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Bertha Torr

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Bertha Torr


 Subject:  Re: Your Goodies Disco?
07/04/2019 23:39 GMT

That sounds like a Fun Palace to be! Funkiest song on the new CDs is probably Crazy Man, and for real strutting you need Big, Brave, Bold Hunka Man and  Superman (what a lot of men!).

Then you could do a soft shoe shuffle to Shiny Shoes, a Square Dance, play air guitar to On the Road and fail to sing as well as Oddie to the karaoke version of  'Les Girls'.

'Berserk' would confuse formulaic dancers with its off-beat rhythms but we could all pogo along to Spacehopper and, once we were exhausted, I'd like the slow dance to be 'Sunny Morning'. And you know who I'd like to dance it with.

I don't have to take this kind of thing from you, you know! But I'm going to...

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 Subject:  Re: Your Goodies Disco?
02/10/2018 01:05 GMT

Kitten Kong on loop.

Then invent the kitten conga.


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 Subject:  Your Goodies Disco?
30/09/2018 20:58 GMT

Now that we have some new Goody songs to add the Goodies playlist. (if you got the limited edition CDs in the binge of Goodies bundle)

What would be your perfect Goodies song list at a disco, to strut your funky stuff to?

(doesn't matter if you didn't the new CD set).


'So full of cow, it almost moos'
Last modified: 30/09/2018 20:58 GMT by Jenny_Gibbon

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