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JessPix's Journal
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2006-09-27 23:48:56
Nose Back to the Grindstone
Yesterday was my first day back as a third year student. Huzzah. My alarm was set for 9.15am and I made the most pathetic whining noises when Virgin Radio came blasting out of it - I hate hearing my alarm go off in the morning. I was back into the normal commuting habit soon enough by taking a nice trek up the 'Hill Of Not So Evil'.  There are three hills near to me which are steep and cobbled so I have named them according to certain degrees of evilness. There's the 'Hill Of Evil' which was the one I would have to walk up to get to school, then the 'Hill Of Not So Evil' which is the one I have to walk up to catch buses, then the 'Hill of Not Particularly Evil But Still Not Very Nice' which is rarely used unless my brother somehow manages to persuade me to go to the shops with him. I hate that hill and always end up lagging behind, damn him and his regular-person strength.

Anyway, I digress.

I got the bus into town then walked to the train station where I got my pass - 51.50 for unlimited bus and train travel in the county - craziness. Luckily I was armed with a copy of the Metro (how I missed it) which kept me entertained. It's usually good for me to read on the train because if not I start getting what can only be known as 'commuter rage'. I don't have a go at people (I'm far too shy for that), but I do start saying things in my head about how idiotic and annoying people are and how I wish I was brave enough to say something to them without the fear of getting thumped. Ah well, I'll just quietly continue with the quiet, smug-git persona for now. Heehee.

Leeds seems to get more and more posh every time I visit. It's really quite lovely. I got to Uni on time (as ever - ha) to attend my first lecture, which is: Photography & Society, 1839-1914. It sounds jolly interesting to me, I'm looking forward to that immensly, especially as the lecturer said that none of it will be based on the technology - huzzah! I then had a 90 minute break so I decided to pop into Leeds for a spot of shopping. I'm a lazy bugger and caught the bus, even though it's only about a 5 minute downhill walk. I went to HMV and got very excited by the big pink lettering spelling out "Sale" - but didn't buy anything, only some blank DVDs to make perfectly-legit discs for some Giddies. I then wandered into Smiths and Virgin before ending up in Next, where I bought three tops. One is a thick, red long-sleeved t-shirt with jumper-like tendancies, another is a red zip-up sweater, and lastly is a rainbow-striped sweatery-pullover-type-thingy. I'm so clued up on clothes speak it's untrue.

I then wandered (by bus) back up to Uni for my second and final lecture of the day, which is in a nasty place at the top floor of a building, where getting to the theatre involves going up what I call, 'The Stairs of Evil'. I'm quite good at finding these evil things. They are extremely evil, everyone who climbs up them is on death's door by the time they reach the top. They're not nice at all. The lecture was a tad dull but the subject matter should be intersting, it's called 'Understanding the Audience' and quite psychological and analytical. We were also assured that the course won't involve number-crunching or anything scary like that. Phewf. We were given a break of 10 minutes so I indulged myself with some Hula Hoops (of the salt & vinegar variety, smashing) and my copy of the Metro, then looked up near the end of the 10 minute break to find that most people had left. Apparently the lecturer had announced that we might as well call it a day but I was too lost in my own world to notice. Typical me.

I got the bus to the train station but it was at school-leaving time, so it meant standing up and clinging on for dear life. As the bus route is nearly all right-angled corners, it was difficult to stay on two feet, and one bloke involuntarily went running into the door, but luckily managed to put his hands out to avoid injury. We all had a good giggle about that. I then got the train and saw a friend boarding and sitting at the seat across the aisle from me. I was at the window seat and a man was sitting next to me meaning my friend couldn't see me, so I sent her a text to say "Look to your right - mwahahaha" - or words to that effect - and waited patiently for her to notice. The man next to me must have read my text because he was looking at my friend as expectantly as I was. The nosey bugger. Anyway, we managed to have a chat once the nosey bugger got off the train and it was nice to catch up.

I got to tell her about some of the bizarre things that happened at the weekend. For starters, on the Saturday my dad had wandered out of the living room and into the kitchen, then walked back into the room and found a neighbour's cat there! My mum had left the door open because she was doing some gardening, but the cat soon left without any chasing necessary. The cat belongs to the couple who live directly opposite, and said cat spends all day sitting at the window looking at our house. I have the theory that it must have been thinking, "One day, when they least expect it, I'll get into that house..." and, surely enough it did. What amused me is that my dad saw the cat and it gave him a, "What do you think you're doing here?!" look. It spooked him completely. How I wish I'd seen that.

On Monday night we were eating tea at the table and having a good old chat and laugh. My dad and brother started having a mock argument about something, I forget what but it was all very jovial, so my dad threw his water (almost a full glass) over my brother! My brother and I completely cracked-up, then followed by my dad who said in most ecstatic and relieved tone ever, "I've wanted to do that for years!" My mum, however, couldn't help but call my dad a silly bugger time and time again while supressing giggles, and then ordering my dad to clean up the mess. My dad got a clean kitchen towel for my brother, to which my mum said, "Never mind him, dry the walls first!" Tsk, mothers, they know their priorities!

Other than that, there's not much more to say. I think this has gone on long enough as it is. I wore all my hats the other day (it turns out I have 7, though not all of them are suitable for public showing) and my mum said I had a "hat fetish". God I love her!

Giddies chatter is getting ruder and ruder these days. I don't think I can say anymore on the grounds that I may incriminate myself!

I'll draw this mammoth entry to a close. Toodles for now!


Mood - Flattered
Music - The Who (Live at Leeds) - Shakin' All Over
Edited -

"And as we get older, they get ruder and ruder."  Hee hee!
Posted by:jodievdw


date: 01/10/2006 02:23 GMT
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