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The Goodies

Upcoming TV & radio shows of interest to Goodies fans
29/06/2018 21:55 GMT

Posted by lisa

Upcoming shows of interest to Goodies fans:

* Friday, 29 June: “Would I Lie to You?” repeat with Bill Oddie on Dave

* Monday, 2 July: “Tweet of the Day” on BBC Radio 4 in which Bill presents the alpine swift.

* Mondays: The current series of “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue” with Tim Brooke-Taylor airs Mondays on BBC Radio 4 (with repeats on BBC Radio 4 the following Sunday and then on BBC Radio 4 Extra the following week).  Episodes are available on the BBC iPlayer about an hour after initial broadcast (

* Wednesdays: “Hamish and Dougal: You’ll Have Had Your Tea” Series 2 on BBC Radio 4 Extra with currently available episodes on the BBC iPlayer at

* Fridays: I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again repeats (with all three Goodies) on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the most recent episodes are available from

* Fridays: The Motion Show series 4, hosted by Graeme, is being repeated on BBC Radio 4 Extra on Fridays; the currently available episodes can be found at

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