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JessPix's Journal
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2006-08-12 08:25:55
Edinburgh - 4/8/06
Ok, I've spent a long time today copying up what happened in Edinburgh, but I'm so lazy that I only did it in note form. Sorry. Nevertheless, here's what happened on the first night, at least from what I can recall (which is probably not much).


First night - 4/8/06

The Queue
• Begin queuing at approx 4pm (show starts at 5.30pm). Meet Clair and Kate and their friend Emma. They hold the queue for us while we go to eat at the Hard Rock Café.
• Meet John Pinder, the director with amazing yellow-framed glasses. Gives us a badge each for being the first in line. I get a Union Jack one which says, “Goody Goody Yum Yum”.
• Buy programme - £5 - read through it and look at the pretty pictures.
• Wearing t-shirts:
 Me: Timbo's Cheeky Little Jumbuck” (red with yellow writing)
 Peej: “Timbo’s Glee Groupie” (turquoise with pink writing)
 Kirstyn: “Grae’s Wee Tatty Bogle” (green with red writing)
 Spev: “Grae’s Saucy Gibbon” (black with orange writing)

The Show
• Next to Peej and Spev. Front row to the left.
• Peej sees Tim reading my t-shirt - didn’t notice (probably a good thing).
• Cheer for Lady Constance - Tim very happy about it (and I think Graeme smiled).
• Graeme asks for favourite episodes near the end - points to me, I say, “Almighty Cod” (why?) and Graeme says, “The Movies” - I get very confused, but then realise it was part of the joke that everyone’s asking for ‘The Movies’. Silly me.
• Wild Thing performed - Oh My God. Tim straddles mic stand more than I’ve ever seen in my life while Graeme makes unspeakable gestures towards the audience with his toy guitar while going, ‘grrrr’. Graeme gets too embarrassed to look at the audience, turns his back for the last ‘grrr’.
• At the end of the song Spev throws, “I’m A Goody” knickers on stage, which land face up, Tim and Graeme completely crack up. Tim rushes to pick them and walks off stage twirling them round his finger.

• Wait outside the theatre (wrong place). Emma finds Tim walking down the stairs and calls us inside.
• Stop Tim on the stairs (he’s with two other people, no sign of Graeme). Tim beams, says, “You were all brilliant”. Says he saw all our t-shirts and couldn’t look more than once or else he’d laugh. Made specific mention of mine and Peej’s, when he points at mine I do a ISIHAC-style thumbs up, which makes everyone laugh, including Tim.
• Tim says the t-shirts were a great morale boost. Aww.
• Spev asks Tim for her knickers back - he laughs but doesn’t. Naughty Tim.
• At bottom of stairs - Tim signs my Goodies File book (Lots of Love, Tim Brooke-Taylor and huge kiss. Heehee.) I then stand there with arms outstretched in ‘Gender Education’ style, Tim sees me, laughs, and goes, “Ooh, ok then”. I then (though I don’t remember it myself) make two huge stride over and hug. Heehee. I remember it this time, unlike the ISIHAC hug which I completely forgot about. It was so nice.
• Tim signs Peej’s poster, when she says her name’s P.J he says, “Oh I remember you all from Clue in Halifax” - so chuffed.
• Tim struggles to write with the pen he’s got, says he has a better one in his bag and puts it on a stool to rummage. Takes ages, so cute. Have the great urge to help him. He finds it eventually and signs Peej’s poster.
• Kate mentions ‘healing hands’ comment to Tim, he cracks up. Kate wants me to validate, I say, “I’ve heard it once, I don’t need to hear it again”. However, we do tell him it’s become legendary on GROK. Kate asks how much it'll cost to find out about them and to repeat it - he doesn’t.
• Graeme appears from the bar.
• Graeme tells Spev, “I love the glove” (she’d made a Funky Gibbon glove, it was ace).
• I approach with Goodies File.
 Me: (like Lady Macbeth in The Movies): Hello Graeme!
 Graeme (in similarly cheery fashion): Hello!
 Me: Could you sign this for me please? (hands Goodies File)
 Graeme: Sure, what’s your name?
 Me: Jess
 Graeme: Jess? Ok [signs]
 Me: Thank you very much
 Graeme: No problem [smiles]
• Tim disappears the wrong way, Graeme wonders where Tim’s gone and asks us (though I wasn’t around at this point). Tell Graeme that Tim went the other way and Graeme goes, “Ha, the fool.”
• Graeme goes back into the bar.
• Tim soon wanders back towards the bar, says bye to us all on his way.

• Text parents at 10.30pm to say I’m staying for the first four nights. Heehee.

Hope that didn't bore you all too much!

Mood - Ish
Music - The Who - My Generation Blues
Edited -

I love how you do that Jess - I really feel apart of your night - (except for missing out on a Tim hug   ) I hope you are going to do a summary for each of the following shows pleeeaaaasssseeee!!!
Posted by:bondgirl


date: 12/08/2006 09:10 GMT
jess you are a legend for writing this all up- you've managed to remember everything in great detail; haaaa love it!

My mind's a bit of blur about it all (it's the effect they have on us) but I'm reliving it all through your write-ups!

Love it

Peej x
Posted by:Im_a_Teapot

Im_a_Teapot WWW 

date: 12/08/2006 22:37 GMT
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