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JessPix's Journal
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2006-08-24 06:25:58
The Goodies in Edinburgh - Part 2
Yes, I am a greedy guts and just spent another week in Edinburgh, where I got to see The Goodies show twice more, as well as attend the book signing. I've written up all that happened (or, at least, what I managed to remember afterwards) and this time I wasn't lazy and wrote it up properly. Whether it makes sense is another thing, so we'll see about that!

In the meantime, I shall go back to celebrating my birthday and working on the Tim scrapbook. On last count, I now have 76 pages for the book, and there's more to be done. Thanks ever so much everyone, that's a lot of brilliant work, I'm sure Tim will love what you've all done.

Enough of my rambling. I hope the mammoth memoir that's to come isn't too mind-numbing.

I apologise in advance for the amount of typos there are!

All the best


Goodies in Edinburgh - Part 2

Friday 18th August

The two hour bus journey takes three. The show starts at 5.30pm and we get off the bus at 5.15pm and run to the theatre, only to find that the audience have already gone in. We go into the theatre; most people have already found their seats. We see Carrie (nezangel) and find two seats on the front row, but one seat has a jumper over it. I ask the man if anyone’s sitting there, no one is, so we get front row seats. How lucky can you get?

The show starts. Tim and Graeme recognise me early on and smile. Plenty of eye contact throughout the show. During the censored lines bit, Tim says “Upside down with a goat”. I had completely forgotten about it and very loudly went, “Oh God!” as though I was reliving some sort of traumatic experience I once had. Tim and Graeme stop to look at me and smile, but I feel deeply embarrassed. Me and Celia cheer the Scoutrageous shorts, so does Carrie, so we each get dirty grins from Graeme. Heehee. I cry with laughter at the Julie Andrews bit, the man next to me is in a similar state for some time after. I cheer Lady Constance as soon as her name is mentioned and do the first ‘yay’ when she comes into the sketch. Tim looks at me at the end of the sketch and beams at me. Graeme explains ‘The Movies’ clip and when he says that Tim is trying to make an epic film, Tim does an athletic/epic/Charlton Heston-esque pose. Call it what you will, it has to be seen to be believed. Most of the audience giggles, but I let out a terribly loud laugh, so loud that Graeme stops mid-sentence and they both look at me. Graeme says, “Yes he did” and I laugh even more.

Once again, it was a great show. We meet up with Carrie and go to wait in the theatre lobby, hiding round the corner slightly. Carrie looks up the stairs and squeals as Graeme emerges. Celia tries to look up the stairs but Graeme’s already next to us, she yelps with surprise! I smile at Graeme and wave in a highly silly way (as I always seem to with Graeme), but Graeme, bless him, did the same silly wave back. It was great. Graeme walks over to us but a middle-aged couple approach, asking for their programme to be signed. The couple give Graeme a biro but it doesn’t work, so I get out my marker pen. Everyone notices this but Graeme, so I keep calling out to Graeme until he notices. He looks at me for a few moments, smiles, takes the pen and says, “We have the technology!” He signs the programme and the couple say how good the show was and that The Goodies should come back, we unanimously say, “Yes definitely”.

Graeme then turns to us. He looks at me and says, “You’re back!” with a smile. He signs my Criminal Records book and, to make sure, says, “Jess?” Me, Celia and Carrie all go, “Yes, heehee!” at the fact that Graeme still remembered my name almost two weeks later. So chuffed. Graeme then signs Celia’s programme. Carrie asks when Tim will be here, Graeme says he should be on his way and, surely enough, Tim appeared. After the autographs I asked Graeme for a hug and got one. How I missed them. Then Celia and Carrie got their hugs. Graeme then headed towards the bar, passing by Tim who was chatting to the middle-aged couple. As he passed Tim, he stopped to put him out to us, complete with loony grin. We giggle at Graeme and wait for Tim.

Tim approaches and says to me, “You’re back!” in the same way that Graeme did. He then turns to Celia and says, “Wow, it’s your first time!” and starts advancing towards her, which scares Celia slightly, but it was all very jovial. Tim signs Carrie’s Goodies File, whilst trying to ignore a creepy man leaning on his arm and rambling to him, and then Celia’s programme. After the little fright moments earlier, Celia couldn’t remember her name! I started to fan her with my book. I then asked Tim to sign my Criminal Records book and Tim said, “Surely you can’t have anything more for us to sign, Jess?!” He said my name for the first time - heehee. I said, “Oh, I have something for Sunday” and Tim giggled.

Next were the Tim hugs. Just as I asked for a hug another man approached, so Tim said, “Hang on, I have priorities!” He hurriedly put his marker pen (with the lid still off) into his jacket pocket and gave me a hug. The Tim hug was a slightly strange one, I accidentally stood on his feet, just a little (so sorry, Tim) and couldn’t help but rub his back whilst hugging. Then, due to hunger (I’d only eaten two crumpets all day), my legs started shaking. I didn’t realise how much I missed those hugs! Celia got her’s next, which was brief in comparison, and Tim said, “The more times you come, the longer the hug!” Then Carrie got her Tim hug. The man who approached Tim prior to hugging was giggling at our antics. Tim then went to chat to the man, and we made our way out of the theatre. We went to a bar and had a nice Goodies chat until Carrie had to leave. We then got the bus home, which wasn’t as hellish as the first one. And that was the first day over.

Saturday 19th August

Arrive at the shop at 1.30pm; join the queue, about 6th in line. Queue for 30 minutes and flip through the book (not just to look at the pretty pictures…) Tim and Graeme arrive from the upstairs café, Tim is on his mobile phone. They sit at the table along with author, Robert Ross, and pose for press photos. The first few people go ahead, but a lady collapses on the café stairs. Everything stops and members of staff rush over to help. Graeme gets out of his chair and goes over to see if there’s anything he can do, there isn’t so he returns to his seat and the signing continues. Celia pushes me to go first, so I approach Tim with my book. Tim says, “Hello again!” and takes my book.
Me: Hi! Could I possibly ask you to put, ‘happy birthday’ please?
Tim looks right at me, I stare into his eyes and discover they’re a beautiful deep turquoise blue colour. I’m now miles away.
Tim: It’s not today is it?
Me: No, Wednesday
Tim: So sometime this year then! (Signs)
Celia (hands her book to Tim): It’s not my birthday! (Tim laughs).
Tim passes my book to Graeme. Graeme reads Tim’s messages then looks at me and smiles.
Graeme: Hello! Happy birthday Jess!
Me: Thank you
Robert Ross: Is it today?
Me: It’s on Wednesday
Graeme: But celebrating now
Me: Yes, and tomorrow when I come to the show (Graeme looks pleased, I feel like an idiot).
Me (to Graeme and Robert Ross): Thanks, bye!

It was all over very quickly, but never mind. Still a good day, and it’s a great book.

Sunday 20th August

Start queuing at 4.30pm. Befriend a very nice Aussie lady and her English beau whilst waiting in the queue. Get front row seats. Another Aussie man, on his own, sits next to me, complete with Criminal Records book ready for signing afterwards. I lean to the left to see that I am only three seats away from Harry Shearer. Wow! Whenever I hear him laugh during the show I think, “Wow, Mr Burns is laughing”. I’m sad. After Graeme’s Pets Corner sketch I’m sure I heard Shearer say, “He’s a genius!” How amazing is that?

Anyway, the show started and when Tim and Graeme came on stage Tim looked at me and mouthed “hi!” How sweet. From the beginning, there was lots of trouser fondling from Tim. I had explained Tim’s tendency to do this to Celia prior to the show, and she was highly disappointed in me for noticing it. However, after seeing it for herself, she said she completely understood! Once again, my loud and annoying laugh knew no bounds, which got me quite a few looks from Tim and Graeme on stage. I laugh in a very dirty way at the “meaty parts” line and Tim and Graeme look at me, so I sink into my seat and mouth “sorry”, which makes Tim and Graeme chuckle. A baby is in the audience and when Graeme talks about the Footlights the baby makes a very loud gurgling noise, so much so that everyone cracked up and Graeme said, “Yes that’s right!” which nearly killed me. Tim looked my way because my laugh was so loud. Tim tells the Prince William story and pulls his crying face, which makes me go, “Awwwww, Tim” very loudly. Why must he have this effect on lasses? I clap the carrot undies, which gets a giggle from Tim, and me and Celia cheer the Scoutrageous shorts, which gets us a devilish grin from Graeme. I know it’s shallow, but it’s worth it. Me and Celia also cheer Lady Constance, to which Tim modestly says, “thank you”. Lovely. Graeme brandishes his kazoo at us. How exciting. Once again, I make the first ‘yay’ for Constance, and Graeme turns round to see me and smiles.

After the show. We wait with the Aussie lass and her beau and the Aussie chap. I assure them that Tim and Graeme are more than happy to do autographs, photos, hugs etc. Tim and Graeme arrive together and they sign everyone’s things. Me and Celia have nothing to be signed so we wait patiently. Tim is talking to the Aussie lass, I don’t know about what, but Tim then says, “Jess will tell you!” which made me giggle, only because he said my name. Celia then asks if we can get photos, which Tim and Graeme are more than happy to do. The Aussie lass goes first, then the Aussie lass and her beau, so I take the picture for them. Tim says, “Nice one Jess!” as I’m about to take it, which makes me giggle again. Hopefully the picture came out alright for them! Then I get a pic with Tim and Graeme, so I stride towards them in the only silly way I can and say how lucky I feel, to which Tim replies, “Well, you’ve earned it”, which makes me go “awwwwww”. Celia is struggling to work out how to use my camera.
Tim: I think we need help
Me: Oh, just open it there and then press the big button thingy on the top
Tim: All the technical terms
Me: Oh, I know them all.

Me and Celia then get a pic with Tim and Graeme together. Then the Aussie chap gets a photo with the boys. I then approach Tim, he sees my camera.
Tim: Ooh, that’s fancy
Me: Yeah, it’s lovely
Celia: The other day I threw it in the bin (true story - though it was an accident)
Tim: And you’re still talking?!?!
Me: Just about!

I then say to Tim, “There’s only one more thing I want” and hold my arms out. Tim dutifully did the same and we hugged. I, in a very silly way, went “Heehee, birthday hug!” during the hug. I was then ready to part but Tim pulled me in even closer and squeezed me very tightly. Back rubbing was involved too. Bliss. After the hug:
Tim (giggling): What did you say?
Me (blushing): I said, ‘birthday hug’
Tim: Is it toady?
Me: Wednesday
Tim (laughs): Oh, I should have known that by now!

The Aussie lass then asks Tim for a hug and Tim says, “How did you know to ask?!” and looks at me, to which I reply, “Sorry, it’s all my fault”, which makes Tim giggle. While my Tim hug was going on, Celia had asked Graeme for a hug but then the Aussie chap had started talking, so he and Graeme had a chat whilst Graeme kept his arm around Celia. Needless to say, she was on cloud nine and dutifully rested her head against him. After the conversation Graeme said, “And now, the hug” and gave Celia a hug. Lucky devil!

Tim and Graeme then picked up their bags and started to say their goodbyes. I still hadn’t got my Graeme hug so I stepped forward and very apologetically said, “Graeme, sorry, can I have a birthday hug please?” Graeme giggled, dropped his bags and held his arms out. When we hugged he was still giggling and asked, “Is it today?” I say “Wednesday” - so Graeme plants a big, wet, loud kiss on my cheek. It was so big, I felt whiskers! And that was it, what a way to end it!

Mood - Happy birthday to me...
Music - Rob Brydon - Delilah (ISIHAC)
Edited - Never

Fantastic journal Jess - I'm so jealous of your antics with the boys and how lucky is Celia to have rested her head on Graeme's shoulder as he had his arm around her? - I think I'd have fainted!!  I'd forgotten about my squealing at the sight of Graeme on the stairs - thanks for reminding me (I'm so silly!) 

I know I've said this by text and on the forums but Happy Birthday!
Posted by:nezangel

nezangel WWW 

date: 24/08/2006 07:48 GMT
I have to agree with Nez, Jess , your journal is fantastic.  If I can't be there then I want to live vircariously through you   .  Your new avatar is excellent - how much is Tim enjoying that hug ( oh and you Jess   )  Man I gotta get me one of those hugs although I don't know if i'd be able to let Tim go - that could present a problem for him ....not for me.... 
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 25/08/2006 17:37 GMT
Wow, I'm so happy for you - what a fantastic experience. I must say I am envious though.
Your new avatar is great by the way!
Posted by:ek


date: 27/08/2006 21:55 GMT
Jess it sounds like you had a brilliant time!! Well done for getting all the hugs
Posted by:FairyGirl


date: 29/08/2006 03:17 GMT
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