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JessPix's Journal
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2006-12-07 11:58:43
Randomoid Boogie
Well well well.

I thought itíd been a long time since a journal, but itís only been just over a week. Actually, thatís quite a long time. Hmm.

Iím not sure what to say really. What have I done lately? Iím so bad at remembering what Iíve been up to. Well, the other week I saw a friend who lives in York. That was nice. We went to a Christmas shop which was oh so pretty and then we went to see ĎCasino Royaleí, which was surprisingly good. I havenít seen many Bond films in my time but I was impressed by this. Daniel Craig made an excellent Bond and I was happy to see that many of his scenes consisted of either being topless, running, getting wet, running while being wet, etc. Wallop. A week later, after spending a morning in the university library looking at Victorian photo albums of rickets, hair lips and syphilis, I met with another friend in Bradford to see Borat. It was highly amusing, I was glad it didnít disappoint. I was laughing far too loud in a cinema that only had four other people there, but it was great, everyone enjoyed it. So, after not being to the cinema for ages I see two films in a week. What a life.

On Saturday I went to Manchester to see a friend and hit the Christmas shopping rush. By Gad. Iím not looking forward to doing my shopping - and I donít even know who Iím buying for or what they want. Eep. Speaking of Christmas, however, my Christmas present should be arriving on Friday - itís the new Nintendo console, the Wii (pronounced Ďweeí). Iím very excited about it, mainly because I love telling people that Iím having a Wii for Christmas. Iíll also never forget the look on my mumís face when I told her I wanted a Wii for Christmas. How I amuse myself.

Iíve broken up for the Christmas holidays now. The last day was fun, we go to go to the MEDIA museum in Bradford. I was gutted to see itíd changed its name because it used to be called the NMPFT (National Museum of Photography, Film and Television) - surely the least catchiest name for anything, ever. Actually, itís not as bad as a banner I saw today for something called the highly original, ĎThe Inventive Groupí - Iím sure thereís something ironic about thatÖ Back to the museum. We were taken on a tour of the behind the scenes stuff, the archives, which was all very exciting. They have a room full of old TVs, itís brilliant. All their stuff is free and you donít have to have a reason for going to look at all the stuff, so long as you book by appointment. Itís quite tempting to go back and look at all the exciting, shiny things they had and trying not to break them.

Iíve been to Bradford far too many times for my own good recently - I also went last Friday to book my Goodies tickets (front row - huzzah) and the man asked me, when he heard my surname was Pickles, if my dad was a magician. I had to ask him to repeat it because I was so baffled, then I laughed and said, ďNoĒ, but I really wish Iíd gone, ďYes, heís here right now but heís invisibleĒ or something equally amusing/idiotic like that. The thing is, after I answered the guy said, ďOh right, itís just I know someone, actually, I donít know themÖĒ What the hell?! Even if Iíd have said yes it would have been null and void. Tsk, some people. Thatís the trouble with having such a local name, everyone thinks youíre related to someone they know. Grr. Having said that, it does have its perks. The Goodies episode ĎAnimals Are People Tooí has the following piece of dialogue between Tim and Graeme:

Graeme: Would you like some Pickles?
Tim [eyes closed]: Ooh, Pickles, yes please!

Ok, theyíre talking about eating a dog called Pickles but, when you forget the context, itís really quite exciting. Well, it is for me. Hmm, maybe I shouldnít admit these things.

Itís my mumís birthday today. Hurrah. I donít think weíre doing anything special for it though, but I thought Iíd just mention it.

Yesterday I looked through some baby pictures of me and scanned in some of my favourites. Admittedly, most of them are of me looking extremely vacant and/or not wanting to have my picture taken. Hereís just a few of my favourites (Iíll just post the links so you can view at your own discretion):

New born:

3 months old (normal):

3 months old (vacant):

4 months old (cruising in my wheely dove thing):

6 months old (in baby walker):

8 months old (with Ladybird pram):

1st birthday:

Being messy (nothing changes):

About 3 years old, being scary with my brother (who takes over the role of looking vacant):

I think thatís enough for now.

Take care

Mood - Dying for a Wii
Music - N/A
Edited - Never

How cute were you as a baby! awwww bless.
i love the 3 months old (vacant) pic great pose, and hair!
Posted by:n1inbetweenie


date: 08/12/2006 00:25 GMT
I want to know where I can get me one of those wheely dove things....that is the coolest picture I have ever seen in my life!  It's hysterical!
Posted by:urban_spacegirl


date: 08/12/2006 05:06 GMT
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