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C&G 3 Feb 1996
#3 Feb 1996 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 29/08/2006


» #3 Feb 1996

Issue No. 3                  12th February 1996
Welcome once again to the cosmic centre of Goodies appreciation. In this issue you can meet two of our recently appointed activities co-ordinators, find out where The Goodies have been spotted recently, read some juicy gossip on Graeme Garden’s marital status and check out David McAnally’s fascinating article on Books written by The Goodies. But before I let you wander unhindered into another abyss of obscure trivia, I’d like to thank David McAnally <>, Nik Whitehead <>, Marf Shopmyer <> and her friend Don Lawson for writing articles and profiles. And remember all articles or thoughts are welcome, so feel free to mail me at <>.
2. MEET NIK AND MARF by Nik Whitehead and Don Lawson.
The meeting held on IRC on the 28th January was great fun and despite a bit of trouble with servers we had a great time and some of us kept chatting till 2am! Next time we have a meeting I encourage you all to come along and see if you can out-do Matthew K Sharp and I as we try once again to cram as many Goodies references into the one conversation. But on a more serious note all items on our agenda were voted for, so you should find the updated Mission Statement and Procedures Document on the homepages soon.
Postal Membership will also get under way soon. In fact we already have one postal member, a friend of mine who receives this newsletter by snail mail each month and *says* she enjoys it. So it should work well. However there are worries concerning The Goodies Fan Club of Australia, which the previous Goodies Fan Club were unable to contact. It would appear that they ignored Melinda’s attempts to contact them last year, so I’m not sure whether they are worried about us encroaching on their territory or what the problem is. I will draft a letter to the President but if anyone’s got any thoughts about how we should go about this, I’d love to hear from you.
You should have all received a Prune Flash announcing that 'The Goodies Rule - O.K.' was the name chosen as our new, more exciting title. Named after the longest Goodies episode every made, the 1975 Christmas Special which ran for 48 minutes, this new name is a good choice as it sums up our attitude in an appropriate way. And who knows, we may end up being the longest running *Goodies Fan Club* ever formed! Thanks to all those who voted.
Who are the Activities Co-ordinators in the USA and UK? Why are they here? What else do they do in their spare time? Do they like rhubarb tart? You might just find out if you read on...
by Nik Whitehead <>.
Nik is a British fan who watched The Goodies as a child and was never the same again. Since then, giant kittens have stalked her dreams, being hunted by gunfighters carrying tomato soup squirters, clowns with silly trousers and overgrown boy scouts. Naturally she became a scientist. And a wearer of bright t-shirts. And a Scout leader. :) Think of Graeme's brains and Tim's attitude in a Bill-shaped body (but female, of course).
She grew up in Liverpool, England, but now lives in Freuchie, a little village in Scotland and works for the University of Dundee as a researcher into artificial intelligence and its application to communication aids for the disabled.
When not working (or Scouting with the 15th Fife (Freuchie) Cub Scouts) she's to be found roleplaying, reading or sewing, and no, she's not making a Union Jack waistcoat. Well, not just yet ... Apart from that, she plays the guitar, goes to SF&F conventions and does archery at the weekends.
If you really want to know more (including the abstract to her Doctoral thesis) try her web pages at:
by Don Lawson, LLD.
Actress, Librarian, single woman on the make? Yes! This and much more. Fluent speaker of Spanish, Marf gave up teaching to pursue poverty and sanity. Litigious to a fault, she is trying to buy a home with her most recent lawsuit proceeds. Marf wants desperately to have Bill Oddie's love child before her biological clock runs out.
Marf takes her duties as Activities Coordinator - USA very seriously -- any excuse for a mustard party! Marf loves Boston bulkie rolls and has also played Bubbie in "Crossing Delancey." Twice now, she has played male roles, in the hit musical "Big River" and in William Shakespeare's "As You Like It." If you can't beat them, join them. Last year she overcame her anhedonism and went to Europe for a week.
Have passport, will travel. Hate working, will quit.
Some of our Boffo Ideas are under way, but many of them are long term projects, so here’s some encouraging words and further information to keep the momentum momenting:
by Marf Shopmyer <>
Marf urges her USA compatriots to write to their state PBS programming directors (whose names can usually be found in the program schedules sent out to members) and tell them how they know of the program "The Goodies" and how they would consider it a fine addition to the schedule.
Organise letter-writing parties too, but always be careful to word the letters somewhat differently and be excruciatingly polite. Marf has found from previous letter-writing campaigns that hand written original letters have the greatest impact. Proponents may even request the "favour of a reply," if they would like a response to their letter. Remember, a personal letter shows commitment.
A local company that provides funding for British comedy programming on PBS stations (and they are listing them before or after the programs with greater frequency) would be another good target for letters. It may be a good idea to send a copy of the letter you send to a supporting contributor to the programming director in your state.
Also, although it's a light-hearted show, try not to look like a bozo.
One of the ideas that come up during a casual discussion at the meeting was the idea of sending a petition to TV stations as well as letters (feel free to send letters to the appropriate TV station and if you want a few hints, make sure you’ve read Marf’s tips above). I have decided to organise one in Australia and all Australian members will receive a Prune Flash shortly about this. If you would like to organise one or you think that one should be organised then contact your local Activities Co-ordinator or me so you can have a chat about it.
by Nik Whitehead <>
Big, bright and Bold!
The subject of club t-shirts has come up several times now, and as I've been deputised as t-shirt ideas chapess, Alison has asked me to tell you about some of my ideas.
I like the idea of having both front and back prints, perhaps the simplest of which would have the big 'G' on the front, and the phrase 'We do anything, anytime' on the back, all on appropriate lettering of course.
Getting a little more complex we could change the back slogan to other quotes. Graeme's 'backsliding revisionary paper hyenas' speech from 'Radio Goodies (bom)' comes to mind, although any of the great quotes from the series could be used.
More adventurous yet would be transferring video stills to t-shirts. The 'Transistorised Carrot' poster from 'Goodies on the Moon' and the shot of Kitten Kong from the credits are obvious ones, but again practically any shot could be used.
Finally there are the very specific ones. A white t-shirt with red blotches all over it and the legend 'I survived the O.K. Tearooms'. T-shirts like this would be more expensive, but would be quite striking. Union Jack waistcoats are another possibility, but these would have to be made to order and would be very expensive.
These are the ideas I've had so far. T-shirt manufacture might have to be done country by country rather than entrusting things to international mail, but that has the advantage of not requiring any change of currency. The cost would depend upon the number of shirts ordered by the club, so we don't have a figure on that yet. Once we get some idea of numbers we can get a quote on the printing cost.
If you have any more t-shirt ideas, or you'd be interested in buying one of the t-shirts, drop either me or Alison a line. I can be found at <>
The letter as detailed in C&G #2 was sent to the BBC a week or so ago now. Thanks to Jane Hornbrook <> who made the suggestion that we state that we are a growing club, 'A growing group gets more attention!' she wrote. A great idea! Hopefully we should get a reply in a few weeks.
Ever since the homepages went up (thanks again to Nik Whitehead) I’ve been very busy, including the pages on around 50 lists of URL’s and search engines. Thanks to that and our mention in the recent BritComedy Digest we’ve got heaps more members and we have more every week. We now have 41 members from Australia, Canada, Ireland, the UK and the USA, which is great.
I encourage anyone who comes across a search engine or URL list to add our web site (if it isn’t already) or to let me know where I can add the site. And also huge thanks to those who have added a link to our homepages from their homepage. I’m really thrilled with the support we’re getting from people. In fact you can check out some of the great people who’ve helped us get listed on the WWW on our Thankyou page.
But there’s more advertising to come. Off the net there will be ads in all the student newspapers in Adelaide, in Laugh magazine and in Feral Funsters (the Australian comedy newsletter). I’m also planning to contact MMM and SA-FM radio stations in Adelaide who both have Internet shows and ask them to mention us. If you know of any radio and TV shows or magazines and newspapers where we can be mentioned please let me know.
'Could you add, or do you see the merit in, a kind of retro announcement of which Goodies episodes were on air in relation to today?. For example: for today the 8th Feb 96, you could say exactly 25 years ago today : 8 Feb 1971 "Scoutrageous" was transmitted or whatever (I don't have the episode guide with me). It might encourage people to watch that particular episode again just for old-times sake.!'
            - from Thomas Cullen <>
I don’t know about anyone else but I think this is a great idea. However it would be difficult to change the pages each day as it would involve a lot of hassle on the part of Nik and myself. Added to that Nik does not come into work on weekends (obviously) which would make it even harder to keep it accurate. Does anyone have any ideas regarding this or does anyone know how we can insert a program that would change the display daily?
'Australian Band "Spiderbait" covered the Bill Oddie song "Run" on their 1992 album "Shasahvaglava" and it was also released as an E.P. "Run" (anda165cd) through:
Augogo Records
G.P.O. Box 542d
Melbourne, 3001
Victoria, Australia
The E.P. also features two live versions of "Run". If you look through a few record stores you should be able to find it.
Also, the video clip of the song features "Spiderbait" dressed up like the Goodies acting out bits from some of the episodes. (eg. Tim as Winston Churchill, Bill Sleepwalking, Tim dressed up like the queen, Bill eating sherbet, the ball and chains around their legs, Tim's belly button). However they shot most of it in some park, not on a set.'
            - from Dylan Behan <>
Thanks Dylan. I managed to find "Shasahvaglava" for $15 at an alternative music store. IMHO the studio version of "Run" is the best one. It is also the first track on the album. Besides "Run" there are some other good songs on it as well.
'Graeme appeared in an episode of "Doctor in the House" as a television presenter. I think it was an episode written by him and Bill.'
            - from David McAnally <>
My guess is the episode was "Doctor On The Box" Series 2, Episode 12, where a television program is made about St Swithin’s Hospital, where the series is set. This episode was first broadcast on 26th June 1970.
Incidentally, Graeme Garden and Bill Oddie wrote 40 episodes of "Doctor In The House" and its various spin offs. In addition Bill Oddie wrote 2 more in the 1991 revival "Doctor At The Top". Other writers of this series include John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Barry Cryer and Jonathan Lynn.
Source: Laugh Magazine, Issue 4, 1992.
'Bill Oddie played a bird-watcher in the 2nd episode of the 3rd series of The Detectives, starring Jasper Carrot & Robert Powell. Channel 10 aired this ep. a few months ago at about 5 am, which makes you realise how difficult this 'spotted' was to come across in the first place.'
            - from Matthew K Sharp <>
by David McAnally <>
written by Bill Oddie and Laura Beaumont; illustrations by Laura Beaumont
(The complete story of the hilarious ITV series)
published by: Methuen Children's Books Ltd, 1985
ISBN: 0-416-51160-0   (paperback)
Description given on back cover:
William Worthington never really wanted to be a bank manager - he just wants to be A STAR! Unfortunately, he can't sing, he can't dance and he can't act. He is also forty-three and a half years old. Nevertheless, he's determined to make it, even if it means going back to school - in this case, the Jolly Theatre School (Principals Dolly and Annie Jolly). After all, it's never to late to learn.......or is it?
N.B. It is obvious from the photograph on the front cover of the book - and also from some of the illustrations within the book, that Bill Oddie plays the part of William Worthington.
A very personal guide to bird-watching and watching 'birder’s'. Helpful advice on what to do and how to do it with plenty of humour and drawings by the author. Published by Methuen Books.
The thrilling story of Bill Oddie's childhood struggle against bad eggs, water bailiffs, farmers, schoolgirls, puffins and birds he couldn't identify! Featuring: his bike, his granny, his dad's car, his tatty old notebooks, his fuzzy photos and his silly little drawings. Published by Methuen Books.
(uniquely practical format: Handbook-and-thigh-pad-in-one)
ISBN 0-09-954700-7     (for the paperback version of the book)
description printed on back cover:
IT'S THE BEDSIDE BOOK YOU CAN REALLY *CREASE* UP WITH! Littered with helpful uncensored photographs and diagrams, in the po-faced prose familiar to all "Goodies" fans, Tim Brooke-Taylor's Cricket Book takes the hallowed summer game out of the Long Room....and into the lunatic asylum!
THE LAWS OF originally devised by drunks in Pall Mall.
UNFORGETTABLE GROUNDS.....Including Bumcliff Edge, Cromer and many more.
INVALUABLE ADVICE.....Including how to combat leg tremors with the discreet use of bamboo canes and how to inspect a pitch without actually counting the blades of grass.
LITTLE KNOWN FACTS OF THE GAME.....Did you know that Tim Brooke-Taylor was once selected for England? Well, neither did he!
From a SHORT HISTORY OF THE TOSS to an hours-of-fun-for-all-the-family game call 'GEOFFREY BOYCOTT' - you'll be amazed at what you'll find inside.....
also: (in hardcover)
ISBN 0-09-163890-9 (for the hard-covered version of the book)
descriptive notes given in the front fly-leaf of the book cover:
Ian Botham has been called a Colossus of cricket; well, good luck to him. But there's more to this game than glorious batting, taking a lot of wickets and generally being very successful and a good sport. Oh yes - let's not forget that the most important crease is the one down your flannels, and etiquette to and from the wicket can make or break a batsman. Few players have realised this; or that leg tremors can be combated by discreet use of bamboo canes.
With this godsend of a book, Tim Brooke-Taylor takes cricket out of the Long Room into the lunatic asylum. In the po-faced prose familiar to "Goodies" fans, he gives invaluable advice on cricket tactics and choreography, defeating umpires and inspecting pitches without counting the blades of grass. There are stirring passages on unforgettable grounds, like Bumcliff Edge, Cromer; on giants of the game like Roger Reeves, who encouraged his wife to drop cut glass from upstairs windows to test his catching; and on records you didn't wish to know existed, with helpful uncensored photographs and diagrams.
Tim Brooke-Taylor does not sensationalise the sport, but he has not flinched from bringing you the facts: the rules as originally devised by drunks in Pall Mall; the saws of Mike Brearley's guru, the Bhagwash Mahatma Bhatta; a short history of the toss and - yes - the sordid and disgusting side of the game.
Littered with helpful uncensored photographs and diagrams, this is a combined handbook and thigh-pad, that will prove ideal for the pavilion loo.
Tim Brooke-Taylor appeared with Lionel Blair in "It Runs In The Family" at The Grand Opera House Belfast from 25th September to 30th September 1995.
Don’t forget everyone, that it’s Graeme Garden’s 53rd birthday on Sunday the 18th, so spend the whole day doing Eddie Waring impersonations...and don’t forget the rhubarb tart!
Alison Bean <>
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1996). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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