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Network to release "every single episode of The Goodies on DVD"
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe following information comes from an email sent by Network to their mailing list:

An Audience With The Goodies

The Goodies are coming for you, and you and you...

It’s true... at long last, we’re releasing every single episode of The Goodies on DVD! Network’s Cricklewood branch is working overtime to bring you a veritable binge of Goodies, due to arrive later in the year.

If you can’t wait that long, you can come along and see them in person at a very special event where The Goodies will be reunited to talk about their career and their enduring popularity. An Audience With The Goodies is at Leicester Square Theatre on
Thursday 7th June, 7:30pm.

So take a little good advice... take a trip to paradise (well, Leicester Square).  (Booking link

Posted by lisa at 02/03/2018 17:18 GMT
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An Audience with The Goodies Leicester Square Theatre 7th June 2018 - Update!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesAccording to the theatre website. The event has sold out. 

But you can join the waiting list here...

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 02/03/2018 00:10 GMT
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An Audience with The Goodies Leicester Square Theatre 7 June 2018
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThis information comes from the Leicester Square Theatre's website:

An Audience with The Goodies

7 June 2018

Tickets on sale from March 1st at 10am*

Finally! The last, great unreleased box set is about to see the light of day. Longer in the making than a Led Zepplin retrospective, a Beatles collection or a moonlanding, a binge of Goodies is being readied for release for the first time ever anywhere in the world. To celebrate, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie reunite on stage for a unique evening to talk yet again about the trio’s career and the enduring popularity of series.

Posted by lisa at 28/02/2018 16:49 GMT
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C&G 201 now available!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThe new February/March issue of the Clarion and Globe has been sent out to all members on the C&G mailing list.  If you have not received your copy please contact me on

And if you have not been receiving any of the new editions or previous ones at all. Please contact the Technical Officer on (As I don't have access to the main computer to sort the issues out. Thanks!)

If you would like to have the The Goodies Fan Club newsletter, arrive in your inbox. Send a blank e-mail to and respond to the reply.  After that you will be on the mailing list.

You can also find a copy of the latest C&G in Articles and Guides, to your

Edit:  If members have changed their e-mail addresses since the last issue of Clarion & Globe in November 2012.  You need to re-subscribe to the mailing list.  Just follow the same above instruction on how to do this.  Thanks.

Posted by Jenny_Gibbon at 23/02/2018 10:30 GMT
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The Imitation Game and John Finnemore's Flying Visit
more from same (British Comedy)
British ComedyThe following information was sent to the ISIHAC Newsletter mailing list:

Dear I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue Mailing List Member,

I bring news of a couple of ISIHAC-related shows you might be interested in coming to see…

The first is a brand new comedy series called ‘The Imitation Game’ devised by Graeme Garden and myself, which is being recorded at the newly re-furbished studios in the old BBC Television Centre building in White City.  Many of you were kind enough to attend the pilot in Elstree.

The show could be described as a version of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’ for impressionists – and was inspired by appearances on ISIHAC by the likes of Rory Bremner and Jan Ravens.  We’re making it for ITV and it’s hosted by the brilliant Alexander Armstrong, with Rory Bremner and Debra Stephenson (of ‘Dead Ringers’ fame) as regulars, plus a host of impressionists appearing as guests, including Jon Culshaw, Alistair McGowan, Ronni Ancona, Lewis McLeod, Kate Robbins and many more.  Steve Brown (Glenn Ponder from ‘Knowing Me Knowing You with Alan Partridge’) and his band will provide musical accompaniment.

Our recording dates are on the evenings of:

Friday 9th March
Tuesday 13th March
Thursday 15th March
Friday 23rd March
Tuesday 27th March
Thursday 29th March

Tickets are free.  You need to be over 16 to apply and you should do so via the website of the ticketing company Standing Room Only, which is:

I’ve managed to ensure that members of this mailing list will receive priority seating if they input the codeword ‘Garden’ into the 'Comments and other information' box on the application form.

So, to apply for the special ISIHAC Mailing List tickets, visit the SRO Audiences
site now and apply. The website address again is

Graeme and I look forward very much to seeing you there.

Another show that will be well worth seeing is that of Radio 4 stalwart and Clue regular John Finnemore.  John is soon to tour his first ever live stage show, which is entitled ‘John Finnemore's Flying Visit’.  It features the cast of ‘John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme’ and will be on the road in May and June. These are the dates:

17th May - Brighton - Brighton Dome. Tickets will go on general sale on Friday 23rd February
18th May - High Wycombe - Wycombe Swan
20th May - Hastings - White Rock Theatre
21st May - Preston - Preston Guildhall
22nd May - York - Grant Opera House
26th May - Cheltenham - Cheltenham Town Hall
30th May - Birmingham - New Alexandra Theatre
3rd June - Richmond - Richmond Theatre
6th June - Swindon - Wyvern Theatre
7th June - Leamington Spa - Royal Spa Centre
8th June - Tunbridge Wells - Assembly Hall Theatre
10th June - Dorking - Dorking Halls
13th June - Basingtoke - Basingstoke Anvil
15th June - Edinburgh - The Queen's Hall

All John’s shows start at 7.30pm and finish around 10pm (with a 20 minute interval). The show is kid friendly, so bring the whole family along. Full details of the tour can be found on John’s website:

And that about the size of it.  I’ll be emailing again in March with details on the next series of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’, which we’ll be recording over three dates in May, June and possibly July.  Thank you for listening!

With best wishes,
Jon Naismith
Producer, "I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue"  [i][/i]

Posted by lisa at 22/02/2018 22:30 GMT
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Happy Birthday Graeme!
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesWishing Graeme a very happy Feb 18th birthday!

Posted by lisa at 18/02/2018 04:31 GMT
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1980's Bill Oddie interview
more from same (The Goodies)
The GoodiesThanks to the British Comedy UK Facebook Page for this link to a 1980 interview with Bill Oddie:

Posted by lisa at 14/02/2018 16:50 GMT
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Tim in forthcoming audio version of "The Importance of Being Earnest"
more from same (British Comedy)
British ComedyBarnaby Eaton-Jones reported this information on Facebook:


The sound design and final edit of the full-cast audio version of 'The Importance of Being Earnest', featuring Tim Brooke-Taylor as Lady Bracknell, has been delivered by the incomparable Joseph Fox. It is a beautiful listen! There a handful of lines, added by me, to turn this from a stage production into an audio; where I had a Wilde time impersonating Oscar and nobody spotted by bon mots (I always keep them well hidden). So, that was a relief!

Keep your ears clean for the upcoming release from Spiteful Puppet.

Posted by lisa at 06/02/2018 16:58 GMT
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upcoming TV & radio shows of interest to Goodies fans
more from same (British Comedy)
British Comedy* "Hamish & Dougal: You’ll Have Had Your Tea" (with Graeme Garden) repeats on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Wednesdays.  The currently available episodes can be found at

* "I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again" repeats (with all three Goodies) on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the four most recent episodes should be available from

* "It Was Alright in the 1970’s", a documentary with contributions from Bill Oddie, will be repeated on more4HD on Sunday, Feb 4th at 23:05  Program description: "In the final episode of the series, narrator Matt Lucas looks back once more at the 1970s. The theme this time is Living Dangerously, revealing more television to leave viewers wide-eyed and shaking their heads. In the world according to TV, the 1970s was a dangerous place where it was still perfectly legal for a husband to beat his wife, and a parent or teacher to beat a child. DJ and presenter Tony Blackburn climbed into a cage to sing to four fully-grown lions. On the Isle of Man, there was a feeling that if they banned the birch it would lead to moral ruin. Meanwhile, mainstream comedians were perfectly comfortable making jokes about domestic violence. Spike Milligan's comedy lived so dangerously, that even in the 70s his multi-racial sitcom The Melting Pot was considered too much and was pulled from the air. Responding to the clips are Tony Blackburn, Bill Oddie, Jennie Bond, Samira Ahmed and Elis James."

Posted by lisa at 31/01/2018 16:28 GMT
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Oh Goody! An Audience with Tim Brooke-Taylor 2018 UK dates (so far)
more from same (British Comedy)
British ComedyHere are the current upcoming dates for "Oh Goody! An Audience with Tim Brooke-Taylor and Chris Serle".

* February 9, 2018: The Festival Drayton Centre, Shropshire

* May 8, 2018: Theatre Royal, Dumfries,

* May 9, 2018: Coronation Hall, Ulverston,

* June 25, 2018: Lymm Festival,

Here is a description of the show: "A true master of comedy shares a wealth of great stories and anecdotes from his career on stage, screen and radio including of course “The Goodies” and “I’m Sorry I Haven’t a Clue”. There are plenty of surprises too. Tim relates how he directed Orson Welles in a feature film, shot a memorable round of golf with Sevvy Ballesteros, persuaded David Frost to employ Marty Feldman and played a key role in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. We’ll hear stories about John Cleese, Richard Wilson, Graeme Garden, Bill Oddie and many more. With luck Tim may just be persuaded to reveal the truth about Samantha and the rules of Mornington Crescent. Add to all this warmth and good humour plenty of clips of great moments from Tim’s TV and film appearances and you’re sure of a memorable evening of fun and laughter."

Posted by lisa at 30/01/2018 15:08 GMT
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