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Bertha Torr

Posts: 65

Bertha Torr


 Subject:  Re: Goodies Podcast 166: Sally Wilton on Bill Oddie's music
20/04/2022 19:40 GMT

Thank you, Andrew and Stevie. Just thought I'd confirm that my name here is Bertha Torr but my real name is Sally Wilton, in case you hadn't guessed from the target! And here is the link to the Facebook group I mentioned, for those who use that site.

I don't have to take this kind of thing from you, you know! But I'm going to...

Posts: 1



 Subject:  Re: Goodies Podcast 166: Sally Wilton on Bill Oddie's music
14/03/2022 18:05 GMT

Yes Andrew.  Loved the podcast about Bill Oddie's music.  Only just got around to listening to that one.


Posts: 362



 Subject:  Goodies Podcast 166: Sally Wilton on Bill Oddie's music
28/02/2022 09:32 GMT

Very enjoyable edition of the Goodies Podcast which is an entertaining and informative chat with Sally Wilton about her ambitions to assemble a publication celebrating the music of Bill Oddie. Well worth a listen!

All the best



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