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JessPix's Journal
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2006-12-17 04:33:27
Ah-bidets are here again
I thought I'd title this journal after a very silly Graeme quote from ISIHAC's 'Bathroom Songbook'. For some reason I've been saying it a lot to myself lately, and with it being the happy time of Christmas, I thought I'd go for a cheery title. Doesn't that all make perfect sense...

I haven't done a huge deal lately. I think that's my catchphrase - I never do anything! But that's just how I like it. I'm a lazy, anti-social sod and proud. Since being off Uni I've done bugger all work, I have my books piled up on my desk (with my Goodies DVDs on top, which is odd, I haven't watched those in ages), and my Christmas cards from Peej and Carrie on top of them. They're lovely cards - cheers chucks. I've only just got around to writing my Christmas cards and so far I've done 7, aren't I popular? I have more to do as well. Wow. I've bought sod all in the present department though, except for Peej and Kirstyn - they're getting the same thing and I had to ask them whether they had it, so that's the element of surprise buggered. Sorry, hope the filthy Christmas cards heading your way make up for it!

On Wednesday I went to Manchester Evening News Arena for the first ever time - huzzah. Myself and my parents were there to see Madness, who were fantastic. We've seen them once before (in Sheffield) and they were amazing, this time round was slightly disappointing because the Sheffield show was so good, but when you don't compare (and I don't like comparing things anyway) then it was brilliant. I was a bit naughty and took a lot of pictures with my flashy (geddit?) digital camera which I got for my birthday but haven't really made proper use of yet. I intend to take more pictures from now on - ones that aren't just me pulling stupid faces and then wincing at the thought that that's how I probably look all the time - posing or not. Dear oh dear.

I'm rambling now, I am a terrible rambler. I can't be stopped. I don't understand why this journal has so many views, seriously, who actually reads this stuff? You poor sods! 

Anyway, Madness. They were great, they did a lot of their hits (and there's a lot to get through) as well as some lesser-known tracks, so it was all good. Sadly we were in Manchester and the place is full of eejits - on the way into the arena a woman was hurling abuse at staff for them randomly searching people's bags, then a bloke started getting pushy with another steward, who nearly backed into my mum. Then on the way out towards the car park some doors burst open and a group of people were having a scrap. I think it was a family, everyone was having to restrain each other. Arses. In the car park some daft prat nearly drove into a wall and then did a quick reverse, nearly into the back of our car and several others before speeding off. It was a multi-storey car park and with each level he was trying to cut the queue, but when he tried cutting my dad up he'd have none of it and moved ahead. Heehee, nice one. The arse then started tooting his horn (not a euphemism) and other cars started following suit. Don't you just love Manchester...

We nearly didn't get to Manchester to see the concert for two reasons. First of all, both my parents were feeling quite poorly over the weekend, my mum especially, but then they recovered in time. The second reason is that on the way out we'd lost the tickets. We immediately accused my brother as it's the sort of thing he's done before but he denied it and, for once, was telling the truth. My mum then remembered she'd been on one of her mad cleaning sprees and, surely enough, one root around in the bin later and the tickets were recovered. Dear oh dear.

Today me and my mum went to the local football ground to get a present for my grandad (who's a lifetime supporter of the team). We went to the club shop (i.e. a metal shipping container) and bought a scarf. The young lass who worked behind the counter was busily writing away and then looked up and yelled "Jessica!" - it scared the bloody life out of me. I was sort-of friends with her at school, so we had a brief chat and on the way out she yelled my name again (which scared me again) and invited me to her birthday party. Huzzah. We were on our way out of the ground and who should pass through the turnstiles, yes, my grandad. My mum freaked out as we'd just bought his present, but he didn't get suspicious and we had a chat. He's such a laugh - he's the most Yorkshire person ever. Leaving the car park, a football player walked by and he had the smallest feet in existence - it's a miracle he was able to stand up. My mum was in hysterics the whole way home which was a bit worrying considering she was driving, but she couldn't get over how small his feet are. I have to admit, they were abnormally small!

I'm enjoying my Wii (heehee, I said Wii). The only trouble is that after the first day I played it I got a really bad elbow for the next couple of days - I think I was a little too enthusiastic. In case you're not aware (again, who's really reading this?), the controllers for the Wii are motion-sensitive, so you control the action on screen by moving around the Wiimote (geddit? Isn't that clever?) I've read reports of people claiming insurance for new TVs and windows because they’ve been so enthusiastic with their playing that the Wiimotes fly out of their hands and break things. Heehee, fools. I only have two games for the Wii, the sports one that comes with all the consoles (and the one that hurt my arm), and Zelda. The only trouble is that I've just started the game and already I'm stuck, it's driving me bloody mad. I'm having to go fishing to catch a fish (well, duh) for a cat, and I can't do it. Grrrr. It doesn't help that you have to use both hands (steady....) and I can't seem to cope. I just look like a loony with the way I flail my hands about, and I don't look much better when I'm playing Zelda either. Boom boom!

Ok, this really should stop and stop now. I don't know if I'll do a journal before Christmas, if not, Merry Christmas!

Until next time
Jess (a.k.a. The Queen of Rambles).

P.S. Some pictures of Madness (if anyone's interested)

They threw big balloons into the crowd for the encore, here a big black balloon is covering the guitarist's face:

And some bonus pics (how lucky)

Me as a nipper looking vacant once again:

And an exercise book from primary school, clearly I was an evil child but I can't help but laugh - even if the sad thing is that my drawing skills haven’t improved:

Mood - Happily insomniac
Music - Beach Boys - Little Saint Nick
Edited - Never

You were such a cute baby!!! I had a friggin monobrow and no nose...
Posted by:pruneonthemoon


date: 30/11/1999 00:00 GMT
Hey sounds like Madness was great, their 1st album is the best i think. Another pic of cute vacant jess lol.
(love the drawing by the way ,hehe)
Posted by:n1inbetweenie


date: 17/12/2006 07:35 GMT
Hey Jess - I just saw an advert on the telly for a Wii, and the bloke was doing the fishing thing! Having read your journal just before, it really made me laugh a lot
Posted by:Sosia


date: 18/12/2006 09:37 GMT
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