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JessPix's Journal
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2006-10-10 23:15:35
Catching up
Wooooh, I'm in Uni in a computer cluster typing this, how exciting. It's a little difficult to be on GROK discreetly thanks to the bright custard yellow background, but oh well.

Right, what has happened in my exciting life lately? Well, last week I had my lectures and seminars, which were quite dull, but I just about survived. On Friday I had a seminar where there were supposed to be about 14 people but only 4 of us showed up. Then, to make things better, there was a fire drill, so we had to spend a while standing in a muddy graveyard waiting to be allowed back in. We cinema types share the building with the engineers and particle scientists, so I blame them entirely for setting off the drill. Grrrr. After that I went home and wanted to fall asleep, but ended up for MSN for hours on end instead, I can't help it, Giddy chatter is addictive (and deadly) stuff.

On Saturday I got a surprise phone call from Spev asking if she wanted to meet me in Leeds that afternoon, so I hopped on a train and met her. One giant hug later (we're suffering Goody hug withdrawls quite badly) we wandered around some shops, including WH Smiths, where we spotted a copy of the Robert Ross Goodies book. We spent a good long while flipping through it, looking at the pretty pictures, and making an array of shameful noises at the sight of them. Some poor young lass was trying to reach up to the book and her dad was helping her when me and Spev saw a pic from Scatty Safari where Tim's in his navy blue vest and Graeme's in his grey jacket with his hands on his hips, and we both happened to "PHWOARRR" in an extremely loud fashion at the sight of it. I think we scarred the poor child for life. Oh dear oh dear.

We then went to the Hard Rock Cafe for tea and plenty of Giddy chatter persued. Being a tee-totaller, and Spev the designated driver, it was quite worrying that we were saying such things quite loudly (only to talk over the music) and without any feelings of shame. Tee hee. I'm not going to give examples because it would incriminate both me and Spev, but it would appear we both know what we like about our Goodies. Oh yes...

The next day (Sunday) me and my mum went to a cafe in town called 'Paint a Pot' - whereby you sit in a cafe and do ceramic painting. We each bought snowmen, mine was a plate and my mum's was an ornament, and we spent well over an hour painting them, it was good fun. I need to go into town on Thursday to collect them, because you leave them at the place and they glaze them for you. Hopefully they turned out alright.

EDIT: I forgot to include a rather amusing story when I originally wrote this, so here goes. After going to the cafe on the Sunday my mum needed to go into a shop in the middle of town so she did so and I waited in the car. My mum locked the car doors but, a couple of minutes later, the car alarm went off. No matter what I tried I couldn't get the bloody thing to stop, but after about 30 seconds it did. I thought that'd be it, but the alarm went off again. it stopped after 30 seconds, but, surely enough, it went off for a third time. By this time I phoned my mum, who was just over the road in the shop and could see the car through the window, and I told her "Er, mum, the car's all kinds of freaking out" - so she did the remote control car lock thingy (I don't know my jargon) and unlocked the car. Phewf. I relaxed a little, until the car locked itself and the alarm went off another two times before my mum returned. She found it all rather amusing, but I was a tad huffy and, I think it's safe to say, turned as red as my coat with stress and embarrassment. I think I'll go in the shop with her next time!

Yesterday was a day off Uni for me, but I didn't do a huge deal. I had a "To Do" list and managed to get most of it done, so I was suppose it was an alright day in all. I spent about 6 hours trying to read a 19 page 1850s document about photography, but failed miserably after getting far too distracted by things like MSN and Graeme as a Clanger acting out *that* scene from 'When Harry Met Sally' - by gad. I've also been watching a few early Goodies episodes lately, which have been fun, mainly because I can't remember them. I watched "Lost Island of Munga" and managed to spill an entire bag of Malteasers all over my bedroom floor. Damn those sailor suits, that's what I blame, nothing to do with my clumsiness...

I think that's all for now. I have a lecture in 20 minutes that I should think about heading to. Or, at the very least, I should gear up to having my arse bored off by a man that looks like the Cowardly Lion in 'Wizard of Oz' - I refuse to back down from that conspiracy theory of mine. It helps to keep me entertained while my brain melts.

I don't have time to proof read this (well, I do, but I'm lazy), so I'll leave it as it is and check it again in the evening when I get home. I apologise if you happen to read this pre-editing, no doubt I've made plenty of amusing typos and Freudian slips. If you spot any, please share!

Bye bye for now

Mood - Psyched up to be bored
Music - Scissor Sisters - Mary (on iPod)
Edited -

Hello, it's you-know-who here.  I can't believe you posted A Certain Screencap over in the forums.  Teddybear and all!!
Posted by:William_Grimbling


date: 16/10/2006 08:48 GMT
What teddy bear, I see no teddy bear...

Thankfully there's lots of things in that picture to draw attention away from the teddy bear, like Graeme putting his hands on his hips, Tim in a tight t-shirt, arms on show, lushess blonde hair, Tim holding a bone.....

*Runs to get a cold shower*
Posted by:JessPix

JessPix WWW 

date: 17/10/2006 00:00 GMT
Whistles innocently... keep walking... and thanks the God of Film it's not possible to find a screencap of Tim dressed as a tiger...
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 17/10/2006 14:58 GMT
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