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C&G 9 Aug 1996
#9 Aug 1996 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 04/09/2006


» #9 Aug 1996

Issue No. 9                  12th August 1996
            Welcome members, new and old to C&G#9. This month, as always, I’ve welcomed many new members; so many in fact that we now have over 200 members. It’s great to have so many members all over the world to share views and information with on The Goodies. Please remember you’re welcome to send in articles, ideas, opinions etc to <>. But on with the newsletter...
            Last month I told you about a Goodies video night and get-together I am holding at my house. Anyone who can make it to Adelaide, South Australia is welcome to come and join in the fun. Here’s the details:
WHEN: Friday the 6th of September at 7.30pm.
WHERE: 7 Sharpes Ave, Fulham Gardens.
WHAT TO BRING: Please bring some nibbles or drinks to share and money if you want to order a pizza. Also if you have any Goodies or Goodies-related videos, records, tapes, books etc etc please bring them along. And you're welcome to bring as many Goodies-loving friends as you like. The idea is to make this into a sort of mini-convention.
RSVP Alison Bean <> by Thursday 5th September.
            In the pipeline are plans for a video night in Melbourne. It will probably be held on a weekend in December or January. If you’d like to get involved in the planning or have some ideas feel free to let Nick McCarthy <> know. We’ll keep you posted on the details.
From Darryl Anderson <>
            Would appreciate if you know of anybody in North Queensland who likes the Goodies because alas I cannot make it to your movie night!
            Unfortunately I haven’t heard from anyone yet about getting a new Goodies-L. Until a few months ago Goodies-L was a mailing list where we discussed The Goodies and lots of other topics too. It was great fun and many people would like to see it come back. If you know anyone who provides mailing lists PLEASE let me know. I’ve tried to contact AOL and I haven’t had any response (so much for their reply in 24 hours policy!), so please ask your net providers whether they’d set up a list for us. Also if you can think of an alternative to a mailing list such as a newsgroup or something similar, let me know <>. We will get Goodies-L day!
            You can now download the complete script and lots of video grabs from one of the best Goodies episodes ever made (IMHO), Earthanasia. Point your web browser to:
            Helen Challens of ‘Rolling Bears Web Page Consultation’ has recently set up a Cult TV page, with a link to our homepages and to The Cricklewood Office. To go with the links, she’s created some great Goodies animations. One is of the logo and another is of the trandem. They are well worth a look and if you haven’t got Netscape 2 (which should enable you to download them straight from the pages) she’ll happily send them to you if you e-mail her.
            If you don’t know much about web pages or animation, her page is a goldmine of information and she’s such a nice person that she’ll even answer your questions. It’s one of the best and most fun web sites I’ve been to, so check it out at
From <>
            Just for info BOTH of The Goodies 3 episode videos have recently been re-released on a budget label at #5.99, good value!, I contacted the distributor apparently there is no plan to release any more.
            It seems to me that the 70`s produced some of the best comedy ever, when I think of the Likely Lads, or Butterflies, etc etc it amazes me, there is so little class now and the jokes just go round and round guess I am just getting old.
            Both ISIHAC and ISIRTA are available on BBC audio cassettes but only a couple of each and who chose them I’ll never know, I hope one day they will release some of a little known hilarious Radio comedy - the Burkiss way to dynamic living.
*Ed’s Note*
Jo Kendall, who co-stared with TBT, GG and BO in ‘I’m Sorry, I’ll Read That Again’ was also in ‘The Burkiss Way’.
From F.D. Luchok <>
            There is a game that is very popular on the web called "The Kevin Bacon Game". Basically, the point is to connect actors to American actor Kevin Bacon in as few moves as possible. Most actors that have appeared in American movies can be connected to Kevin Bacon in 4 moves or less. The number of moves is called your "Bacon Factor".
            All three Goodies have Bacon Factors. For example:
Tim Brooke-Taylor was in "The Secret Policeman's Other Ball" with John Cleese.
John Cleese was in "The Big Picture" with Kevin Bacon.
Therefore, Tim Brooke-Taylor has a Bacon Factor of 2.
            I leave it to you to look up the Bacon Factors of Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie. The address is:
            The game was put together by two guys from the University of Virginia. You can also play the game using Arnold Schwarzennegger as the center of the universe. I didn't check to see what their
Schwarzennegger factors were.
From Ken Finlayson <>
            Here's a little something I spotted in a recent newspaper article (‘Sydney Morning Herald’, 26/7/96). I'll just quote the first two paras, for reasons that will shortly become obvious.
            A former Anglican priest and now Catholic commentator has launched a scathing attack on the Queen for undermining the institution of marriage.
            ***Mr William Oddie*** accused the Queen of abandoning religious values over the divorce of the Prince and Princess of Wales.
Surely not...
            Just when we thought The Goodies had the rid the world of Rolf Harrises, one of them’s turned up on Channel 9’s ‘Animal Hospital’. (Is it the one who was lame? Some might say Rolf’s always been lame!) If you’re in Australia you can avoid watching him talk about animals on Tuesday nights between 8 and 9pm.
            Yep, it’s still going. Surgical Spirit is a medical sitcom about tough Sheila Sabatini (played superbly by Nicola McAuliffe) dealing with her new husband and some crazy doctors, nurses, administrators and patients. What’s this got to do with The Goodies? Well Graeme Garden has written some of the shows. If you’re in Australia check it out on the ABC at 6.30pm Wednesdays.
            This month’s question is has three parts.
a) Which episode does this quotation come from?
“And we’ve got _____ _____ all the way over in New York, so with any luck we shan’t be hearing from him”.
b) Who’s is the missing name?
c) Which Goodie said it?
1. In which ISIRTA serial was Lady Constance de Coverlet (played by Tim Brooke-Taylor) introduced?
ANSWER: The Curse of the Flying Wombat.
2. In which two episodes of ‘The Goodies’ did Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock in ‘Are You Being Served?’) appear?
ANSWER: #16 Farm Fresh Food and #60 Rock Goodies.
3. What was the name of the character played by Bill Oddie in ‘The Bundy’s Do England’?
ANSWER: Winston McPhee.
4. In ‘Goodies’ episode #36 ‘Movies’ what sort of film did Graeme want to make?
ANSWER: A Western.
5. Complete the lyrics to ‘The Goodies’ theme song, version 1:
            “A circus or a _______ ____, a _______ or a can of beer.’
ANSWER: ‘A circus or a seaside pier, a sausage or a can of beer’. (However as David McAnally <> pointed out, according to "The Goodies File", the words are: "A circus or a seaside pier, we make it happen here." This is because the lyrics in ‘The Goodies File’ are the version 2 lyrics used when ‘The Goodies File’ was published in 1974.)
6. Which ‘Goodie’ supposedly died in a motorcycle accident?
ANSWER: Bill Oddie.
7. ‘The Goodies’ got religion in episode #48 ‘The End’. One became a monk, who went into a lavatory instead of a monastery; one became a ‘black Muslim’ and changed his name to Restus Watermelon and the other became Jewish and tried to sell a synagogue made of matchsticks. Whom became which?
ANSWER: Graeme became a monk, Bill became a ‘black Muslim’ and Tim became Jewish.
8. Which classic Eric Sykes comedy featured Bill Oddie as a window cleaner?
ANSWER: The Plank.
9. How many OBE's were offered “for whom-so-ever can rid my land of this plague of Rolf Harris’ ”?
ANSWER: 1000.
10. How many times did ‘The Goodies’ die at the end of an episode?
ANSWER: This is actually a rather tricky question to answer, but here’s what I think. You’re welcome to send in any conflicting answers <>. I think The Goodies died at least six times:
#33 The Stone Age
            While The Goodies make it back to their office, they are pursed by the Tyrannosaurus Rex who picks up their office in its claws and destroys it, presumably killing the trio.
#42 Kung Fu Kapers
            The Goodies were perched atop an out of control tea trolley which falls off a cliff.
#47 Bunfight At The OK Tearooms
            Graeme killed both Tim and Bill with his tomato sauce squirter and then turned the squirter on himself.
#62 Earthanasia
            The world is blown up at midnight, 25th December 1977, killing everyone.
#66 U-Friend Or UFO?
            Tim, dressed as Supernun crash lands on the Knutters Knoll with a nuclear warhead attached to his head, presumably killing Graeme, Bill, the aliens and the onlookers.
#67 Animals
            The Goodies and the TV presenters, escaping a TV studio, dressed as rabbits are lured to a flowered grove where they are shot by hunters with cameras.
But did they die in:
#48 The End
            The Goodies die of old age, but three rescuers appear moments after Bill has died. It is in fact a future generation of Goodies, who go mad when their tunnel collapses and probably die themselves.
#55 2001 And A Bit
            Tim Garden and Bill Brooke-Taylor are blown up along with Graeme Oddie when Graeme’s atom bomb goes off. However the MCC inherit the ashes and the original Goodies are members of the MCC and they are seen during the credits marching through the ashy landscape.
*You can send your Goodies Trivia Quiz questions to <>*
            Bill Oddie attended a dinner party in 1973 where Tim Rice (lyricist of ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Evita’) told the guests of his idea for a musical based on the life of Evita Peron. The idea was met with some scepticism from the hosts, but 7 years later Evita had been running for a few years to great success and Bill had co-written a very funny send-up in the episode #63 Politics. (The source of that piece of trivia is Jonathan Margolis’ biography of John Cleese, ‘Cleese Encounters’.)
            Hope you enjoyed this month’s newsletter. Next month’s C&G will feature The Complete Guide To Goodies Related Web Sites as well as all the usual stuff.
See you then,
Alison Bean
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1996). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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