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Magnus Magnesium's Bumper Goodies Quiz #6
Questions - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 30/12/2006


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As my contribution to Bob A Job Week, here's a new Goodies Quiz to give you another shot at the Mastermind Of The Year title by testing your Goodies knowledge and answering another 100 questions correctly.   Your time starts now … (dib dib dib!)
"Black & White Beauty"
(1)   What is the name of Graeme's rest home for clapped-out old animals?
(2)   What sort of animal does Graeme shoot with a machine gun?
(3)   Who do Graeme and Tim disguise themselves as in a bid to steal Beauty back from Bill?
(4)   Which famous horse race is Black & White Beauty entered into?
(5)   What is Black & White Beauty's fate after losing the race?
(6)   Which animal continually chases after the female guest during the Goodies guided tour of Camelot?
"Change Of Life"
(7)   What is the inscription on Bill's coffin?
"Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express"
(8)   What is Tim's description of the person behind "Goodies Adventure Holidays"?
(9)   Which group wants "the most exciting day of their lives" for their annual outing?
(10) Which country features "a quick flash of the frillies" from Tim as the train travels through it?
(11) Which two things is Yugoslavia famous for, according to a rattled Graeme?
(12) Which group of detectives perish from drinking arsenic wine poisoned with cyanide?
(13) What does Bill dust the soot-covered dodo off with?
"Farm Fresh Food'
(14) What does Bill offer the others to drink as part of the nutritious meal that he has cooked?
(15) Which "experts" have prepared the food at Ye Olde Shepherds' Restaurant, according to the waiter?
(16) What do the Goodies feed to the cows after changing the wiring?
(17) What sort of computer does Graeme use to test the quality of a piece of steak?
(18) What sort of food runs around on its plate, causing a lady to faint in shock?
(19) What surprising confession does the announcer at Crufts make when the dogs start fighting?
"Gender Education"
(20) Which organization does Mrs Desiree Carthorse represent?
(21) Which "wildlife film" has Bill just been to see at the pictures?
(22) What are all of the "rude bits" covered with in the gender education film?
(23) What do the Goodies hit MP Sir Reginald Wheelbarrow with to knock him out?
(24) Which entertainer does Graeme threaten to impersonate on the banjo?
"Goodies & The Beanstalk"
(25) In which year have the Goodies fallen on hard times?
(26) Which Goody refuses to eat daffodils while living in the park?
(27) What does Bill exchange for a can of beans at the market?
(28) Who hosts the "It's A Knockout" challenge in Nepal?
(29) Which team gets eaten by the piranhas in the inflatable pool?
"Goodies Rule OK"
(30) Which clothing item do the Goodies borrow from the Bay City Rollers for their musical supergroup?
(31) What sort of weapon do the Goodies use in the St Valentines Day massacre?
(32) Which group of puppets does Bill have an all-in wrestle with?
(33) Which song do the Goodies do a punk version of at the end of the episode?
"Hunting Pink"
(34) Who does Bill and Graeme sell the hunters horses to?
(35) How do Graeme and Bill cure Tim’s raucous hunting voice?
"Hype Pressure"
(36) What is the name of Bill and Graeme's folk-singing duo on Tim's talent show?
(37) And what is the charming name of this talent show?
(38) What is Bill's response to Graeme saying "I enjoy Muffin the Mule."?
(39) What past era is Tim hellbent on reviving for his new gimmick?
(40) Which topic do the hippy William & Grayfunkel "Sing A Song Of …"?
"It Might As Well Be String"
(41) How many product wrappers does Captain Fishface want sent before he'll return the kidnapped children in his ad?
(42) What is the "new miracle ingredient" that Tim wants to introduce into advertising?
(43) Complete this advertising slogan, according to Bill: "Harvest Moon, the scent that lingers …"
(44) Which TV show interrupts Tim's glorious speech on the virtues of string and his own marketing prowess?
(45) What colour is the Deluxe Paint that swamps Tim when he opens a door in the can?
"Loch Ness Monster"
(46) What sort of costume did the zookeeper try to fit four elephants inside to create a monster?
(47) And why was this attempt unsuccessful, according to the zookeeper?
(48) What sort of creatures do the Goodies shoot because they consider them to be vermin?
(49) What is written on the sign that is supposedly used to frighten Nessie away?
(50) What do Bill and Graeme repeatedly yell at Tim as he struggles to hold his breath underwater?
(51) Why does Bill stand on stilts in this episode?
(52) Which party does William “Che” Oddie represent at the election?
"Saturday Night Grease"
(53) What sort of dance do the Goodies and police do through the carwash?
"Scatty Safari
(54) Which celebrity does Bill throw a bucket of slops at when feeding him?
(55) Who is the next target of the hunter who shoots Tony Blackburn?
(56) Name any three of the four Harrises listed in the Observers Book of Stars.
(57) Where is the other Rolf Harris in captivity located?
(58) How many Rolfs are supposedly infesting Britain when they breed to plague proportions?
(59) Complete Tim's regular Thursday night ritual, according to Graeme: "Trousers off, nothing to replace them, rustle rustle …"
(60) Why does Tim wear a garbage bag on his head when going out?
(61) What must Tim's scouts do if they have any unclean thoughts?
(62) What does the Initiative Badge involve?
(63) Who are the only three people to have a World Domination Badge?
"That Old Black Magic"
(64) How long does a depressed Tim claim that the Goodies have been out of work for?
(65) What sort of decorations does Witch Hazel have on her hat?
(66) Which movie do Tim, Bill and Witch Hazel go out to see?
(67) What is the identity of the Devil who is summoned up by Graeme?
(68) Where do Graeme's voodoo worship sessions take place?
"The End"
(69) Which road has to be completed before the Goodies can be rescued?
"The Goodies Almost Live"
(70) Complete the following line from "Good Ole Country Music": "I love to hear a dog in pain …"
(71) What is the name of Tim's alter ego who sings "Cactus In My Y-fronts"?
(72) Which creature do the Goodies and Pan's Grannies do the "loony" dance for in "Poor Old Soul"?
(73) Which state of America does Tim claim to have thrown up in during "Sick Man Blues"?
(74) Which song do the Goodies sing with all three of them wearing Union Jack waistcoats?
"The Movies"
(75) Which newly-invented item requires Graeme's "special trousers" for its storage?
(76) How much does the 99 year lease of Pine Tree movie studios cost the Goodies?
(77) Which Goody becomes the "poor man's Richard Harris" at the film screening"?
(78) What does Bill call Tim instead of Samson when they are making their movies?
(79) Who comes along and takes notes after the barn wall has collapsed on top of the Goodies?
"The Race"
(80) Which item of French cuisine does Bill have trouble eating?
(81) What does the steering wheel on Tim's "car" consist of?
(82) Which three directions are shown by the indicators that Graeme has installed on his car?
(83) Which country's driver ends up staggering along the track inside a pile of tyres?
(84) In which location does the Baron's hand grenade eventually explode?
"The Stone Age"
(85) Name three of the four things that Graeme's "patent compendium of home entertainment" consists of?
(86) Why did the tiny ape with a massive brain become extinct, according to Graeme?
(87) What sort of food has Bill smuggled into the cave inside his potholing gear?
(88) Where does Bill end up when he takes a wrong turn when escaping the dinosaur?
(89) Complete Bill's quote from when he shouts for help through the dinosaur's mouth: "If you can't send help, then …"
"2001 And A Bit"
(90) Which Goody plays Graeme's son in this episode?
"Way Outward Bound"
(91) Which Goody has been out for a morning jog?
(92) Which item of sports equipment does "Amazing Gracie" carry in "her" hand?
(93) What is the "supply depot" in the war against the babies?
(94) What is the Goodies' last request before the Matron eliminates them?
(95) What sort of weapon are the babies' prams converted into?
"Winter Olympics"
(96) Which politician arrives at the Goodies office to talk them into competing in the Winter Olympics?
(97) How are the British 3 Man Bobsleigh Champions depicted in a portrait?
(98) What is so surprising about the Chicken Surprise dished up to the Goodies at the North Pole?
(99) Who gets squirted in the face by the periscope of the US submarine?
(100) According to Graeme, it would take 178,000 years to melt the polar ice cap using which devices?

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