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Goodies Quotes from episodes

File Date Downloads
The puddings are coming.wav29/05/20071768
Kung Fu Kapers: Bill is about to be struck down by a shower of remote-controlled black puddings!Download the file
File size: 52.65 Kb
User rating: 9.5 (2)

Tomorrow the world.wav29/05/20071567
Radio Goodies: After conquering the postal system, Graeme has even grander plans in mind.Download the file
File size: 60.89 Kb
User rating: 10.0 (1)

Turps for burps.mp329/05/20072313
The End: Tim and Bill are looking forward to their release, despite being a little worse for wear.Download the file
File size: 150.43 Kb
User rating: 9.0 (1)

Gender Education: Mrs Desiree Carthorse has found just the right men for the job ... or so it seems. Download the file
File size: 168.93 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Unnatural relationship.wav29/05/20071321
2001 And A Bit: Tim tells his son Bill of Graeme's fate all those years later.Download the file
File size: 160.15 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Useless kung fu book.wav29/05/20071458
Kung Fu Kapers: Bill gives his thoughts on the kung fu book that Tim and Graeme are using.Download the file
File size: 122.09 Kb
User rating: 8.0 (2)

It Might As Well Be String: Tim's thoughts on why the Goodies can't market water as their major product.Download the file
File size: 183.06 Kb
User rating: 10.0 (1)

We are being recorded.wav29/05/20071378
The Clown Virus: The Goodies discover that the Americans are recording them, so they put their air time to good use.Download the file
File size: 143.09 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Woggle joke.wav29/05/20071458
Scoutrageous: A scout does not indulge in woggle jokes, but Tim manages to anyway.Download the file
File size: 339.80 Kb
User rating: 10.0 (1)

Youre a loony.wav29/05/20071519
The Music Lovers: For the Music Master, one man's insult is another man's compliment!Download the file
File size: 39.42 Kb
User rating: 10.0 (1)

Patriotic speech4.wav28/05/20071397
The Race: Tim is determined that the Goodies will win the race, no matter what.Download the file
File size: 392.99 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Piracy plans.wav28/05/20071365
Radio Goodies: Graeme's fiendishly ingenious plan to take over control of Britain.Download the file
File size: 484.60 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Poisoned arsenic.wav28/05/20071313
Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express: No wonder all of the Hercules Poirots snuffed it!Download the file
File size: 120.20 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Race entry.wav28/05/20071574
The Race: Graeme's phone call to enter the Goodies for the big race strikes a bit of a language barrier.Download the file
File size: 683.66 Kb
User rating: - (0)

Raving nutter.wav28/05/20071705
Daylight Robbery On The Orient Express: Tim is horrified at Graeme's Goodies Hols ideas.Download the file
File size: 39.95 Kb
User rating: - (0)

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