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JessPix's Journal
Back to JessPix's Journal
2006-11-22 08:33:37
Manchester Giddy Adventure
This is a fair amount of what happened on Sunday - I won't waffle on because it's a long read. Enjoy.



I arrive just after 12 and go to the café to meet Carrie via Tim and Graeme’s signing desk. I see Graeme in his purple shirt, brown cord jacket and the scarf he wore at the London Clue. Phwoar. I then see Tim in his blue jumper and mutter a very rude word at the sight of it (hope no one heard). Kill me! I meet with Carrie and buy an orange juice and Kit Kat and we chat. We wander around the stalls feeling too afraid to approach Tim and Graeme just yet. Tim spends ages talking to a mysterious man that turns out to be an old chum and also the guy that played Boba Fett in Star Wars (Jeremy Bulloch). We see Graeme getting up and walking down to the very end of the row of desks to leave for lunch. We walk parallel to Graeme and then stand a little further away from where Graeme is, he starts to walk right towards us and the giggles start.

Graeme: Hello, how are you both?
Me and Carrie: Hi, fine thanks
Me: Are you alright?
Graeme: I’m alright! How long have you been here?
Me: Since about 12

Graeme then starts mentioning all the places where we’d seen them and me and Carrie say, “we’ve been everywhere!” etc. while adding yet more places to the list. Carrie asks if Tim’s ok and Graeme says that he’s having a lot of fun, and then we all look over towards Tim who’s still chatting to Boba Fett. Carrie says that Tim is next to Miranda Otto (from Lord of the Rings) so he’ll be happy. Graeme turns to me:

Graeme: I’m sorry to hear about your YouTube site - Tim found out and was furious about it!
Me: Awww, that’s sweet of him [Graeme giggles] I wasn’t happy about it either, I’ll have to go and have a good moan to him about it
Graeme: Yeah, you go and have a moan to Tim, he’ll like hearing from you. Are you going to come and see us?
Carrie: Yes we will do later
We chat some more and begin to walk down towards the green room where Graeme is going for some lunch, passing by Leslie Philips giving a talk. We walk by a big, bearded guy and Graeme says he looks like the Comic Book guy off The Simpsons, also mentioning that he’s one of the organisers of the event. Graeme then theorises that they based the Comic Book Guy on him! We hang around by some stalls and chat idly until Graeme leaves for lunch. Graeme approaches again on his return, this time with a can of coke. Carrie asks if he had a good lunch and he says he had cheese (with what? Who knows!) but He does say, however, that he dined with Francis Matthews, a.k.a. Captain Scarlet. More idle chat. A fan approaches and asks if he can have a picture with Graeme, which Carrie offers to take. They pose for the photo and Graeme cheesily holds up his can of coke. Graeme then says he should head back, “I hope you’re going to come and see us, you should come over and have a moan to Tim, moan about anything, and I’ll look forward to hearing it!” He goes back to the signing desks as we wave and say bye.

Eventually, we summon up the courage to approach the signing desks to see Tim and Graeme. Graeme says hello and Tim looks thrilled to see us. Tim says hello and momentarily stops signing
Tim: I was really sorry to see your YouTube videos go, it’s so annoying, I can’t think why they would do that
Me: I know, I was really annoyed too
Tim: It’s annoying because there’s a lot of Python stuff still there, I wonder why that is?
Me: I don’t know, probably a copyright thing…
Tim: Yeah, or maybe no one cares about them!
Me [with disdain]: Yeah, probably! [Tim laughs]
Graeme [to me]: Maybe you had too many hits and were too popular?
Me: Yeah, maybe
Tim: But I still don’t understand it - at least I saw it though
Me: Yeah, I’m very grateful for that
Graeme: Do you still have all your own copies of the episodes?
Me: Yeah I do, so that’s alright!
Graeme [to Tim]: We should come to her for the DVD extras!

Me and Carrie start looking at the pictures that they’re signing. One of them is the Funky Gibbon with them all pouting and looking camp. Me and Carrie giggle at it.

Tim: I haven’t seen this picture before, there’s another one from the same time that’s more famous, but I prefer this one.
Carrie: You all look a bit camp in that one!
Me: Yeah!
Carrie: But your hair looks nice
Me: Yeah, very nice side parting
[Tim giggles]

Tim signs a stack of photos of him in his Union Jack waistcoat, looking as though he’s about to punch the camera.
Tim: I haven’t seen this picture before but I like it, I like how I’ve got my hand in front of my chin to hide it [he demonstrates - phwoar!]
Me: It’s very nice

We chat some more. I get my camera out and pass it to Carrie, she asks Tim if I could have a photo with him. Tim obliges and stands up, putting his arm right around me, I put mine on his back.
Tim: Try and be happy now!
Carrie takes the photo (ta muchly!) and I have a look at it and show it to Tim. Tim takes a look and goes, “Blimey - how long have we been married?!” I giggle stupidly. Graeme says, “Let’s have a look” so I show the picture to Graeme and say, “That’s me and Tim - in case you didn’t know” which makes him giggle while I feel like an idiot. Graeme goes, “awwww, bless!” at the picture and grins at me. Graeme gets out his mobile and begins to look through it, he then finds a picture and holds it up for me and Carrie to see. It’s a picture of Tim with some Storm Troopers. Graeme says, “Tim saves the day!”

Tim [to me]: Are you doing alright being in Manchester, having come from Yorkshire and all?
Me: Yeah I’m managing alright!
Tim [explaining to Graeme]: She’s from Yorkshire and now she’s in Lancashire!
Graeme: Ah I see, well I always preferred Lancashire pudding to Yorkshire pudding
Me: No, no, no, no…
Graeme: Yes, yes, Lancashire pudding, definitely, always got to go for a Lancashire pudding, that’s much better!
Carrie: All there is from Lancashire is Hot Pot, all you do is throw in any old rubbish and boil it up
Me: Yeah, it’s true!
[Graeme giggles and carries on signing - we won that one! ]

A bit more chatter occurs. Tim and Graeme continue signing busily, we decide to leave them to it and say bye but they don’t hear us, so we leave and wander around. We return an hour later (once again when we’ve summoned up the courage) and there’s no queue. We say hello again and they look pleased to see us. Graeme asks Carrie what she’s bought and she shows off two Depeche Mode CDs.

Carrie: It’s Depeche Mode
Graeme: Who?

Carrie pretends to be about ready to slap Graeme which Graeme giggles at and raises his eyebrows. Tim says, “Ooh she’s touchy!” When he stops laughing he says, “I didn’t hear what you said, that’s all!” Carrie then repeats that it’s Depeche Mode and Graeme says, “Ah, the second best band ever!” and Carrie says, “Scissor Sisters are first” while Tim says, “The Goodies are first” - which I laugh at. Oops. We once again go back to looking at the pictures, still being indecisive. We look at a picture of them on the trandem (the airborne one with the blue screen background) and show an interest, Tim says that if we buy it we should cut it ‘there’ and puts his hand over Bill. We agree with him and he giggles. You can’t beat bitchy Tim. Tim sees that I’m still keen on the black and white photo of him and hands it to me saying, “You can take that and I’ll sign it when I next see you!” and I say, “ooh yes, Sunderland next Sunday!” which Tim laughs at and looks pleased about (I hope). Graeme offers Carrie his picture for free, but they tell us to hide them from the organiser people who are keeping tabs on sales. We do so. Tim mentions that the last time they did a signing in Manchester they had to call the police, not because of them, but the fans started going out of control, “but that was a very long time ago, and it was all good for publicity!”

Jeremy Bulloch/Boba Fett approaches for yet another chat. He makes sure he’s not interrupting us and starts talking to Tim, who laughs a lot. Tim introduces him as, “he was in Star Wars and played a character with a dustbin on his head!” Jeremy Bulloch has a chat and giggle with Tim while we nosily listen in.

Tim mentions the banana skin left on the table and says that they used to have to sign loads of bananas for fans. Graeme’s assistant then takes the banana skin and puts it in the bin, which makes Graeme sulk and go, “that was the comedy banana!” to which she replies, “but it was starting to go off!” Graeme pulls us a sulky look. Aww. A man who’s the official journalist for the event asks if he can get quotes from Tim and Graeme, they oblige, so we leave, waving bye to Graeme as Tim speaks to the journalist. Graeme waves back. Carrie hears Tim say, “What do you think, Graeme?” and Graeme stops waving and goes, “Oh sorry, I wasn’t listening!” Heehee, oops.

We wander around for another 30 minutes. We see Tim walk down to the end of the row of desks, however, it’s not the end where there’s a door but to a dead end instead. He sits on the table, puts his legs up, swivels around and jumps down over the other side. It was extremely exciting (not that I was watching...) We wander around some more and spot Tim now talking to Jeremy Bulloch at his desk. They’re inseparable! Graeme’s got no other company so we go over to say our goodbyes. Carrie is brandishing the Harry Potter wand she just bought and Graeme asks what it is, when Carrie explains he buries his head in his hand and laughs a lot, asking, “What did you buy that for?!” He’s very amused. Carrie then says that she was hoping it would help magic some hugs our way, so Graeme gets up and gives Carrie a nice hug. I follow suit and Graeme smiles at me afterwards. He says his goodbyes (with saucy looks) and he asks if we’re going to go and say bye to Tim, we say yes and Graeme encourages once again, “Go and get Tim to give you a hug!” Graeme leaves. We approach Tim and say that we’re leaving. Tim thanks us for coming and showing our support and Carrie asks if we can have hugs, but Tim doesn’t know whether it’s logistically possible with a desk between us. Carrie says, “It’s alright, I did it with Graeme - and got a hug!” which Tim laughs at. Carrie then puts her bags down but makes it look like she’s going to climb under the table, which amuses me. Tim and Carrie hug, which involves grinning from Tim and back rubbing. After the hug when they part they take each other’s hands ever so briefly and swing their arms - it’s remarkably cute. I then ask Tim if I can have a hug, which involves double back rubbing! He has both hands going in opposite directions, it‘s not only vigorous but copious. Wowee, I was hand-ravished! Carrie later says that she was tempted to go, “get a room!” and worried that Tim would be arrested, it was filth! Once again he thanks us and says it’s lovely to see us, he then semi-blows a kiss at Carrie and blows a kiss at me. Tim says again that he’s annoyed about YouTube and begins shaking his fist, going “Damn!” I say that when I found out I did the fist shaking in front of my computer screen (and demonstrate thus) which Tim giggles at. Tim says we should go and protest to the BBC together. I’m game! He says that it’s a shame but was good while it lasted, I say that it lasted for nearly a year and Tim’s surprised, “you kept that quiet!” and I reply, “Indeed I did” and tap the side of my nose again (someone stop me!) He waves us bye bye and says, “Bye girls!” and we walk away feeling giddy.

In the lobby Carrie collects her suitcase and puts her carrier bags into it. Tim passes by and says hello, then he asks Carrie, “Have you got any bodies in there?!” and giggles, then he says “Cheers!” and waves bye again as he leaves the building.

The End

And, sorry, but I can't resist:


Mood - Hugged out :)
Music - Bonzo Dog Band - We Are Normal
Edited -

It was fantastic to read all this, Jess! Thanks for taking all  the time to write it! did you have a photo of you with G, by the way? The one with you and T is lovely!
Posted by:Dobbin


date: 23/11/2006 09:18 GMT
Ta very much for that Jess. What a memory you've got.
Posted by:Edna


date: 24/11/2006 00:31 GMT
Fan-bloody-tastic!!  Great write up Jess - and what a beautiful picture.  How Hot does Tim look in that photo - could have something to do with the hottie on his arm
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 25/11/2006 19:26 GMT
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