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C&G 8 Jul 1996
#8 Jul 1996 - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 03/09/2006


» #8 Jul 1996

Issue No. 8                  12th July 1996
            Yes folks, this is becoming a very bad habit. Once again I apologise for the late arrival of this newsletter. I’ve been having - you guessed it - computer problems! (Maybe it’d work if I married it?) That aside, you’ll find this issue has lots of interesting information about up-coming events, a huge Spotted!!! and a bumper holiday Goodies quiz. Enjoy!
            A not so boffo idea was the recent closure of Goodies-L, the Goodies mailing list that many club members subscribed to. I e-mailed the maintainer of the list, Melinda Casino <> and asked her why it was shut down; this is what she said:
“There were some complaints and additionally I don't have the time or energy to maintain it any longer.”
I’m sure many of you will agree that this is a great shame. What the complaints were I don’t know. They could have been complaints about swearing, irrelevant posts, lengthy posts, tape swapping or even that guy who posted the “Make $$$ Fast” e-mail. Speaking for myself, I know that I am guilty of several of those offences listed above, but then so are many of the regular posters to the list. Perhaps some people felt it was getting a bit too cliquey or had too much Australian content, I don’t know?!
            Several of the Goodies-L regulars have e-mailed me regarding this and are very angry that those who complained didn’t do so by posting to the list. They feel that if the complainants had done this, we could have sorted out the problems. There is also a general consensus that we’d like to start up another Goodies-L. Several people are looking into this, but I have not heard anything definite yet. If anyone knows of a server that provides mailing lists free of charge please let me know <>. A new Goodies-L would not be maintained by myself or be an official club mailing list.
            YOU are invited to a Goodies video night and get together on Friday the 6th of September at 7.30pm. Unfortunately most club members won’t be able to come as I’m hosting the event at my house, which is in Adelaide, South Australia. However if you’re in the area, the address is 7 Sharpes Ave, Fulham Gardens. While this is a club event, the University of South Australia’s Cult Video Club have been invited and if you’d like to bring your friends, please feel free to. Please bring either drinks or nibbles to share and if you’d like to order pizza bring some money too. RSVP <> by Thursday 5th September.
from Lisa Clark <>
            Have you noticed at the end of the Rolf Harris episode that Tim marries Prince Charles & with his blonde hair & blue eyes he bares a striking resemblance to Diana!!! Spooky.
from Ian Cleveland <101642.1274@CompuServe.COM>
            The Goodies fun book was a promotion run by Cadbury’s Ltd. The idea was to collect 100 Cadbury’s chocolate bar wrappers and then send them away; in return Cadbury’s would send you a Goodies Fun Book. There were two books to send for, one for young children and one for older children; I own the older children version.
            The book takes the format of a series of comic strips, some of which are of the Goodies themselves, others just stories that the Goodies thought children might like. It contains puzzles, cartoons and features such as Oddie ties of Nature and Graeme’s Garden Tips. It was printed by IPC Magazines Ltd in 1977.
from Ian Cleveland <101642.1274@CompuServe.COM>
            “Here is some trivia you may / may not know:
* Bill Oddie had his own Saturday morning show called the Saturday Banana; a magazine show for children
* Graeme Garden co-starred in a medical show called `Body Matters` with Dr Alan Margon-Davis and Dr. Gillian Rice. This took a light hearted view at medical matters but was meant to inform.
* Tim Brooke-Taylor starred in a TV show called `Hello Cheeky` which had been transferred from radio. His co-stars were Barry Cryer and Bob Todd. (*)
* I have a record by Bill Oddie called Superspike, does anyone have any info on it?
Ed’s Footnote:
(*) Remember Tim in episode #54, ‘It Might As Well Be String’ turning on the TV to find ‘Hello Cheeky’? “They just put it out at the wrong time of night!” he says in his own defence.
from Patricia Rudik <>
            In 1991, I went on a swap/bunac exchange to England, where I met a delightful family in Bromley, who had a vast collection of comedy on video (homemade), including several episodes of "The Goodies". I discovered this when I arranged for all of us to go to the South Bank for a screening of 1970'S TV comedy shows, including an episode of "The Goodies". Before I left for home, they gave me a copy of 2 episodes on tape, forcing me to invest in a multi-format VCR when I got home.
            A year later, I visited London again, and I saw Tim Brooke-Taylor in "The Philanthropist", and I met him, at the Stage Door and got him to autograph my "ISIRTA" tape.
from Angus Kidman <Angus_Kidman@ACP.COM.AU> Originally posted to the late Goodies-L
            That's the good news. The bad news is, it will be on Pay TV.
            The Sydney Morning Herald reports this morning (p. 6) that the BBC, Thames and Grundy are joining together to launch a new service for Foxtel. It will be similar to UK Gold, but will also feature shows like 'Sons & Daughters'. 'The Goodies' is one of the shows explicitly mentioned as returning, and there's a picture from the 'Big Bunny' episode with the story. I rang Foxtel (this is the most exciting thing that's happened to me since French & Saunders came back on), and they told me the service will begin from August 1. They also told me that my suburb is not going to be wired for at least six months!
            The Foxtel number is 131 999 if you want to check your own availability (they have a website too at ).
            While it's good that they're coming back, and they'll perhaps be free of commercials and other cuts, it's a pity that this probably means we lose out on ABC repeats.
"The Goodies are coming for you and you and you . . . hand over the money!"
from Nik Whitehead <>
            TBT was recently a guest celebrity golfer on BBC1's latest in crazy game shows - Full Swing. I think he did very well.
            As many of you know there are some great British Comedy magazines out there, such as ‘Cor Magazine’ and the net’s own ‘BritComedy Digest’. Well these magazines are even better because both are dedicating issues to ‘The Goodies’ in the near future.
            ‘BritComedy Digest’ would like to hear from anyone interested in contributing to the upcoming ‘Goodies’ special (or any of their other issues). You can contact the editor Michelle Street <> but first I recommend checking out the ‘BritComedy Digest’ homepage at: and while you’re there you should subscribe, over 1000 subscribers can’t be wrong! Yours truly is writing an article on The Goodies for ‘BritComedy Digest’ called ‘Other Projects’. It is about all the non-Goodies books, records, films, radio, TV and stage appearances of TBT, GG and BO. Anyone is welcome to contribute to the article, which I hope will become an interesting (and growing) resource for Goodies fans.
            For those not be familiar with ‘Cor Magazine’. ‘Cor Magazine’ was established in 1993, in memory of Bernard Bresslaw. So far there have been 9 editions with articles on radio, film and TV comedies as well as articles on specific comedians. The is editor Robert Ross and you can subscribe to ‘Cor Magazine’ for a year for #9 and back issues are #3.50. Cheques should be made out to Robert Ross. Write to:
24 Richmond Road
RG21 2NX
BTW ‘Cor Magazine’ counts among its many readers some well known British comedians including John Cleese, Ben Elton, Rik Mayall, Spike Milligan, Michael Palin, Victoria Wood AND Tim Brooke-Taylor!
from: Mathew Saye <>
            As a new member I have been reviewing all the issues of C & G, and have the following small (and probably incorrect) addendum to the Harry Hill item in the Spotted section of issue number 1.
            Like Graeme Garden Harry Hill is a former doctor, although he actually practiced in a hospital (I might be wrong on this but I believe he specialised in gynaecology).
            He has a rather surreal sense of humour and has made several shows for the BBC under the banner "Harry Hill's Fruit Fancies".
            As regards the Goodies' font, this is actually a proper type face from circa 1969-70, although I cannot recall it's actual name. As far as television is concerned I seem to remember that the BBC also used it for the "Dick Emery Show" back in the 1970's, (I don't know if this was ever sold overseas so this might not mean very much).
            I recently joined The Goodies Fan Club of Australia. The President of the club is Melinda Huber and you can join the club by writing to:
47 Kansas Ave
Bell Post Hill
Victoria 3215
The subscription fees are
1 year adult - $A10, 2 years adult - $A14, 1 year student/unemployed $A8, 2 years student unemployed $A12. Make your cheques out to Melinda Huber.
            Recently released on video in Australia is “It’s Marty” a compilation of sketches from the BBC TV series, ‘Marty’, starring Marty Feldman, with Tim Brooke-Taylor as part of the supporting cast. ‘Marty’ ran for two series on BBC2. Series 1: 29th April - 3rd June 1968 and series 2: 9th December 1968 - 13th January 1969. The sketches were written by Feldman and such comedians as John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Frank Muir, Terry Jones, Michael Palin and Barry Took. Most of the sketches from the show survive and despite a few glitches the quality is very good. Much of the material is visual, with a surreal, Pythonesque feel to it. Tim Brooke-Taylor, predictably enough, plays wimpy type roles, but he is also very funny when he drags up to appear as the Marty’s pepperpot wife in the sketch “Little Old Couple - Travel Agency”.
            ‘It’s Marty’ is released on ABC Video, the serial number is B00043. In Britain the video was released by BBC Video last year, the serial number is BBCV 5360.1111
            I forgot to mention this last month, but according to ‘Comedy Review’ magazine issue #2, later this year on BBC Radio 4, is the 20th series of ‘I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue’ the hilarious improvised game show starring Tim Brooke-Taylor, Willie Rushton, Graeme Garden, Barry Cryer and Humphrey Lyttelton with Colin Sell at the piano and your scorer Samantha. ISIHAC (as it is more convenient to call it) is aired at Saturday lunchtime, so all you lucky Brits, listen out for it and let the rest of us know what happens!
            ISIHAC began on BBC Radio in 1972 after Graeme Garden suggested the idea of an improvised comedy panel show to David Hatch (of ‘I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again’). Until 1975 ISIHAC also featured Bill Oddie. Some of the games are prepared, but the participants try to give the illusion that it is all ad-libbed. In recent years ISIHAC has toured Britain recording shows in various cities. When on tour the games often follow a regional theme. For example when ISIHAC went to Edinburgh, the popular game ‘Mornington Crescent’ became ‘Morningside Crescent’ and that week’s round of ‘Limericks’ had a Scottish theme.
            As you may have read last newsletter, ‘Surgical Spirit’ the medical sitcom, with some episodes written by Graeme Garden, is currently screening on ABC TV in Australia. Last week’s episode (10th July 1996) was written by GG and featured this amusing, yet rather unpleasant medical threat:
“This is a laryngoscope, it goes down your throat. And this is an enema. You wanna toss for ends?”
            You can watch tune into ‘Surgical Spirit’ every Wednesday at 6.30pm.
            One question I always get asked by new members to the club is “Where can I get copies of Goodies videos?” If you live in Australia or the UK the answer is simple, go to your local video retailer or ABC/BBC Shop and you should find copies of the two Goodies videos released in 1994. The purple video (BBCV 5370) contains “The Goodies and the Beanstalk”, “The End” and “Bunfight At The OK Tearooms”, this video was released in Australia only a few months ago. The red video (BBCV 5391) contains the episodes “Kitten Kong (Montreux ‘72 version)”, “Scatty Safari” and “Scoutrageous”. Unfortunately both videos contain minor edits.
            For those who live elsewhere, you can get these videos by mail order. However if you live in North America you will not be able to play these videos because the format is different. The video format in North America is NTSC whereas in the UK and Australia the video format is PAL. However you can order comedy videos from the UK and Laughinghouse Video will convert them to NTSC format at no extra charge. Their address is:
Laughinghouse Video
P.O. Box 8572
Anaheim, CA 92812-0572
ph. (800) 807-9032
You can find a list of other mail order companies and NTSC/PAL conversion services in the alt.comedy.british FAQ posted regularly to the newsgroup alt.comedy.british
            As many of you are on holidays I’ve included a few bonus questions this month to help you while away your holidays.
 1. In which ISIRTA serial was Lady Constance de Coverlet (played by Tim Brooke-Taylor) introduced?
 2. In which two episodes of ‘The Goodies’ did Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock in ‘Are You Being Served?’) appear?
 3. What was the name of the character played by Bill Oddie in ‘The Bundy’s Do England’?
 4. In ‘Goodies’ episode #36 ‘Movies’ what sort of film did Graeme want to make?
 5. Complete the lyrics to ‘The Goodies’ theme song, version 1:
            “A circus or a _______ ____, a _______ or a can of beer.’
 6. Which ‘Goodie’ supposedly died in a motorcycle accident?
 7. ‘The Goodies’ got religion in episode #48 ‘The End’. One became a monk, who went into a lavatory instead of a monastery; one became a ‘black Muslim’ and changed his name to Restus Watermelon and the other became Jewish and tried to sell a synagogue made of matchsticks. Whom became which?
 8. Which classic Eric Sykes comedy featured Bill Oddie as a window cleaner?
 9. How many OBEs were offered “for whom-so-ever can rid my land of this plague of Rolf Harris’ ”?
10. How many times did ‘The Goodies’ die at the end of an episode?
            Q: What is Graeme Garden’s first name?
            A: David
So it wasn’t a trick question, was it?
            PS. You are invited to contribute to the quiz section. Send your quiz questions to <>.
            The ‘Did You Know?’ section of issue #4 of this newsletter concerned some costumes used in ‘The Goodies’ that had been used in other BBC comedy series. This is also true of props. In the series ‘Marty’ (mentioned above), the wheeled basket into which Tim and Bill packed the loony animals in episode #21 ‘Kitten Kong (Montreux ‘72)’, was used in a sketch called ‘Vet’s Waiting Room’. This sketch (which appears on the video ‘It’s Marty’) features Marty Feldman as the owner of a rather violent creature, kept in the basket. Now didn’t you NEED to know that?
            This newsletter is out just in time for you celebrate Tim Brooke-Taylor’s 56th birthday. He was born on 17th July 1940. Possible ways to celebrate include listening to ‘Land of Hope and Glory’, while learning to tap dance and practising your ping pong or perhaps you’d prefer to expose your belly button to the world? It’s you choice, but don’t forget the Union Jack waistcoat!
Alison Bean
This is an archive newsletter of The Goodies Rule - OK! International Fan Club (copyright The Goodies Rule - OK! 1996). Some of the information in this newsletter may now be incorrect. Current information can be obtained from

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