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 Subject:  Unbelievable Graeme
09/08/2022 07:02 GMT

Graeme Garden is pretty good at coming up with ideas & wrote/co-wrote for a a number of radio shows, such as You'll Have Had Your Tea, The Long Hot Satsuma, I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue - there are probably a heap more.

David Hatch : "Are you still a writer?."
Graeme Garden : "Here's something I wrote this morning".
David Hatch: "Is it a prescription?".
Graeme Garden : "Yes.....but it's a funny one!"

Anyway - you may have heard of his radio series "The Unbelievable Truth"?

The object of the game is for each panelist to deliver a short lecture about a given subject, which should be completely false save for five true statements which they must attempt to smuggle past the other players.

Here is an excerpt from the TV version of the show from 2012 with Graeme in it if you wanted to watch it
Goes for about 7mins (56Meg)

Found that some using ipad/iphone devices this clip did not play properly, yet works on every other device fine.
On iphone/ipad devices - found the work around was to download VLC app and play video clip using that!

Bill: "I used to have a pet rabbit once.......and at no stage did he ever strap me to the couch and stick carrots in my ears!"
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