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JessPix's Journal
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2006-10-27 07:22:45
Southport report (post-show happenings)
Gosh, I haven't done a journal entry in ages. Dear oh dear. I can't think of much to update on anyway, so I'll just crack on with this report. It's only the post-show happenings, I haven't got as far as writing up the show itself, but I hope to get around to it at some point.

Anyway, here's my very exciting report post-show for now. Happy reading.



• Find the stage door easily and see Barry chatting to someone while smoking. John Naismith is talking to the crew people and rushing around frantically. We stand at the bottom of the small steps by the stage door and wait patiently.
• Barry comes downstairs and signs books for the boys at the front; he then approaches me and Peej and asks for our names (twice, having not heard us correctly the first time). He signs our things with cigarette in mouth and we say thanks and bye.
• Graeme comes down the stairs and gives us a smile of recognition.
• Tim emerges at the stage door (but at the top of the stairs) he chats to someone while fondling with the top of his trousers to readjust them (like he did in Edinburgh *all* the time) - I’m sure he’s trying to kill us.
• Tim comes down the stairs and sees me and Peej by the wall. I smile and say “Hi Tim!” Tim says, “I know these two girls!” Tee hee.
• Wander by Graeme while he gives Spev a hug, he’s looking into the distance and smiles, but he then sees me from over Spev’s shoulder and his face lights up. I grin back.
• Me and Peej end up right behind Tim while he signs the girl’s things. Peej: Oh look, we’re right behind Tim! Me: Yeah, but it’s a nice view though! Me and Peej blatantly stare at Tim’s botty but then snap out of it. Filth.
• Tim approaches to chat with me (major paraphrasing alert).
o Tim: I found you on YouTube
o Me: Oh, er, right!
o Tim: I saw all the work you’ve done on there - it’s great!
o Me: Oh, thanks, I’m glad you like it
o Tim: It’s great! I saw the news of Google taking over YouTube and I’d never heard of it so ‘I thought I’d have to investigate this’ so I looked it up and I found you and all the things you have there - thanks!
o Me: Well that’s good to hear because I did fret about what you would think with all the copyright and all that
o Tim: It’s really good for promotion [might not have said that - can’t remember] so thanks!
o Me: You’re welcome!
• I then ask, “Tim, can I please whisper something to you?” Tim giggles and says “Yes” so I cup my hand over his ear (which includes surreptitious touching of cheek, ear and *gulp* hair) and ask, “Could I please ask you to say to me, ‘I’m moved, completely moved’? (According to Peej and Spev I looked extremely cheeky and flirty. Oh dear.) Tim giggles a lot and I giggle too. I then stand upright and Tim turns his back to everyone so that he’s facing the wall, I look down so that I can’t see anyone else, Tim leans in close and says into my left ear, in the style of ‘Please Tease Knees’ from ISIRTA “I’m Moved [sexy ‘Wild Thing’-style pause] Completely Moved…” I giggle a lot (actual, “Heeheehee” noises, dear me) and thank him. Tim giggles too and looks at me in a “you liked that, didn’t you?” way. Damn right I did!
• A PA woman approaches Tim and says the taxi’s waiting.
• When Tim’s signed people’s things I go “Tim…” and hold my arm’s out. Tim dutifully does the same and we hug. I have my bag between my feet so I can’t move in close, but Tim pulls me as far as I can (with my legs very far away from the rest of me!) and mutual vigorous back rubbing occurs. Phwoar. The PA woman goes ‘awww’ at the hug.
• See Graeme in the distance and squeeze through a couple of people to approach him. Graeme is supposed to be going to the taxi but sees me approaching and waits for me, smiling and waiting for my arrival.
o Me: Hi Graeme!
o Graeme: Hello again!
o Me: I have to remember to say that Kirstyn says hi
[Graeme nods and smiles]
o Me: And also The Minx says hi and sends her love
• Graeme gives a slight ‘whaaa?’ look and then grins and raises his eyebrows, “Oh, does she now?!” He nods and smiles quietly to himself.
• I ask, “Can I have a hug please?” and Graeme hugs, accompanied with a kiss, but it went in my hair - dammit! A lovely hug nevertheless.
• Peej approaches and says “Kirstyn says hi!” and I mention that I’ve already said it. Graeme says, “Thanks for the scrapbooks” and me and Peej say he’s welcome. Graeme then says, “And Kirstyn did mine didn’t she?” and I say, “Yes she did!”
• Graeme starts heading towards the taxi:
o Graeme: So I suppose we’ll see you again when there’s another Edinburgh [giggles] or something like that?!
o Me: Oh, we’ll be at Sunderland!
o Graeme: Sunderland? Are you coming to Sunderland?! [beams]
o Me: Yeah, anywhere remotely north and we’ll be there!
• We say bye to Graeme as he heads towards the taxi
• Tim walks past and says bye, I say bye back.
• Tim is in one of the two taxis and talks to the PA lady, he points to us while talking. The taxi moves away and Tim waves as he passes by, me and Peej wave back.

The End

Mood - I'm wearing a hat, I'm happy
Music - The Rutles - Love Life
Edited - Never

Damn that's a good write up Jess - I do so enjoy reading your retells - they make me feel part of the experience - Tim and Graeme are such gents and obviously tickled pink with the scrap books Yeah to you guys for putting them together and presenting them and Yeah to all of GROK for submitting stuff - we are all wonderful 
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 27/10/2006 16:08 GMT
I loved reading this, Jess - sounds a great time! Make sure you tell us all about Sunderland too, please!
Posted by:Dobbin


date: 23/11/2006 09:17 GMT
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