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JessPix's Journal
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2006-08-14 05:07:41
Edinburgh - 7/8/06
Ok, this is the last of my Edinburgh write ups from last week. Time goes so quickly. I hope you've enjoyed reading it. Next week when I'm back up there I'll be sure to fill you all in with any details.

Now I'll get back to working away with the Timbo scrapbook, which, I think, is coming along ok, so thanks everyone for your contributions.


Fourth night - 7/8/06


• Dressed in Goodies costumes. Spev = Graeme, Peej = Tim, Kirstyn = Bill, Me = Ecky Thump/Black Pudding Bertha (call it what you will).
• Me and Spev go flat cap shopping while Graeme walks by - luckily he didn’t see the other costumes. No sign of Tim - must have found a secret entrance.


• Tim and Graeme on stage - see Goodies costumes and crack up - smiling or corpsing all the way through the show - nothing less.
• Tim forgets to do the ‘B’ at the start of ‘BLIMPHT’, cracks up along with us.
• Lots of eye contact, mainly from Tim. Tim stares at me during the whole of Graeme’s Pets Corner, seems to laugh at my laughing.
• Tim and Graeme say lines just to us to make us giggle, and then they giggle at our reactions.
• Made Germaine Greer anecdote incredibly rude, Graeme: What did you say that made her want to bite your head off? Tim giggles, we gasp in complete shock.
• Tim stands right next to us on the stage and puts his hand on the top of his trousers - me and Peej instinctively (and quite loudly) go, “Ooh! Oh my!” Hopefully they didn’t hear us.
• Two young girls on the front row laugh a lot, Tim watches them and very endeared by them. Cute.
• Graeme controlling puppet Bill, Tim adlibs, “What made her so ungelivagly shocked?” Graeme bursts out laughing, turns his back and then goes, “It’s me doing it you know!” We cheer.
• Cheer the Scoutrageous shorts (has to be done), Tim laughs out loud, Graeme looks at Kirstyn and gives her a very dirty look (in best way possible), I only see the end of it, he was grinning madly.
• Cheer Lady Constance, Tim goes into Constance voice, “Thank you, it’s a pleasure, I hope I still have it when I’m 90!”
• Tim and Graeme are laughing all the way through ISIRTA sketch. During Swannee Kazoo they can’t look at us at all, either look down or close eyes. Tim loses track because he’s giggling so much.
• Tim says toffee line, “So don’t feed them to your grandmother” directly to me. I nod in agreement and he smiles at me.


• Watch them come down the stairs - brave - usually can’t bear to. Graeme stands next to me - he always seems to - Aww.
• Tim: “Bloody hell it’s Graeme!” (to Spev) Spev is cowering behind pillar, feels mortified and says she’s so sorry. Says it took her months to grow the sideburns, Graeme says, “It took a long time to grow mine too” - Aww.
• Graeme looks at me, I say, “I’m Black Pudding Bertha” - he nods and smiles.
• Peej asks for a group photo - John says he’ll take it and everyone else get into shot, Tim and Graeme say, “Just the four of you!”
• Pose for the photo, Kirstyn steals Graeme, Peej steals Tim (surprise, surprise), I think what the hell and go for the middle, “Am I the lucky one that gets both?” Tim and Graeme let me through and put their arms around me before I get chance to put mine around them - manage to do so though, pulling muscle in arm when trying to get arm around Graeme.
• Spev goes to the front as Graeme, too embarrassed to look up, Tim: Head up Graeme! Come on young Graeme! I repeat it. Two photos taken. I say ‘cheese’ - how embarrassing.
• Can’t get out of photo pose, me Tim and Peej stuck together. Tim and Peej try to get out of photo pose at the same time - doesn’t work, Tim nearly falls over, has to bend right down to get out of pose, I say in horrible Yorkshire mumsy fashion, “Ooh, you alright?” which makes Tim laugh more than he ever has with me. I made Tim laugh a lot, heehee. So chuffed.
• Graeme talks to us, “So you all have homes to go to then?” Spev says she’s going home tonight and Graeme looks bemused, Spev explains she’s going to stay at Peej’s tonight then travel home in the morning, Graeme: “Oh, well that’s alright then!” He cares, Aww.
• Graeme asks if any of us are coming back, Kirstyn says we’ll be back on the last night and his face lights up. I say I’ll be back in the middle of the month and he nods and smiles.
• Graeme pulls in Spev for a cuddle, whispers, “Come here you silly thing” and draws her in. Spev says she whimpered/made an unusual (probably dirty) noise!
• Go up to Graeme and ask for a hug - get one, including a kiss on cheek (well, hair, because it was in the way!) After the hug he says, “Thanks for your support” and I say it’s been a pleasure.
• Spev goes, “Tim” and Tim immediately goes, “Oh right, yes” and moves in for a hug! Tim to Spev, shouting loudly whilst laughing: “Oh no I can’t hug Graeme!” whilst wrapping his arms around her.
• Peej to Tim: “How about hugging yourself?” Tim: “Now that I can do!”
• Ask Tim for a hug, he doesn’t hear me, I drop bag and stretch my arms out, Tim goes “Ooh!” and giggles. Hug. Aww galore! (As all my Tim hugs are). Say thanks to Tim, he says, “It’d be wrong if we didn’t!” Me: “Yes, it’s true!” Tim laughs.
• Say bye and leave while Tim, Graeme and John go to the bar.

Mood - Productive
Music - The Goodies - Taking You Back
Edited - Never

These notes are fantastic! Give them a big hug from daftbird next time please????o.k??? hahahaha .
Posted by:daftbird


date: 14/08/2006 10:15 GMT
I'm getting exciting just waiting for your nest instalment Jess....the last night is goingto be fantastic....cor I wish I could be their to embarrass my self in person..cos you know I would...drooling in public (among other things   ) is not considered polite
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 15/08/2006 10:16 GMT
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