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 Subject:  Re: Barnaby Eaton-Jones Q&A
23/11/2020 21:25 GMT

Hi Barnaby,

First of all, thank you for agreeing to do this Q&A. My questions for you are as follows.

1. What was it like working with The Goodies.

2. Are there any deleted scenes/songs (Written or recorded) from the pilot episode. If there are could you please release them.

3. What ideas did you and The Goodies have during pre production for the new series.

4. Again, if there are any scenes or songs that were written during pre production for the new series, could you please release them.

5. Not a question, but rather a message of thanks. Thanks for getting The Goodies to record a pilot episode for an eventual series. Alas, there will be no new series, but at least we have the pilot. For this we have you to thank. One last thing, I’d just like to let you know that my personal highlight of 2019 was hearing your Goodies pilot episode for Audible. If the show went to series, rest assured it would have been my highlight of 2020 as well.

Thank you again,
Henri Phillipps

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 Subject:  Barnaby Eaton-Jones Q&A
22/11/2020 16:40 GMT

Q&A time!  Producer/writer/actor Barnaby Eaton-Jones, the man behind "The Goodies: The Big Ben Theory" (the 2019 audio Goodies episode starring Tim, Graeme, Bill and Joanna Lumley) has agreed to do a Q&A to answer questions about working with The Goodies on the Audible show as well as "I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again - Again!"  Submit your questions and we'll forward them to Barnaby.

Last modified: 22/11/2020 16:42 GMT by lisa

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