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 Subject:  Re: Need Help Converting Goodies BBC Collection And LWT Series To MP4
14/01/2019 02:08 GMT

No need for anyone to answer these 4 previous questions I have posted on this forum as I have found the answers out for myself.

P.S. Much thanks and appreciation to wahski and Kanoobi for helping me by answering my question.


Posts: 12



 Subject:  Re: Need Help Converting Goodies BBC Collection And LWT Series To MP4
26/12/2018 03:52 GMT

I have a few more questions regarding ripping DVD files and burning ripped DVD files.

1. Can I just use the free version of WinX DVD Ripper to rip the DVD files into MP4 files as well as MPEG 2 files or do I have to buy the paid version to do so.

2. I have just been given an external DVD Player/Burner that plugs into my laptop for Christmas and I would like to know how to burn MPEG 2 files to blank writable DVDs using Windows Media Player and my external DVD Player/Burner.

3. I also have a lot of MKV files of TopGear episodes on my laptop and I would like to know how to convert them into MPEG 2 for free and have the episodes in their full running time (Not parts).

4. Will my real non ripped DVDs still be playable in my DVD player after I rip the files off of them.

Last modified: 26/12/2018 03:53 GMT by BritOzMan

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 Subject:  Re: Need Help Converting Goodies BBC Collection And LWT Series To MP4
24/12/2018 03:34 GMT

Looking at the specs of the 3DS video format it is only 480 x 240 resolution (for comparison, Pal VHS resolution is equivalent about to 352 x 240), and each file has a max limit of 10 minutes. That also means you will have to chop up each episode into 3-5 chunks depending on it's length.

The other issue (depending on your patience) is the CPU speed and disk space on your laptop. 
At 1.6Ghz speed it will take a long time (hours) to convert each show, and then more time to split it up & encode into 3DS format.  Assuming you have enough temp space on the laptop to work with (I believe it is max 32Gig)

It's up to you, or could buy (region 2 compatible) portable DVD player to play on the go..... or create region 0 discs to play anywhere.

If you have an older type USB external DVD drive (RPC1), it is also possible to convert DVD to mp4 using free programs such as and and then take a peak at 

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 Subject:  Re: Need Help Converting Goodies BBC Collection And LWT Series To MP4
23/12/2018 20:39 GMT

Wouldn't it be better to watch the MP4s on your laptop, instead of converting the files a second time to watch them on your 3DS? Or easier still, just watch the DVDs on your laptop?

Anyway, there is paid for software called WinX DVD Ripper that you can use to 'rip' dvd files into mp4 files. However you'd need to also invest in an external optical drive for your laptop, you can get a decent USB one for around £20.
So you'd rip an episode, convert it to mp4, then convert the MP4 into a 3DS file, then copy it to your memory stick. That is a lot of time spent ripping and converting all of the episodes. I have the DVD ripping software but have just been ripping short clips here and there, then editing them in some movie editing software and saving them as MP4s to watch on my phone or tablet.

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Posts: 12



 Subject:  Need Help Converting Goodies BBC Collection And LWT Series To MP4
19/12/2018 03:22 GMT

In the Binge Marathon Forum I noticed that wahski commented about how he converted The Goodies BBC Collection DVD And The Goodies LWT Series DVD into files that he could then put onto 2 Bluray discs. Here is the comment wahski made down below.

''I could not view the (Region 2) discs on my Bluray/DVD player as is a different zone, and cannot change zone - I thought I could play them on my computer via a recently bought external USB Bluray drive, but alas not. Found it was the newer RPC2 type drive. So instead of fiddling around trying to workout how to change zones etc, I dug out my older (RPC1) external USB DVD drive and found I could play them on there via "VLC player". I went one stage further and converted all of the eps of the binge, and also from Season 9 DVDs into files. So can now play them on my Bluray player without getting the original discs out. I now have every Goodies episode to binge on - all over two Bluray discs!''

The reason why I'm interested in this, is that I have a old 3DS (The first model in the 3DS lineup) and I have a free converter on my laptop that can convert MP4 files into 3DS Video files. Having this converter on my laptop means that once I convert an MP4 file to a 3DS Video file, I can then put the 3DS Video file onto an SDHC Card and then watch the converted video on my 3DS via the 3DS Camera application.

I would like to be able to convert The Goodies BBC Collection DVD and The Goodies LWT Series DVD to MP4 but, there are 2 reasons why I can't, Reason 1. I don't know how and Reason 2. Even if I did know how, my laptop doesn't have a disc slot.

So as result I have created this forum to ask for help regarding my problem. Much thanks and appreciation to anyone who can help me with my problem.

P.S. My laptop is an Acer TravelMate B117-M with Windows 10

Last modified: 20/12/2018 01:21 GMT by BritOzMan

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