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JessPix's Journal
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2006-08-13 03:14:17
Edinburgh - 6/8/06
Right, here's my note-form version of events of the third night. Enjoy!


P.S. I now have a book for Tim's scrapbook. Hurrah. I've done the introduction page, I'm finally making progress. Yippee.

Right, now Edinburgh:

Third night - 6/8/06

• Go to buy Polos - see Tim walking the other way down the pavement. The only ones around. Both spot each other at the same time and go, “Ooh, hello!” in same voice and wave in exactly the same way. Quite unnerving that we did the same thing, but very cute.

- Spev, Peej and Kirstyn: Bounce for Britain
- Me: Sh-Shiny Shoes (sparkly and everything, it's great)

• Press night. Tim really nervous, shaking and fluffing lines. Graeme super confident and very flirty. Reserves all the rude lines for us and looks at us when we giggle naughtily. Also brandished kazoo at us with eyebrows raised and stroked the ISIRTA microphone whilst looking at us. Each time with a, "You like that don't you" look on his face. Naughty man.
• During BLIMPHT Bill throws paper off camera and supposed to appear on stage, but the paper goes down the back of the curtain. Tim tries to reach for it but can’t so he goes to his chair, but then another piece of paper thrown, we all shout “Tim, Tim!” and point,  he eventually notices, picks up paper and gives a thumbs up.
• Start a round of applause for the severed glove during Pets Corner.
• Graeme looks straight at me when he says; “Barbequed badger balls” and I laugh a lot. I mouth, “Sorry” and Tim and Graeme giggle.
• Saturday Night Grease clip starts while Tim’s still talking, Tim shouts, “Plan B, Plan B!” to make it stop. Bill puppet bit. Graeme still talking as the Bill puppet when Saturday Night Grease clip plays again, he quickly wraps up with, “Let’s have a look” and pulls an “oh dear!” face. Tim looks ticked off and looks towards stage wing. Soon cheers up.
• I get the giggles really badly, especially during, “Saturday Night Grease”, so much so that Peej asks if I need water.
• All cheer the ‘Scoutrageous’ shorts.
• Tim forgets to get out swannee whistle in time, whistles to fill in gaps - how cute.

• Mrs Brooke-Taylor is there. Tim comes down the stairs and says, “There were 11 of them [journalists]”. Aww.
• Wave to Graeme - he smiles back.
• Apologise to Tim for being so giddy, he laughs.
• Tim, Mrs Tim and John Pinder go to the bar, Graeme stays outside with us. How sweet, he could have gone with them if he wanted.
• Me and Kirstyn ask him to sign our t-shirts. Kirstyn asks first, Graeme giggles and says, “You shameless hussy!” and signs. Then signs my shirt, say “Ta very much” in terrible Yorkshire way.
• Chat for a little - I forget about what - but we tell him tomorrow’s our last night. Graeme then wraps up the chat, says, “Bye girls!” and wanders off. Wow.
• Very happy afterwards, band down the road merrily, lots of skipping, hugging etc. Ace.

Mood - Chirpy
Music - ISIRTA - Directory 999
Edited -

Raaaaaah! Seething with jealousy right now! Jess, it's great to hear you've been having a good time. I wish I could be there, too!
Posted by:pruneonthemoon


date: 13/08/2006 17:55 GMT
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