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C&G 177 Aug 2010
Aug 2010 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 12/08/2010


» Aug 2010

             ( )
Issue No. 177                   12th August 2010
Newsletter enquiries:
General enquiries:
'The Goodies Rule - OK!'
P.O. Box 492
Rosanna VIC 3084, AUSTRALIA
- Brett Allender <>
- Lisa Manekofsky
- Linda Kay
- John Williams, Cscamp, Mark Taylor, Frank Barrett, I&J, Anthony Volpi, Michael Shaw, Steve Gerlach, Isabell Olevall, Wackywales, Jenny_Gibbon, Daniel Bowen, Andrew Pixley
1. QUIZ & QUOTE - Goodies brainteasers for you and you and you
2. BOFFO IDEAS - The latest club news and happenings
3. SPOTTED!!! - The latest Goodies sightings
4. 2001 AND A BIT - Tim, Graeme and Bill sightings post-Goodies.
(by "Magnus Magnesium")
QUOTE: "Tell you something mate. We only keep you on 'cos you can type."
(a) Which Goody says this quote?
(b) Which other Goody is he criticising?
(c) Which episode is this quote from?
QUIZ: This month's questions are from the episode "Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express"
(d) What is Tim's description of the person behind "Goodies Adventure Holidays"?
(e) Which group wants "the most exciting day of their lives" for their annual outing?
(f) Which country features "a quick flash of the frillies" from Tim as the train travels through it?
(g) Which two things is Yugoslavia famous for, according to a rattled Graeme?
(h) Which group of detectives perish from drinking arsenic wine poisoned with cyanide?
The answers are listed at the end of this newsletter.
You can make it happen here. Liven up the club with a boffo idea for bob-a-job week. E-mail <> with your comments, ideas or suggestions - meanwhile these are the boffo ideas which our club has been working on this month:
Last month's poll produced another landslide victory for the "We Love Rolf" party – now the rest of us can only hope that the next landslide is one that goes right over the top of him! As there's no new poll up on the website for August just at the moment, the Rolfomaniacs may bask in their collective glory for a little longer (as long as it takes us to ring the funny farm anyway!)
Since sporting matches are currently in the news, this month we're asking which is your favourite Goodies episode with a sports theme or sequence.
The Commonwealth Games          16 votes
Black and White Beauty          27 votes
The Race                        17 votes
Wacky Wales                      8 votes
2001 and a Bit                   3 votes
A Kick in the Arts               3 votes
War Babies                      26 votes
Hunting Pink                     1 votes
Other                            6 votes
rounding up the Rolf Harrises   84 votes
Total                          191 votes
More exciting than getting your wig-spotters badge! If you've seen the Goodies recently, e-mail <> with the details. Here's where we've Spotted!!! the Goodies this month:
(Lisa Manekofsky – 19th Jul)
Thanks to John Williams for letting us know that the National Archives Of Australia's magazine Memento issue 39 has a brief article about John's having uncovered the missing footage from The Goodies "Commonwealth Games" episode last year. The article can be found in the "In brief section on page 32.
This link may take you directly to that page:
If that doesn't work, go to , click on "View online" link under the photo of the latest issue's cover, and then navigate to page 32. You can then click anywhere on the page to enlarge the text. 
Thanks to Cscamp for letting us know that Sydney's Daily Telegraph newspaper featured an article celebrating Tim's 70th birthday on Saturday 17th July. Somewhat cheekily filed away in the "History" section, the article is titled "Look out! British bikie gang fires lethal jokes" and features a great photo of the three Goodies standing beside the trandem with their disused railway station office behind them. A scan of the article can be found at
New Goodies Podcasts since last month's C&G:
#25: Tim Brooke-Taylor 70th Birthday Special
#27: Episode Commentary – Bunfight On The Road
#28: Poet Graeme Garden
You can find these and other awesome commentaries and interviews at:  
(Isabell Olevall – 28th Jul)
I stumbled across a Goodies-related article in the BBC Wildlife magazine (website at , no article there though).
August 2010 issue, p 58-62, Helen Chatterjee (primatologist at University College London) writes about gibbons and how endangered they are. She describes an old female and how the gibbon family group cares for their elders - "They often retrieve the old lady when she gets lost or falls behind. It is this endearing, you could say almost human, quality that first drew me to gibbons - this, and a certain pop song by Bill Oddie and the rest of The Goodies."
She goes on to mention the hit that Funky Gibbon was in 1975, and how vocally developed gibbons are, and she also talks about something that's completely new to me (as I have yet to read the basic Goodies books):
"Not only did the tune raise the public profile of these charismatic apes, The Goodies also donated proceeds from its sale to help fund the work of Tony Whitten, a young and upcoming primatologist and Chivers' first PhD student. What other pop song can boast of having made such a contribution to conservation?"
(The Chivers she mentions is Dr David Chivers, "the world's leading gibbon song impersonator.")
There are several photos depicting different species of gibbons, and also one photo captioned "The Goodies do the Funky Gibbon on Top of the Pops." I'll leave it to you to figure out what that one's of. :)
It's a good magazine, one of my favourites, always filled with great articles and photos - and I was very happy to find one that also mentioned The Goodies :)
(Lisa Manekofsky – 12th Aug)
Comedy Connections - the episode featuring "The Goodies" will be repeated Tuesday, 24 Aug on G.O.L.D. at 15:20 and again Wed, 25 Aug at 00:55.
More than 15 years after The Goodies was last screened on free-to-air television in Australia, the ABC has finally decided to put our favourite show back on again, with episodes being screened on ABC2 at 8pm on Monday evenings.
Here's a selection of spottings and comments from the past month since this good, good, Goodies news first broke:
* Thanks to Mark Taylor for posting the following on The Goodies Facebook page ( ):
"Don't know if anyone has posted this news yet but I was just browsing the ABC website and found out that they have Kitten Kong programmed for next Monday at 8 PM on ABC2. Maybe a sign of what's to come..."
(Lisa Manekofsky – 19th Jul)
* "The New Office" is scheduled in the ABC2 guide for the following Monday Aug 2 - so it is a trend with a regular timeslot of 8pm on Monday ABC2
(Frank Barrett – 19th Jul)
* From the ABC2 Advance Guide:
Watch Out For.
Monday, 26 July 2010
The Goodies: Kitten Kong Special
A successful comedy series that features Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and Tim Brooke-Taylor participating in a variety of sketches.
This episode was based on the original 1971 Goodies' 'Kitten Kong' episode and was first broadcast in 1972. The Goodies won the Silver Rose in 1972 for this special episode at the Festival Rose d'Or held in Montreux, Switzerland.
The Goodies are running a veterinary clinic when Graeme develops a super pet food to boost the animals' health. It also boosts the size of a hitherto harmless fluffy little kitten.
8:00 The Goodies: Kitten Kong Special
(CC, Repeat)
The Goodies are running a veterinary clinic when Graeme develops a super pet food to boost the animals' health. It also boosts the size of a hitherto harmless fluffy little kitten. CAST: Graeme Garden
(I&J – 21st Jul)
* I contacted the ABC when I found that that they are going after ratings on Channel 22 by programming something really great.
I was advised that the ABC have the terrestial broadcast rights for The Goodies again after almost 20 years and hopefully if it goes well intend to broadcast in series order.
This could mean that lost episodes such as The August Bank Holiday Commonwealth Games could be rebroadcasted.
P.S. Please pass on to Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth and Kenneth
(Anthony Volpi – 22nd Jul)
* The Goodies - Hunting Pink
ComedyRepeatCCG27 mins
8:00pm Monday, August 09 2010
About The Program
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie are The Goodies and never has there been such a dynamic trio.
No task is too difficult nor too ridiculous or even too easy! Together they have saved the Tower of London, taken over Parliament using the ancient art of Ecky-Thump and turned a harmless, fluffy little kitten into a man-eating monster.
Tim takes his friends with him on a visit to his rich Uncle Butcher, of Tally-Ho Hall. The Goodies spend the day on the hunting field with the old man but things prove too dangerous for Butcher.
Tim takes over, and to the horror of
Graeme and Bill decides to carry on- and indeed to expand- family tradition by making Tally-Hall Towers the bloodsport centre of the world. Clearly this hunting, shooting and fishing monster (Tim) must be stopped.
(Cscamp – 23rd Jul)
* Just setting up my recorder for the weekend's shows and I noticed that on Monday, ABC2 is showing Kitten Kong. Yes, the ABC showing the Goodies!!!
(Michael Shaw – 24th Jul)
* How terrific it was to watch Kitten Kong on the ABC tonight. While the credits were terribly scratched and dirty, the episode itself looked remastered to me. Either way, it was great to see the boys back on the ABC. Now, everyone make sure you email the ABC tomorrow to congratulate them on this terrific programming move. If we play our cards right, we won't need to pay the BBC for a boxed set after all!
(Steve Gerlach – 26th Jul)
* Here's the links we all need to utilise today. All feedback will help the cause! ABC2 web contact form is here:
And there's a very nice thread about the Goodies happening right now on the ABC2 message boards:
Let's make sure our voice is heard!
(Steve Gerlach – 27th Jul)
* The New Office
(Daniel Bowen – 2nd Aug)
* Here's the TV guide listing for ABC2 - 16th Aug:
ABC 2 8:05pm Monday, August 16 2010 - NOTE THE DIFFERENT TIME
The Winter Olympics
Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie are The Goodies and never has there been such a dynamic trio.
In this episode, the Minister of Sport (Peter Jones) is unable to find anything like a winning team so he recruits the Goodies to represent Britain at the Winter Olympics.
Lured by extravagant promises of money, the Goodies survive an unorthodox training scheme and set off for the North Pole where the games are being held.Conditions at the Pole are distinctly unpleasant so the team concoct a scheme to combat the cold. This scheme ensures that amidst Polar floods Britain collects all the medals.
(Steve Gerlach – 3rd Aug)
* It looks like ABC2 are showing series 3 in order - the one scheduled for 23rd Aug is That Old Black Magic:
8:00pm Monday, August 23 2010 - That Old Black Magic
'We do anything, any time', was the catchphrase of one of the 1970s most popular comedy trios- The Goodies.
The Goodies, written by and starring Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie is still a success mixing outrageous humour with visual effects.
In this episode, Patricia Hayes, a not very efficient Witch comes to the Goodies for help. She sets them off on a terrifying trip through the supernatural where they discover that Graeme has 'the power'. This 'power' has a very unfortunate effect on his character and so, enlisting the help of Hazel the Witch, Bill and Tim put into operation a plan to rehabilitate him.
(Steve Gerlach – 5th Aug)
* Reminder: ABC 2 (Australia) will be repeating The Goodies episodes "Hunting Pink" (Mon, Aug 9 at 8pm), "The Winter Olympics" (Mon, Aug 16 at 8:05pm), and "That Old Black Magic" (Mon, Aug 23 at 8pm).
(Lisa Manekofsky – 9th Aug)
4. 2001 AND A BIT
If you've sighted Tim, Bill or Graeme in a post-Goodies role, e-mail <> so that we can tell everyone where to spot a Goodie nowadays. Large files (such as scans of articles or photos) for posting on the club's website can be sent to us at:
Those of you seeking radio and tv alerts between issues of the C&G should consider signing up for the Goodies-l mailing list (more details available on the club website), as our crack (cracked?!) team of reporters attempt to post alerts as the information becomes available.
** (All items in this section contributed by Lisa Manekofsky, except where otherwise credited) **
Please note: BBC RADIO SHOWS listed below can be heard online via each station's website ( or ) and then for a week after broadcast from the BBC iPlayer (aka Listen Again), . Radio shows on the iPlayer are supposed to be available for listening worldwide.
* A short video of Bill reminiscing about the RSPB bird sanctuary at Rainham Marshes was posted to The Guardian's website earlier today at
(17th Jul)
* Bill Oddie presented the Compassionate Supermarket of the Year award to Waitrose during the Compassion in World Farming's Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards Wednesday, 14 July. Full story at  
(17th Jul)
* Bill is quoted in a Camden New Journal article about a pair of kestrels living Hampstead Heath:  
(17th Jul)
* Thanks to wackywales for posting the following in the GROK forums:
"I spotted the following programme in the tv guide.
John Bishop's Britain
Episode 2
Saturday 31st July, 21:50 on BBC One
Synopsis: Liverpudlian comedian John Bishop introduces a mix of stand-up, sketches and real-life stories from members of the Great British public. Bill Oddie talks about his first kiss."
(28th Jul)
* Comedy Classics - this documentary looks at "Doctor in the House" (on which Graeme & Bill were writers). On ITV1 Sunday, 15 Aug at 23:15
(12th Aug)
* Bill Oddie's Top 10 Aliens (wildlife) - repeated on BBC 1 Weds, 18 Aug at 02:30
(12th Aug)
* Some photos of Bill from the BioBlitz at Cuerden Valley this past Sunday (7 August 2010) can be seen at  and
(12th Aug)
"TELEVISION twitcher Bill Oddie has just returned from a holiday in Sri Lanka.
He was on the Indian Ocean island for a Birding And Big Game Safari tour that took in bird watching and spotting elephants and leopards in Yala National Park. Nine nights' B&B in Sri Lanka cost from £1,299 including flights. See"
(12th Aug)
* An article about Bill sending a message of support to district council
staff and volunteers for the work on the Axe Wetlands to create a large
(12th Aug)
* Sorry for the short noticed, but I've just seen the following notice at  
WYCOMBE: Romance, Rhyme and Rhapsody - Wycombe Abbey School 7pm. Light classical concert with piano, harp and soprano hosted by Tim Brooke-Taylor.
Tickets £15. 01628 482015 or on the door.
(24th Jul)
* Thanks to Jenny_Gibbon for posting this info in the GROK forums earlier this week:
"Tim's episode of Heartbeat was on last night, on itv1 at 20.00.
The War of the Roses Joe and George call a meeting of local farmers to bring to an end their harassment of a neighbour whose unacceptable farming practices have made him deeply unpopular. Dawn falls for good-looking newcomer Billy Garrett, but discovers his charming manner conceals a tortured past that produces sudden angry outbursts. David is hired to help Peggy compile an inventory of house contents of a recently deceased woman, but fears his companion's dodgy dealings have upset the restless spirit of the former resident. Guest starring Phyllis Logan and Tim Brooke-Taylor
I'm not sure when they're repeating it again. but its available on the itvplayer.  " 
(28th Jul)
* Thanks to Andrew Pixley for posting the following in the forums:
"Just a heads-up that Tim's remarkably un-nerving dramatic performance in a playlet from Thames Television's 1970s "Shades of Greene" anthology is to screen at the next Kaleidoscope event for those who are interested:
The event will be held Saturday 4th September 2010, 12:00 - 7:00 pm at the Function Suite, The Talbot Hotel, High Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1DW, UK. Admission is free.
(9th Aug)
* Tim Brooke-Taylor's Golf Clubs is repeated on Discovery Living and Travel Thurs, 12 Aug at 05:30 and Fri, 13 Aug at 05:30.
(12th Aug)
From  - "Could your venue play host to 'I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue'? I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue is on the road again and we're looking for places to record our next series in November, December 2010 and January 2011. Your venue will need to have a minimum seating capacity of 800 and a box office to handle the issuing of tickets. Please use the form [on this page] to contact us. The submission deadline is 31st August 2010."
(12th Aug)
Hi there pop pickers and welcome to another Goodies Music Review.
It's been quite some time since we last heard from our intrepid music reviewers Emperor Caligula (aka Brett Allender) and Peaches Stiletto (aka Linda Kay) and that's because they've been away on holidays (giving us a holiday from them in the process too!) Their trip to the peaceful seaside village of Dunsquabblin wasn't exactly the most relaxing of vacations as it rained cats and dogs for 17 days, not to mention sheep (hence the "stormy wether" alert!) In fact Emperor Caligula got so annoyed with the constant thud of sheep landing on the roof that he made his own director's cut of "Silence of the Lambs" (with the help of a shotgun, carving knife and spit roast), but inadvertantly breached the local by-law stipulating that the sheep must not be disturbed (at least not as disturbed as him anyway!). He unsuccessfully argued that the sheep were in a very tranquil state afterwards (between two pieces of bread!) and so the local authorities banished him to nearby Upper Ramsbottom, which he apparently enjoyed very much!
Meanwhile Peaches found that the charming little bungalow wasn't exactly to her liking, as even with a little imagination and a little stepladder, the inaccessibility of the toilet on the side wall of the bathroom led to a number of little accidents, especially from the ubiquitous sheep who tried to use it as well. Peaches got so p-ed off with being peed on that she cranked up the electric guitar, blasted out a punk rock rendition of "Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" and smashed the bungalow to smithereens. This also provided a slight disturbance to the sheep (especially the ones trapped under the rubble) so she decided that she'd better get the flock out of there fast!
They might have both been banned from Dunsquabblin, but they've managed to find somewhere else rather unreal with lots of strange make-believe characters, so let's cross over to Disneyland and your Dumb-o DJs with their music review of "M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E." by The Goodies.
" M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E." can be heard on the 70s album "The Goodies Greatest Hits" and as a single with Funky Farm on the flip side.
Lyrics: mainly sung by Bill, with help from Tim & Graeme
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E., M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
Who's the leader of the club that's made for you and me?
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
Hi there, ho there, hi de hi, You're welcome as can be
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse
Forever let us hold our banner high
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E. (eek eek), M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E. (eek eek)
Is he a fieldmouse? (No!)
Is he a dormouse? (No!)
Is he a hippopota-mouse? (No!)
Is he anony-mouse? (No!)
Is he fa-mouse? (Yes!)
All together now, it's
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E., M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E., M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
Now come along, sing a song and join the jamboree
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
We play fair, we work hard and we're in harmony
M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E.
Mickey Mouse (eek eek eek), Mickey Mouse (eek eek eek),
Mickey Mouse (eek eek eek),
(Mickey Mouse & M.I.C.K.E.Y. M.O.U.S.E. in overlapping verses, with a M.I.K.C.Y.E. F.E.U.S.O. thrown in for good measure before returning to the correct spelling.)
(Peaches Stiletto):
The Goodies were, in their own way, a modern day Three Musketeers. So it wasn't a big stretch for them to become the Three Mouseketeers for this jaunty updated version of the classic Mickey Mouse Club theme song. It's no secret that Bill Oddie harbors an open affinity for the animated rodent of Disney lore, having a rather extensive collection of mouse-abilia in his own home (as well as a collection of gnomes . . . hmmm, seems Bill has caught Witch Hazel's obsession for small, furry animals!) But when Uncle Walt created the silent then squeaky high-pitched frontman for his empire-to-be, there's no way he could have known it would come to this ultimate culmination of pop culture melding on wax in 1981. Maybe it was Bill's love of the media mogul mouse which led to this recording . . . or perhaps it just gave the guys another good opportunity to make silly noises ("eek eek eek" is right up their alley, after all!) The Mickey Mouse Club was a television staple in the 1950's then rehashed several times over the years, finally enjoying a renewed success in the 1990's. So this song was and is immediately recognizable by a wide variety of fans, old and young alike. Of course the Goodies had to throw in their own groanful puns and hip stylings for good measure. Why? Because they like you! So while this song probably wouldn't be singled out as the best song in the Goodies repertoire, it's a solid tribute to a classic theme song which still brings back good memories for many.
(Emperor Caligula):
Now just a Minnie … what exactly has Tiggered the Goodies' Goofy song choice this time, I Wonder(land). It's one thing for them to Thumper tribute song out for ferrets and gibbons, but to Simba song for a ruddy mouse has Smee wondering if these Mad Hatters have made a Baloo or if it's the work of the (Cruella) De Vil instead. Now admittedly he's not just any mouse (as so punnily described in the lyrics) and I've been watching his antics since I was Aladdin short pants so it just might (Peter) Pan out OK. The Goodies' rendition is very upbeat with catchy (Captain) Hooks from guiTarz-an' in-Genie-ous lyrics, with some ferret-like eeking for good measure, but Bill is no Old Yeller in this one and doesn't Tinker(bell) too much with Mickey's classic theme song. It's Snow White Christmas by any means, but it's not (Winnie the) Poo(h) standard either, despite the likely stream of unintelligible gibberish as the opinion of one Donald Duck Esq that would make Eddie Waring sound like Mary Poppins by comparison. So lend me your (Mouseket)eers, don't be a Scrooge (McDuck) and enjoy the (B)ambience of some Goodies meets Disney Fantasia that will Cinderella of a nice feeling through your childhood memory bank and leave you feeling Happy (though you can get locked up for that y'know!).
Using the Black Pudding Rating System:
III Goody Goody Yum Yum (Peaches Stiletto)
III Goody Goody Yum Yum (Emperor Caligula)
IIIII - Superstar.
IIII - Officially Amazing.
III   - Goody Goody Yum Yum.
II    - Fair-y Punkmother.
I     - Tripe on t' Pikelets.
(by Brett Allender)
This puzzle consists of a series of Goodies clues to solve, with the highlighted letter from each horizontal answer forming a vertical solution. The words of the solution then need to be unscrambled and rearranged to form the title of a well-known Goodies song (4, 3, 5 letters).
The information to solve the clues can be found in my Goodies Episode Summaries in the Articles/Guides section of the website if there are episodes listed that you are unfamiliar with.
The solution will be published in the next edition of the C&G. Alternatively there is a copy of the puzzle (in Word format) and solution on the website at:  
1.   (5, 6 letters)
Nearly all of the menu items at the hotel consist of this (Winter Olympics)
2.   (5, 6 letters)
Tim wears an A-string to cover it up (Earthanasia)
3.   (9 letters)
South Africa only has "white and white" ones, apparently (South Africa)
4.   (5, 6 letters)
The Music Master confesses this as his true identity (For Those In Peril OTS)
5.   (7 letters)
Pull up one and take the weight off your billabongs! (A Kick In The Arts)
6.   (4, 6 letters)
Tim's scouts take one immediately if they have unclean thoughts (Scoutrageous)
7.   (12 letters)
The Goodies travel around the world on these (London To Brighton)
8.   (5, 7 letters)
The lethal weapon used for Ecky Thump (Kung Fu Kapers)
9.   (9 letters)
Bill cooks up this to stop the others from eating him (The End)
10. (4, 7 letters)
Tim's character in the Goodies' first feature film (The Movies)
11. (10 letters)
South Africa needs plenty of these, according to the Tourist Officer (Sth Africa)
12. (10 letters)
This character leaves his leg behind at the Trendsetters Ball (Punky Business)
(a) Bill
(b) Tim
(c) The Stone Age
(d) "A raving nutter"
(e) The Detectives Club
(f) France
(g) Trees and cows
(h) The Hercule Poirots
8    Mastermind Of The Year
7    Goodies fan supreme
5-6 Clever clogs
3-4 Goody Goody effort
1-2 Time to watch some more episodes
0    Are you sure you're not Rolf Harris?!
- #178: 12th September 2010.
- September / October: A Collection Of Goodies Themes – Goodies Targets: Rolf Harris
- October / November: Goodies Music Review – Run
Updated to C&G 162 (May 2009)
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