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JessPix's Journal
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2006-09-11 02:41:52
Ramble ramble
I apologise in advance. It's Sunday afternoon, therefore I'm bored, so I've decided to ramble.

Why are Sundays so dull? I don't tend to do that much different from what I do every other day of the week (i.e. sit on my arse going on the internet or watching TV) so I don't understand why Sundays are particularly special. It's odd. I also find I sleep worse on a Sunday night too, which can knacker me up for the rest of the week. Well, it would if I actually had something to do during the week!

It's coming to the end of my summer holidays from Uni, only a couple of weeks now. I've been off since 22nd May and done bugger all during that time, except seeing Paul Merton, Clue, The Who, and The Goodies seven times. Doesn't sound like a bad summer really, but when I haven't been doing those things I've been psyching myself up for them and then reliving the happy memories for ages after they've finished. Oh well, this time next year I'll be a graduate and entering the big, wide, real, grown-up world. Eep.

My third and final year of Uni shouldn't be too bad. At the beginning of summer I was terrified though, because a stupid new online system for enrolling modules promptly buggered up and wouldn't let me sign up to things, saying they were all "full". I emailed just about everyone in the department and they said there was nothing they could do and I would have to contact the department's secretary. I emailed her a number of times and got no response, so I was advised to leave it until early September. Left wondering for most of the summer if I was going to be able to do the modules I wanted, I emailed the secretary again at the beginning of September and she said ever-so-casually, "Oh yes, fine, not a problem, I've enrolled you to the modules you wanted." Bloody Uni.

I'm also supposed to start thinking about my final year project, where I've opted to write a script. I've written two scripts for my Uni course and I got firsts for both of them, so I'm leading onto the assumption that I should manage alright with this last one. The script I wrote for my second year project was extremely difficult because I opted to do a comedy. It ended up being a complete rip-off of Goodies & The Beanstalk with a bit of Kung Fu Kapers thrown in. I even called one of the characters Tim (well, I couldn't resist). Luckily they didn't spot this plagarism and gave me a generous mark. I was even advised by my mentor to keep on polishing it and to send it out to people. I don't know if I dare - I'd have to pay Tim, Graeme and Bill royalties for a start! Heehee, oh well.

So, I'll be off now to enjoy my last few weeks of freedom until Uni begins. It's going to be a busy year, so I'm going to have to rely heavily on the two upcoming Clue recordings and the Goodies tour to keep me sane. As soon as it's all over next summer, me, my parents and my brother are going on one last family holiday to Florida for three weeks. We'll be doing the theme park rounds and all that, my dad's a bigger kid than me and my brother. Bless.

After that, I'll definitely have to have a serious think about what I want to do for the rest of my life. Well, I should be thinking about that now, but sod it. I've only just left my teenage years behind, I'm not ready to grow up yet!

Until next time.

Mood - Hygenic (just had a bath)
Music - The Goodies - Winter Sportsman (aww)
Edited - Never

I think all dads still have a bit of an inner child in them. I think its lovely at times.
Posted by:Puddin

Puddin WWW 

date: 11/09/2006 17:09 GMT
Then take my advice DON'T grow up , something I am aiming to achieve.  I think it was a python that said 'growing old is compulsory but growing up is completely optional '. or something along those lines
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 12/09/2006 09:53 GMT
Careful with the "nearing-end-of Uni-PITS"... you get kind of progressively more depressed as the year goes on wondering what the hell you're going to do with yourself. I was supposed to finish at the end of October, but will instead be finishing about the same time as you as I had to drop a subject to do next semester I got so busy.

Do you have any ideas about what you want to do?
Posted by:mazzanda


date: 14/09/2006 00:36 GMT
Hi mazz

Aye, I'll be very careful to make sure I remain chirpy and optimisitc for the future. I really think that if a Goodies tour is going to happen next spring then that will help me a great deal in avoiding any glumness. I've been tempted to stay another year and do a Masters, but I haven't really found anything suitable yet and I don't want to stay on for the sake of it, that would be a bit silly.

I'm doing cinema, photography & TV studies so I hope to be able to move into TV production, that would be my first choice. Even if it means I start from the bottom, working as a researcher, and slowly climbing up the ladder then that would be good. I live in the North and a lot of the BBC is moving up here because it's so much cheaper than London, so hopefully that will provide me with a lot of opportunity. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Oh, and, of course, I'd be happy to be a PA to any of the Goodies.

All the best with your final year, I hope it all goes well.

Posted by:JessPix

JessPix WWW 

date: 14/09/2006 21:02 GMT
Just to echo the 3rd year uni blues - I think it hits everyone to some extent, but keep going through it.

And jobs with the BBC are like gold dust, but worth the effort to try and get. Make sure you give yourself as many head starts as you can over everyone else.
Posted by:Sosia


date: 18/09/2006 01:10 GMT
You're lucky Jess to know exactly what you want to do unlike me in limbo here.  Clueless and with nagging parents!

Last year in uni- enjoy yourself up till Christmas i.e. go to as many things as you can fit in and after that be prepared for one nice thing a month and some very late nights (I was doing 8am till 3am days so it's no wonder I'm still knackered lol) but it's worth it- plus your course sounds fun.
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 19/09/2006 22:17 GMT
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