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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #2
Quiz Answers - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 28/12/2006


» Goodies Quiz #2
» Quiz Answers



(Each correct answer is worth 1 point. Score 1/2 a point if you're close!)

(1) Kerry Thwacker, sports entrepreneur

(2) It is a blow-up toy

(3) Fairy Puff detergent

(4) Kenneth the tortoise

(5) 10,000 to 1

(6) "Whip on down there!"

(7) Greedy Graeme, Wild Bill Oddie and Texas Tim

(8) Taking You Back

(9) A giant magnet which strips the baddies of their armour and weapons

(10) A record turntable

(11) Lady Constance de Coverlet

(12) Twelve

(13) Tim

(14) Special remote-controlled suits

(15) "Me hat blew off!"

(16) Mildred Makepeace

(17) " ... and let's face it, who the hell does!"

(18) Brain surgery

(19) Six and a half hours

(20) Julie Andrews

(21) Four

(22) With sulphuric acid or by alligator attack

(23) Rollerskating to Wembley and banging in a hat-trick, then licking the chocolate off two dozen Mars bars

(24) His belly button

(25) Putting the clock forward by half a minute so that it looks like the end of the world at midnight is just a hoax.

(26) Ye Olde Shepherds

(27) Duck pies

(28) Gunpowder

(29) The ballet at Covent Garden

(30) Neat Scotch

(31) The Music Master, now known as Nasty Person!

(32) Sussex University

(33) Come Back

(34) Cuddly Scamp Hairylegs Of Cricklewood

(35) Donny Osmond's

(36) The butler

(37) Bill

(38) Becoming a nun

(39) "Cinderella"

(40) Berserk

(41) She strides off down the street, shaking her fist and shrieking "Stop it, stop it ...!!"

(42) A blown-up paper bag

(43) John Cleese

(44) Ride My Pony

(45) An army tank

(46) He snuffs it from all of the excitement!

(47) His computer

(48) Zero

(49) The Two Folk

(50) Flopsy and Spiro

(51) Flopsy

(52) "Loony. Handle With Care"

(53) They get squashed by elephants

(54) Water

(55) It's afraid of the dark

(56) Mice in the Goodies office

(57) Five years

(58) Rancid halibut giblets

(59) In his own words, "Don't worry lads. We have COD on our side!"

(60) Brian

(61) To find an exhibit for the soon-to-be-opened Lord Snowdon Monster House (and to prevent the zookeeper from committing suicide in despair)

(62) Sausages, cake and plonk.

(63) Minion

(64) Rolf Harris

(65) Lawn seed, fertiliser and aftershave

(66) London's West End

(67) Fairy cakes

(68) Willie Snot

(69) The sheep

(70) Roy Kinnear

(71) Equestrian on ice (The Amazing Tumbling Royals)

(72) Harry Secombe's autograph

(73) Olivia Newton John's

(74) The Disco Heave

(75) Apart-height.

(76) Short people like Bill, jockeys, Ronnie Corbett etc!

(77) Randy Pandy

(78) John Peel

(79) A large tin supposedly containing Tomato Soup

(80) The Acme Giant Soup Can Flipper

(81) Inside the clockface of Big Ben

(82) They have rifles fired at them by the islanders (and get pelted with coconuts for good measure!)

(83) Black Pudding Bertha

(84) Cactus In My Y Fronts

(85) Choice of post office, tearooms, dentist, police station and the Saucy Midwife massage and sauna!

(86) He blows his mind (and the vicar's tv set, which he was hooked up to)

(87) It is made of canvas

(88) Because they got lost (bu-boom!)

(89) WC Fields

(90) A Roman epic

(91) Land Of Hope And Glory

(92) Cilla Black, because they can't stand listening to her high notes.

(93) Gazump, Grasper, Meanie and Snatch

(94) A disused railway station

(95) Skegness

(96) The brake

(97) Knutters Knoll Knitespot

(98) "Exterminate! Exterminate!"

(99) Bored stiff

(100) Food; especially sandwiches


90-100 Mastermind Of The Year

75-89 Goodies fan supreme

60-74 Clever clogs

40-59 Reasonably Goodie

21-39 Thick as old boots

0-19 Rolf Harris!


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