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JessPix's Journal
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2006-09-21 06:52:30
A month ago today...
I feel like being nostalgic tonight. I know I won't shut up about Edinburgh, I apologise, but it was lots of fun and I still can't believe that most of it happened. A month ago today was when I went to see the Goodies show with my friend as my birthday treat. Is it a worrying sign that I still remember that day (and most of the others) really well?

I won't go through the whole account of what happened because I've already done that, but nevertheless I hope you'll indulge me when I say, "Heehee, birthday hug", "Heehee, whiskers kiss", "Heehee Harry Shearer!" etc. Thanks, glad I got that out of my system.

I'm still in shock about Harry Shearer, I find it difficult to watch The Simpsons now without thinking, "I sat near him, he laughed at the same jokes I did, me and Tim looked at him and then each other with 'wow, it's Harry Shearer' looks on our faces" etc. It was bizarre. I was half-tempted to say hello to him but as he was only there for the show I thought it would be rude to bother him. I probably would have embarrassed myself by asking him to repeat some obscure Simpsons quote. If I had, I know which one, it would have been as Reiner Wolfcastle/McBain, saying, "On closer inspection, these are loafers..." I don't know why, but it always makes me laugh! Actually, one bit I forgot to include in my write up was Tim, bless him, looking very nervously at Shearer when he had to do an American accent. It looked like Tim was getting quite embarrassed at his attempts to do it (the accent, that is), so eventually he gave up! Awww.

Anyway, I shall stop going on about Shearer now. In the queue for the Goodies show I saw Rich Hall a couple of times, standing outside for a cigarette (tut tut) and I also spotted Dominic Holland a few times too. I also saw both of Paul Merton's shows, 'Silent Clowns' and 'Impro Chums'. Silent Clowns was excellent, I really like silent comedy and the series Paul Merton did for BBC4 was fascinating. At the end he showed a silent Laurel & Hardy film called "somethingorother Business" - I can't remember its title now (could you tell?), but it was great. Impro Chums was also brilliant, except my friend made us sit on the front row and I was petrified. I adore Paul Merton, but he terrifies me. He seems to have mellowed a lot over the years but in the Angus days of Have I Got News For You he was quite aggressive and it used to really scare me. Anyway, he was great and I now feel like my sitting on the front row at the show (thus sharing the floor with the Impro Chums, there was no stage) helped a great deal in overcoming my fear. I also feel great that I made Paul laugh, but only because I laughed extremely loud at him acting like he had a flute stuck up his arse (don't ask). Ah, happy days!

In other not-quite-so-self-indulgent news: I went to Leeds on Tuesday. Hurrah. I'm a student at Leeds (but still live at home) and so I hadn't been into the city for ages, and the last time I'd been up to Uni was to see The Who (on June 17th, like I could ever forget...what was I saying earlier about being not-quite-so-self-indulgent?) I went with my friend round town, visiting the shops, getting the new Clue Live CD with my shiny new student discount card (huzzah) and then wandering into clothes shops (surely a mistake for me?) and getting very excited at the sight of stripy jumpers. Some serious purchasing may have to be done in the near future. In the mean time I've occupied myself with some very pretty stripy gloves that are magical. Well, they're magical in the sense that they're fingerless gloves, but when you pull the flaps over, ta-dah, they're mittens! Ah, the excitement never starts...

Today I had to get up at 9.20am for the electrician to fix our outdoor light that's been on for two nights straight since we had a power cut on Monday. I bet the neighbours across the road haven't been all too happy about it, but, two minutes later, the problem was fixed and that was that. I didn't get the chance to change properly in time for the electrician's arrival so I managed to change into some jeans and then put a blue sweater over my pyjama top, which, incidentally, is long and pink (please stop thinking naughty thoughts). As such, you could still see the pinkness poking out at the bottom (stop it!) but it actually didn't look all that bad, perhaps I've discovered some new fashion trend? Hmmm, perhaps not.

Other than that, I haven't done a great deal. Only six days now until I start third year, so I've been feasting on MSN of late, mainly chatting to Carrie and Peej. All completely filth-free, of course...

Oversized carrot!

Oh, what a giveaway!

Until next time

Mood - My back hurts - ouch
Music - The Who - Young Man Blues
Edited -

It's strange how quickly a month can go but there's only another month till the next Tim hug (phew) hopefully this will go as quickly!

yay yay yayity yay consider me excited (for Clue)
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 22/09/2006 09:04 GMT
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