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 Subject:  Re: Please do help me...
02/06/2002 20:13 GMT

I have the facilities to copy eps for you on to american format if intrested drop me a line,

then you could copy those for your fellow american goodies fans, i also have some spare books

youu can wrire me back here or at my email address

my name is zoe


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 Subject:  Re: Please do help me...
25/05/2002 05:14 GMT

I'll help you! Perhaps you could begin the letter by flattering them for their taste in running the aforementioned TV shows, when no other US network does it. Then you could bring up the subject of the Goodies, what a terrific show it is, how it appeals to a wide range of people and is a cult classic in its own right, and would they consider running it again in the near future? (I understand PBS has run The Goodies in the past) Or perhaps - we could ask the wonderful Lads and Lasses of the Clarion and Globe to put a request in the next edition asking all the American Goodies fans to send in letters to PBS? Then PBS will know there's a few people out there who want to see it back on the screen again. Hope this is some help to you!


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 Subject:  Please do help me...
21/05/2002 12:31 GMT

It's me, Lizz and yes, I'm a BBC-loving American.  Unfortunately, whilst I get many many good programs on the Public Broadcasting Station nearby, I don't get to see the Goodies and would like to.  Perhaps if I wrote to the local station asking them to add "the Goodies" to the line-up of programmes such as "Are You Being Served" and "Vicar of Dibley" and "Red Dwarf" and "Blackadder" they would listen.  Unfortunately I am much too dense to type such a letter convincingly... does anyone out there have elequoent enough skill in composing letters to convince a local station to run "the Goodies"?  We used to see it in the early 80's (I remember it fondly) but since then I haven't seen a run.

Thank you,



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