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Goodies Imaginary Pinball Machine
Pinball - Print Email PDF 
Posted by bretta 19/05/2008


» Pinball

While going through some old discs I re-stumbled across something I got hold of a number of years ago (mid 90s) from a friend of a friend etc who initially wrote the document.
For those of you who remember .... a few years back it was a popular pastime for some people to put money into this giant light flashing electronic noisy box, and you would press these buttons called flippers on the side, in an attempt to hit a shiny silver ball to stop it going down the middle and sides.
A number of these "pinball" machines were released based on a theme of some kind, whether it was a music group, a movie or TV show. eg: there were Star Wars, Dr Who, Flash Gordon or Elvira, Rolling Stones, KISS, Evel Knievel, Star Trek and Knight Rider pinball machines.
Although one was never manufactured, a person who designs pinball machines, produced a document which describes how they would go about creating a Goodies pinball machine:
Rules of imaginary Goodies machine
Version 1.2   (12/November/1993)
By: Cameron Silver
Playfield Description
(All game features will be explained in RULES)
From bottom left in a clockwise direction.
Flippers/sling-shots - The usual type. The Inlanes (when lit) spot a letter in Goodies, and the outlanes re-light Start Job for the next ball. Only one lane is lit at a time - use the flipper buttons to move the light.
J-A-M - Three standup targets. They are used to enable The Cream Rush.
Bumpers - Three of them, and they guarantee NOT to drain down the Outlane or middle. Any ball put into the bumpers will fall into a hole, and get kicked out to the left inlane, (_After_ the switch).
Gate - Shoot the ball into the bumpers through this one way gate, from the right flipper.
C-R-E-A-M - Five standup targets that are used to enable The Cream Rush.
Left Orbit - Same location as TZs upper left flipper. It is used to pump up the Trandem's tires (Pressure), and to shoot the Tower during Kitten multi-ball. The Left orbit goes around the back of the machine, and feeds the upper-right (full length) flipper. Similar to Getaway.
Spinner - Situated at the very back of the machine. Balls from the left and right orbits go past the spinner. Used to enable Light The Lamp.
BIG - A standup target wedged between the left orbit and the Left String.
STRING - Two lanes that cross each other twice. Each lane has a spinner, and the ball is fed to the end of the right orbit, and ultimately, to the bumpers. String is sort of a cross between the Boat on Fish Tales, and the Billion/Mini-playfield ramp from bride of Pinbot.
Start Job - Used to start a Job (mode). Next to STring, in the very centre of the machine is Start Job. It's like Mode Start on Indi, but has a hole at the end <balls are popped to the left inlane>. Used to start Jobs .. see below.
Light House - This shot is just right of Start Job. It normally feeds balls directly to the Lock/Pressure lane (more later), but during Light The Lamp, balls are diverted to the Light House.
(There is a miniature lighthouse on the playfield too.)
POINTS - A standup target wedged on the right of the entrance to the Light House lane.
Records - Just above RUN! (opposite the GOODIES targets) are three black standup targets (records).
Used to enable Radio Goodies.
Run! - Also the jackpot during Chase Multiball. This is shootable from the upper right flipper, and is similar to the WhirlPool shot on White Water, except it's not a ramp, just a sinkhole.
Lock/Pressure lane - Also shotable from the upper right flipper. This is similar to Insanity falls on White Water, except it's not a ramp, and normally feeds balls back to the left orbit (like the upper flipper shot on Getaway). When Lock is lit, balls are diverted to a popper. It is also used to build up Pressure.
G-O-O-D-I-E-S - Seven targets at the entrance to the Lock/Pressure lane.
They are in the same place as the lowest traffic lights on Getaway. Each completion of Goodies increaes the bonus multiplier (max at x10), and often the 'Goodies. Goodie Goodie yumm yumm' quote.
Radio Goodies - This is just a small boat. The actual radio shot is the right orbit.
Extra Ball target - Small target wedged on the edge of the right orbit.
Right Orbit - (Same place as TZs lock) The reverse path of the left orbit, except balls are feed to the bumpers to increase the size of the kitten. During Radio Goodies, the ball will be diverted to the Radio. It's in a similar place as Burn Rubber on Getaway.
Post Office Tower - The middle of the back of the machine fetures the Post Office Tower. This is used during Kitten Multiball.
Ramp - The ramp goes past the Tandem and back to the left Inlane. Used to Lock balls, build up Pressure, or go to the Concrete Block. Enough ramps will light extra ball. It's in a similar place as the right orbit on Getaway.
Concrete Block - On the right side of the ramp entrance is a miniature 350 foot high block of concrete. During the Concrete mode, a trapdoor at the base of the ramp opens for the Concrete Shots. (If lock is lit, the ball will be locked instead. Pressure cannot be collected from the ramp during this round <unless lock is lit!>)
S-C-O-N-E-S - Six stand-up targets on the right side of the playfield. Used to enable The Cream Rush.
Computer - Sitting right next to the plunger lane, and behind the SCONES targets, is a mini version of Graeme's computer. The front (horizontal) panel has three analogue meters (like VU meters (on stereo's etc..)).
The first one is marked Pressure, and it shows how pumped up the tires are on the tandem. The middle one has a sun on one side, and a moon on the other; it shows how dark it is (more later). The last meter has 0 (zero) on one side, 175 in the middle, and 350 on the right; it shows how tall the concrete block is. The back-board (vertical panel) has a few blinking lights, and two 7 segment LEDs that show random numbers every now and then.
Plunger Lanes - Yes, it IS plural. Same set up as TZ. The automatic plunger shoots the ball straight into a hole, the ball is then popped to the right in-lane. The manual plunger shoots the ball into the Lock/Pressure lane (same as on The Getaway).
G-I-B-B-O-N - Six targets scattered around. Hit them all to enable Funky Gibbon.
Tandem - Sitting on the left of the playfield (over the bumpers) is the Tandem. It is used to hold locked balls for Chase multiball. It is fed via a habitrail, and three diverters determan whether the ball is locked on the first, second or last seat of the bike. The ball can also go straight past the tandem if lock wasn't lit, or during a multiplayer game when the necessary seat is taken. When the balls are unlocked, they return to the habitrail, which takes them, to the left inlane. For more information, see the section on MultiBall.
There are 9 Jobs (modes); but before you groan, I tried to add a little variation. All will become clear soon. The Jobs are:
Funky Gibbon; Radio Goodies; Light Extra Ball; Big Points; The Cream Rush; Concrete; String; Light The Lamp -> The End.
Each Job has to be enabled before it can be started. The jobs are shown on the playfield. Lit jobs have been completed, flashing ones are enabled, and blank ones are yet to be enabled. Start Job is used to start a job. The arrow at the entrance to the lane will flash if you can start a job, be lit if you can start the next job you enable, be unlit if nothing will happen. It'll be a little clear soon.   If Start Job is lit when you shoot it, the ball will just be popped back out (to the left inlane) as there are no jobs available. If it is not lit when you shoot it, the ball will also be popped back out. If it is flashing when you shoot it, you will be presented with the list of current jobs. A pointer will move down along the jobs (like Mr DNA on JP, or the FishFinder in Fish Tales) - Hit any flipper button to choose the job you want. If only one job was available, than you will automatically start that. Once the ball is popped out, you will have to re-light Start Job to start a new job.
Start Job is re-lit by shooting a number of lit shots. To re-light S.J to start you second job, will require two shots to be hit; to re-light it before starting your third job, will require three shots to be hit. Shots are lit by the machine, and it will choose random shots to light (like rafts/hazards on White Water). For example, you just started your fourth job, so Start Job will not be lit. There will be five shots lit on the playfield. Once you have shoot these five shots, Start Job will re light.
It will flash if there are jobs enabled, and shooting it will let you choose the job; it will not flash if there are no jobs enabled, but as soon as you enable a job, it will start to flash.   You can have more than one job enabled; you can have more than one running, but when you shoot Start Job, you can only choose one job. During multiball, you cannot start/enable more jobs, but any running will continue.
Now that that's sorted out, I'll explain the jobs (all scores are but in the end of ball bonus):
Funky Gibbon: Enable this job by completing the GIBBON targets the desired number of times (once usually). Starting this job gets Bill saying "Come on everybody ... It's gibbon time!" The timer starts at 10 seconds, and a shot will light (flash). It may, or may not be one of the shots needed to re-light Start Job. Once hit, the time will be doubled (but count down faster), the music <funky gibbon> will speed up, and two shots will be lit. You get 1m * No of shots. IE: The first shot is worth 1m, the second two are 2m each, the three are 3m each etc. Sometimes when a shot is hit, you will hear time say "He's been possessed by a Gibbon".
Radio Goodies: Enough completions of the record targets enables this job. When started you hear "Radio Goodies ... Bommm". It is basically a hurry-up. You have to supply the station with music to play. Typical   'Hurry Up' music is played, and occasionally you hear bursts of panic like, Tim: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I'm a tea-pot, I'm a tea Pot" - It's very effective! Once you've shot the Radio (right orbit) you get a Party Zone like request, except every song is 'A Walk In The Black Forrest', wich then starts to play. (Note: the ball is diverted off the right orbit pretty early so it doesn't go past the spinner, and it doesn't get into the bumpers to increase the size of the kitten. It DOES award a left orbit shot though (if it was lit for Gibbon, or to re-light   Start Job).
Light Extra Ball: Enough hits on the Extra ball target will enable this job.
Big Points: Enough completions of the Big Points targets will enable this job. The two targets will be lit to collect a random value (between 10 and 20 million). When the first target is hit, the value is SUBTRACTED from your score. Each hit to the same target will keep subtracting the value from your score - until your score is 0 (zero) and the mode will end. If you hit the other target, you will get it all back plus the original value.
The Cream Rush: Completing Cream, Jam and Scones will enable this Job. Completing one will spot one letter in another. (IE: Completing JAM will spot a letter in CREAM). If three banks have only one target remaining, then when you complete one bank, the other two will complete as well; and an extra job will be enabled. This is a video mode similar to Dracula's. There are four tents on each side of the screen and a tomato in the middle. Graeme will pop out of one or more tents (at random), and you squirt him using the flipper buttons. The speed increases.
Concrete - The ball must remain under the playfield for a certain amount of time before concrete will be enabled. The third meter on the computer reflects the amount of time the ball is under the playfield; any time the ball is out of sight (after hitting a sink-hole) the meter starts to move. This Job is very similar to Judge Dredd's SafeCracker and Creature's Move Your Car. (The scoring is the same). When this job is started, you hear Bill scream, "AAARRGGHH . Look at the window!" as the display (made to look like a window) is being covered by cement.
    Shot No:   Effect:
      1          Queen: "To sacrifice their lives for their principles. goodbye."
                 Tim: "What do she mean? I thought she was going to get us out?!"
      2          Graeme to Tim: "There might not be enough food for 3, but there might be enough for .. 2"
                 Tim: "You mean we're going to have to eat ... you?"
                 Graeme: "NO! .. I'm doing the sauce."
      3          Bill: "You know you're very lucky I though about eating the furniture."
                 Tim: "Not half as lucky as you mate!"
      4          Bill (On display with Skeletons on either side): "I'm going" - knock on door noise - "Hey! .. I'm saved after all these years." Turns to skeletons and has a heart attack!
Light The Lamp! - To enable this round, the spinner (orbit) must be hit enough to make it dark. The middle meter on the Computer shows how dark it is. When this job is started, the entire machine goes blue (the same   way Party Zone goes red). This includes _all_ playfield lamps - so LOCK will start flashing blue instead of green! (This can be done the same way they did the Crime Scenes in Judge Dredd). The object of this job is to light the lamp. The display will show the light turning, with Graeme standing next to it with a lighter. Every time you shoot the Light House, Graeme will light the lighter, but it will only remain lit for a very short time. The actual light will only light if it's facing Graeme when he lights his lighter, so you have to time the shot. If you light the lamp, you get 20 Million, and you have 30 seconds to do it. However, you can extend the time the lighter is lit by shooting the spinner, except that each spin subtracts 100,000 from the 20 Million. Sometimes, before the ball is popped out, you hear Tim say, "Cummon number 2 .. light the   lamp!". Even more rarely, before the ball is popped out, Tim will say   "Cummon number 2, light the ..." the flasher near the popper will start to flash and Tim will say "Wait for it .. wait for it.." - the flasher will stop for a while, and when Tim says "Lamp!" the ball is popped.
String - Keep shooting the String lanes to light 'String'. It works exactly as the Boat on Fish Tales, except instead of lighting small Fish, you light letters in the word 'string'; once you have light 'string', the Job becomes available. String is a two ball multiball. The left spinner starts off at 10 points for the first spin, 20 points for the second spin, 40 points for the third, 80, 160 etc. This remains for the rest of the ball. When this mode starts, the display says '20 seconds remaining'. Every time the right spinner spins (one spin), you get 1 more second added to the time - the thing is that the time only begins to count down when one ball has drained. Once a ball has drained, the left spinner _halves_ with each spin (and stops at zero), so it is actually possible to get 00 for this mode! <The score is added during the bonus count: "String: 00"!>
The End - Only enabled once the other 7 Jobs are _completed_. The display shows Graeme and Bill listening to a radio which says "The world will end at 12 O'Clock tonight". Bill says, "It's a hoax!". The radio says "This is not a hoax. World leaders have just meet and decided that due to pollution, over-population, famine, war, strikes, poverty etc, there is no point in continuing. So in one final act of military agreement, the world will be blown-up. We hope that this has not spoiled your enjoyment of this game". Graeme then says: "Oh, that's a bit of a blow...". 'A Walk In the Black Forest' starts as the ball is returned and the display says '10 hits remaining'. After 10 switch closes, a second ball will be launched. You now need 20 switch closes to get a third ball launched. Then you'll need 30 switch closes to get a fourth fall launched etc. If (for example) you have three balls in play and one drains; when you have hit the 30 switches, two more will be launched. Once all six are in play, a timed 6 ball frenzy begins. It lasts for 30 seconds with every switch closure worth 1,000,000. When a ball drains, it is re-launched. At about 10 seconds left, the music (A Walk ... Forest) will start to speed up, and lights will start flashing more. Bill then screams "AAAAA . the clock!!", and Graeme counts down '5 - 4 - 3 - 2 - 1'. You'll hear an explosion, the display will show a mushroom cloud - and the machine will go psycho. All solenoids will start firing, Bumpers, Slings, Flippers, Kickers, Poppers, the Knocker, trough/plunger will keep relaunching   balls. After a few seconds the machine will go dead - No sound, or lights - The display will show a space scene (stars, comets etc..). The earth will appear in the middle, just as the Blue general illumination fades on. The earth will turn for a while on the display, and the player will be asked for their initials, (there will be a list of the last 5 people who witnessed the end of the world). Then play will continue.
 There are two multiballs, Chase and Kitten; I'll explain Kitten first as it is my favourite.
Kitten Multiball - You should have all seen the episode of the Goodies titled Kitten Kong, where Graeme gives his Super Pet Food to a small white Kitty which grows to an enormous size, and tears up London. (The start of later episodes has a shot of Kitty demolishing the Post Office Tower.) To start Kitten Multiball (K.M) you need to increase the size of the kitten by shooting the bumpers. The display does not say how much big the kitten is, so you have no idea of how long you have until the KM starts. When it does start, The Post Office tower at the back of the machine will fall over, two more balls will be launched, and you will hear rather loud Meows... To light Jackpot you need to shoot the left orbit ('Tower' will flash at the entrance of the orbit), then shoot Jackpot in the Run! sink-hole. The jackpot will be re-lit by _two_ left orbit shots. Once the second jackpot is collected, three orbit shots will be necessary to re-light it. Jackpot value is 10M * (Number of Left orbits required to light it); so Jackpot values are 10M, 20M, 30M etc.. If one ball drains Jackpot values are halved; if two or all balls drain, KM is over. You can only start progressing to the next KM after the current one is over. You cannot start any jobs during KM (any running will continue), but you CAN relight Start Job; you can continue to build up pressure from the usual places except the left orbit; and you cannot lock balls.
Chase Multiball - More of a conventional multiball. Keep shooting Pressure to build up pressure in the Tandem's tires. The left meter on the computer reflects how much more you need. When the meter if full (all the way to the right) lock will be lit at the following places: Light House, Ramp, and the Lock/Pressure lane. For the second and subsequent multiballs, only the Lock/Pressure lane is available for locking balls. The first ball locked will be diverted to the first (front) seat on the Tandem. 'Tim' will light on the playfield above the flippers, and you'll be served another ball. The second ball locked will go to the middle seat on the Tandem, 'Graeme' will light on the playfield, and you'll hear Tim say "Graeme Garden. That's G-R-A-E-M-E.". The third ball will be locked on the back seat, and will start Multiball, 'Bill' and 'Chase' will be light on the playfield. You hear Tim say "Well it's not as silly as ODDIE ... Bill Oddie ... Blloooody stupid!". The display will show the three start riding. At the same time, the Tandem will start to move forward. On the display we see them ride straight into a tree, and they naturally fall off the bike. At the same time, the Tandem on the playfield will fall side-ways, and the three balls will fall off, roll onto the habbitrail, and be returned to the left inlane. Jackpots work the same as they do for Kitten Multiball, except the ramp is used to re-light Jackpot. The music during this multiball is 'Run!'. No jobs can be started during Chase, but any running will continue. It is possible to re-light Start Job (but shooting it has no effect), and balls put into the bumpers do not progress towards Kitten Multiball.
When you start a game, you hear "Goodies... " Ball "

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