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 Subject:  Re: looking for Goodies in Oklahoma
02/12/2001 17:32 GMT

Hello from Britain! I'm quite a young Goodies fan - 15, as a matter of fact, and consequently, my collection is a tad limited, but I do have some copies  of series 1 and 2 episodes on video, but not in any form of  computer files, alas! If you are interested, I might be able to negociate some form of trading, and I would also be delighted to get hold of some of these ISIRTA mp3's of which you speak! I have a somewhat scattered acumilation of these including all of series 3, and about 12 or so from other series. I hope to recieve a  reply from you, and I am willing to share what I have, as well as I can. Thank you.


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 Subject:  looking for Goodies in Oklahoma
30/11/2001 15:18 GMT

howdy from the states.  Very new at this, so i apologize if this goes wrong.  looking for any, repeat, any Goodies episodes.  They introduced me to British humor and miss them badly.  recently rediscovered them through ISIRTA and ISIHAC and would greatly appreciate any one interested in a file share of some sort.  I have gathered 98 ISIRTA episodes as mp3 and will share them willingly if anyone is interested and has Goodies as mpg, avi, or divx.  Not really expecting a lot of feedback from this attemp, but any would be recieved with gratitude.  many thnx and be well


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