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 Author Message
Bertha Torr

Posts: 47

Bertha Torr


 Subject:  Re: Favourite Goody Moments
05/04/2019 23:53 GMT

Yes, also one of my favourites from the LWT series!

Mine? So many to choose from! Well, the first that comes to mind, for a group effort set piece, is the Eisteddfod rebellion show in Wacky Wales. Reasons:

Charming lack of sophistication: unlike, say, the fab but slick 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?' in Beanstalk.

Graeme uses his magician talents, Tim his coyness, Bill his usual boisterousness.

Rather naughty - this is an element right at the heart of the Goodies' appeal. ChildLIKE but not a kids' show. Australian fans should be catching up with the unexpurgated versions by now, as opposed to the ABC edits, and finding out the true extent!

The hilarious Rock version of 'Welcome in the Hillsides' - Bill's, er, 'costume' in that is certainly a bonus for me! Wow, those fast zooms - have mercy!

Also I live near the bridge where Bill pushes the angler into the river in this episode.

Have watched BBC set FOUR times now! Who can beat that? I blame Brexit -  Cricklewood is my Safe Place. (It's not me pashing on Bill - much!!! Ahem.)

Listened to the CDs of remaining music, ooh, must be 100 times by now. Plus the missing songs which are partially available as soundtrack downloads on this site.

Another type of Goodies team humour I like is the picking up of a consonant when someone else is about to say something rude. EG in 'Lips or Almighty Cod' when Tim and Bill are reading from the Eskimo phrasebook and Graeme cuts in. Other instances come up in ISIRTA, I think, and at the close of the song 'I'm A Teapot'.

I hope you're still there after this long spiel!

I don't have to take this kind of thing from you, you know! But I'm going to...
Last modified: 05/04/2019 23:55 GMT by Bertha Torr

Posts: 14



 Subject:  Favourite Goody Moments
15/10/2018 22:12 GMT

Now that we've all been watching our DVD's, do you have any favourite particular moments? I've laughed and loved it all but there are a few particular scenes that I have enjoyed excessively. This one wasn't actually on the Complete BBC set, it was from the 'Holiday' episode on the LWT disk that I bought after the BBC set.
They'd been told to keep quiet with no record players allowed or anything that can disturb the sheep. And they go into that 'Oh I do like to be beside the seaside' routine, culminating with Bill beating the hell out of a makeshift drum kit, a curious sheep sticks it's head at the window and Tim blasts it with a shotgun before they go into a punk rock rendition and go totally nuts lol. Brilliant!

And now... A Walk in the Black Forest!

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