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Posts: 12



 Subject:  Re: The Goodies Songs In 8 Bit
23/01/2019 22:54 GMT

Here are the download links to my 8 bit versions of Goodies songs, enjoy.


Posts: 12



 Subject:  The Goodies Songs In 8 Bit
23/01/2019 21:44 GMT

I am a Goodies fan (Of course) but, I am also a videogamer and I love retro games in particular, e.g. Sonic 2. So I thought I would take some Goodies songs and make them into 8 bit tracks. There are 8 8 bit versions of Goodies songs that I am going to upload the links to on this forum. Download them if you get the chance and tell me what you think. Please bear in mind that some do sound better than others and the lyrics might be a bit unrecognisable in certain songs but please remember that is not my fault and it is really the 8 bit rendition at fault.

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