not worked since the end of august i thought that was bad for her but then maybe we can spend some time doing stuff as we never really got to as she was working so much and what not but i have not seen her since my wedding 3 weeks ago and i know it works both ways but i have issues with her boyfriend so i won't go see her i know its silly but i just don't like some of the things he has done and now because of him and all i hardly see her because she told me its one of those things she had to sacrifice to be with him :'( which is hardly fair i have already lost 2 other friends 1 decided that drugs were more important and the other decided to hell with us i have party's and party drugs which are better! She is a great person and i hate for anything to happen to our friendship

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2006-09-17 14:29:12
Wedding Update!
Well Hello Just thought i'd take this time to update my wedding starts with a little bit of a shambles as we worked out we had forgotton a couple of peopleso we needed extra tables for reception...anyway i get back to pinky's (one of my bridesmaids) to get hair and everything done it was a long prosscess and i was worried about the weather it looked good but then it started to cloud over but luckily the rain held off until the reception and also lucky for shaun that he was feeling alright to get through the ceremony as the night before got out of hand with one of his mates buying him beers at the pub with shots of who knows what in it! we were also worried that the cake lady wasn't going to show as she is old but she did make it and the cake looked great!! so we got throught everything and got some pretty awsome pressies! which im glad so as soon as i get pix i will post em in my space! It has been a week since and all week our 3 year old has been so sick with the god awful flu vomiting and what not, so we were in and out of hospital for 2 days with them saying they couldn't do anything even though she wasn't able to hold anything she ate or drank down! i am happy to say though that today she seems a LOT better! well guess thats all from me for now so till again take care!
p.s. here is a pic hope it works

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Edited - 2006-11-11 15:49:22

2006-08-25 17:47:55
2 weeks to go
Dear Goodie Journal
                            Well it been a while since i been here, I have been quiet busy getting wedding things organised with only 2 weeks to go! where has time gone! all the hours of the day seem to dissapear! The only thing i am worried about concerning the wedding is the weather! it hasn't been to bad thus far which i hope can stay that way till after all is done! but knowing m and my rn of bad luck i'll just ave to wait and see and wish for the good weather to stay the way it is well haven't got a lot to ramble about so im off to enjoy a few cold ones!
till next time!

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2006-07-02 16:22:03
Wedding dream
Dear Goodie Journal
It was one of those odd weird dreams it was my wedding day and everything was so dis-organised i had to get dressed at my place and do my own hair and make up as my firend forgot to book the hairdresser and while doing that i had to yell and scream at the groom to be to get off the lounge and go get dressed! And then out of no where the limo driver shows up and it was like 6pm so he had been in town for 4 hrs already so we was running just a little bit late...lucky for me this was all just a dream

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2006-05-31 19:38:31
After 3 days of been shot down with the rotten flu i have bounced back enough to make a journal entry thats if my computer doesn't chuck a spaz before i get to finish but anyway just been in bed for 3 days so i guess not a lot has really happened. Apparently i have been booked for next wednesday to go horse riding with my bestie and her sister  i haven't been riding in years so that should be interesting and i hope this time i get a horse that works!!...anyway i may make another enrty after that to complain how sore i am haha so till them bye ya'll

Mood - meh
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Edited - Never

2006-05-17 17:52:17
It been i long day we went shopping in tamworth to get that all was needed for my little girl Amy's birthday this sunday she will be turning 3! which is hard to believe it didn't seem that long but anyway im a little upset that my bestie won't be here for the day due to work commitments and such but there nothin i can do about that. As the title say i am alone tonight as my other half has gone to armidale to a mates place to watch the Anthony mundine fight  but hey its alone time! i can fill it full of goodies watching
well anyway i'll be off till next time i am me and your not

Mood - lonely
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Edited - Never

2006-05-10 13:20:10
At Last....
Dear Goodie Journal
Yes At Last i got the 1948 show on dvd after hearing so much about it and being possibly the only goodie fan who didn't have it! but anyway i am watching it as i type this and i am absolutley loving it! anyway with that i am getting distracted so i'll be on my way to watch

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Edited - 2006-05-16 11:41:18

2006-05-03 18:24:36
Dear Blog
                    I've been having those things you have sometimes called dreams i guess the 1st one was all about my wedding day and it pissed poured rain so without a back up plan we somehow managed to end up at the school in which we both attended and we were under the awnings near our woodtech room and all the teachers were there and as i was walking past the primary school toilets i noticed that one of the most hated teaches "Mr wood" was trying to dance to the music...he was doing the YMCA or some crap and looked REALLY goofy! but anyway the day went ahead and all was good and iwoke up anyway the dream i had last night ws kinda odd but not as i am always dreaming about my Ex best friend and how we are still friends and blah anyway  somehow we went to brisbane to visit my other so called friend up there and he was doin well and he asked for pix of my wedding likei haven't herd from him in probably 2 years but anyway it was just a dream so i can't make to much out of it.
Any who thats about it from me till next time

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2006-04-29 09:57:18
Dear Goodie Journal
It is saturday morning 10:19am by my computer clock i should be cleaning the house as we are going to tamworth to check out what bargains they got down that way maybe i will find a half decent shirt with sleeves that go all the way down my arm unlike the dodgy 1 i got from armidale. Anyway We took out little 1 to see ice age 2 the other night it cost us $12 each to get in and with food and all it was a grand total of $45 RIPPED!! it used to be like $8.50 to get in! but all in all the movie was alright i did enjoy the first 1 and this 1 was ok as well. Well i guess thats all from me i better go and finish what i was doin before my other half gets back till next time!!

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2006-04-28 20:38:50
still 1 to go
hey all at this time i am watching friday night games which links to our 2006 series of big brother, i haven't really found it as intersesting as some of the previouse years but it is only early (sum 1 on msn is p*ssin me off on purpose) back to the real world i just had to worst case of indigestion from having drunk 3 UDL's (vodka mixed with passionfruit)  i thought i was gunna die...yes ok laugh if u must *pauses for laughs* it was only 3! as i am getting weak when it comes to alcohol it must be old age yes i know 23 ain't that old but it seems old to me...anyway response to bondgirl in my last entry maybe i did buy sumthing in a sex shop whilst the boys where like kids in a candy shop... ...i am now on 9 entrys befor getting my journal badge so hopefully i will have more to blab about soon so until then thats all from me....*stops and wonders if any of the goodies who visit the site read the journals*  HI TIM!!  if they do!

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Edited - 2006-04-29 09:45:31

2006-04-27 09:05:00
joke time
hello there tis me for another entry but with so little to say i thought i'd just post a joke...enjoy

    A young cowboy walks into a seedy café in Arizona. He sits at the counter and notices an old cowboy sitting alone with his arms folded, staring blankly at a full bowl of chilli. After 15minutes of staring at the old guy’s chilli, the young cowboy bravely asks. “If you aint gonna eat that, mind if I do?” the older cowboy slowly turns his head towards the young wrangler and in his best cowboy manner says “nah, go ahead.” Eagerly, the young cowboy reaches over and slides the bowl over to his place and starts spooning it in with delight. He gets nearly down to the bottom and notices a dead mouse in the chilli. He sight was shocking and he immediately pukes up the chilli into the bowl. The old cowboy quietly says, “Yep, that’s as far as I got, too.”

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2006-04-14 11:02:42
the trip story
Well as most of you know i have returned from my townsville trip, it took us 2 full days to get there from uralla in nsw. We got as far as bundaburg in the first day and still had over 1000kilometers to go from there as our navigational system told us so it took us like 5mins to pack our things and on our way it was like 6:30am and already 26degrees we were sleeping with the air conditioner on all night. On day 2 it seem to take forever with not much to look at but sugar cane LOTS of sugar cane!! anyway we get to townsville at about 7pm and my brothers place was so hot!! anyway we were there for a while and went back to our motel which was the queensland womens accociation  and my other half was feeling a lil uncomfortable staying there so we shipped out the next morning. The day before the wedding my mother and i went to the hens night and was only there a couple hours and then went back where the lads were having the bucks night so they wanted to go back out to the pub so i went along and got kinda slooshed and somehow we ended up in a sex shop  and yeah not much else i can say about that...the wedding the next day was good apart from the weather it poured rain! and coz i was bridesmaid we got pix taken in the wet! anway after all that we recovered enough to get ready to head home for another 2 full days in the car so by that stage i was glad to get back on New south wales ground! but all in all it was good to get away.
well thats all for that story till next time!

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2006-03-19 16:05:00
2 weeks to go!
Well it is me again for yet another journal entry. I have just realised that there is only 2 week to go till we head up to townsville for my brothers wedding and hear i was rushing around getting everything set for mine! 2 weeks!! its like a 2-3 day drive from here and we have to take the old folks up with us in the wagon will be a long and interesting trip shall be away for like 10 days though no one will miss me im sure. But anyway i shall be off there is still heaps of things to do before then

till next time!!

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2006-03-16 18:09:10
so busy
How busy i have been with planning my wedding for this year! we were thinking of changing the date so everything fits in well and so then i can get the invites sent out! All this expence and just been really busy but lucky for me i have my 2 bridesmaids to help and i thank them for all they have done anyway besides all that not a lot has happened so i'll be on my merry way

till next time!!

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2006-02-05 13:07:09
Dear Journal
                    Its yet another weekend. We all headed to the show last night just to see the smash up derby's it was probably the only night that the show here was busy since i herd there was only 50 ppl there the night before and considering there is 2500 people in our town thats pretty sad! the show gets worse each year and the derby is like the only thing to look forward to! well it is sunday a day for relaxing in front of the air conditioner since we are still experiencing a heat wave watching not much on the telly. well thats all so till i think of anything else to add to my jounal i bid u all a farwell![b][/b]

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2006-01-07 22:13:49
yay a scar!!
Well yesterday i got my stiches out leaving me with another scar but its not really going to bother me well maybe it will when it comes to my wedding day which i hope to be this year i'll have to wear a speacial arm band hehe nah it'll be fine like i said im tough!!

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2006-01-01 19:18:37
Happy New Year!!
Dear journal
                Welcome to 2006! I spent new years eve at the hospital because i had caught my upper left arm on some bird wire requiring me to get 9 stitches. But anyway we decided to stay home and have a old fashioned aussie bbq for new years not forgetting a few drinks of course but we didn't start drinking till 10pm as we were waiting on a friend to finish work and show up and then got stuck into them the night all in all was pretty good. After realising the sun was about to come up we figured it was time to go pass out! and no today i worked out i has about 15 drinks which explains me feeling a lil worse for wear. Tis yet another year a new start and hopefully a year full of goodies!! till next time!

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2005-12-29 18:05:51
i have returned
Dear journal
                Well there goes yet another x mas for another year we headed off to thirroul in sydney and the weather was scorching hot! I got my tasty box set for chrissy  finally! to add to the small collection for now got back last night at about 8:30pm and spent all today cleaning the house and realised that we actualy had carpet under all that mess! Well now that i have finally taken the time to make my very 1st entry im gonig to head off and continue browsing this brilliant forum. till next time!

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